Eyebleach eyebleach

I is stuck

I is stuck

Pat that soft little body 😍

I is big pupp / And i am cute

Wen I end stucc / I give tha look

Owner get lauf / And taka picc

To show around / Guess I am thicc

Pup has mastered woeful side eye.

look at those guilty puppy eyes

The fellowship of the woof

He uses it frequently.

That cute lead dog clearing the path does a lot of work ... butt admittedly he has the best view, so there's that

They've taken the Corgis to Borkengard.

Bork, bork bork bork.

Is this a bot farming karma?

Woman being chased by a pride of fearsome lions.

Even god makes bad photoshops sometimes

It’s so


I love how they bounce!

You’ve got to be kitten me, that is adorable

Service dog senses and responds to owner's oncoming panic attack.

He's so insistent that she pets him. I love it

I can't think think of anything clever or funny to say but I just wanna say "I love dogs"

Must not cry

Can he sense and respond to my oncoming tears for how cute this is because I need some service too.

Your smile makes me smile

Your smile makes me smile

The dog on the left is scaring me quite considerably

It's like a snapchat filter

His first time on the train!

His first time on the train!

Where does he keep his tickets and transfer. Needs a little pouch.

Made me smile

Don't leave him alone!

Are we sure he's not a stuffed animal?

goldens are the best

I love the "are you ok with this?" looks.

The cat : no one understands my trouble

The cat : no one understands my trouble

That loaf of bread is very doughy!!

Back in the oven it goes

The cat version of doge

"Dogs and cats living together... Mass hysteria!"

starts off with cat mlems ends with doggo MLEMS

it's always good to have a dog that will lick ears. We had a boykin spaniel that always had ear infection problems...then our new corgi would constantly lick inside his ears and the infection problems went away for good.

Good Boye

This totally honors this sub’s name. I love every second of it

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