Why play-but-do-nothing cards don't see play in a nutshell

Why play-but-do-nothing cards don't see play in a nutshell

Sort of, its easy to look at "oh no, they killed my guy" as some grand disaster, but at the end of the day your guy dying is still a 1 card for 1 card trade with your opponent. You just need to know, are you happy trading cards (game gets drawn out long) or did you need to snowball over the top of your opponent early.

Personally if I'm an Iron Atronach deck I'm delighted to simply sit and grind cards with my opponent until someone runs out.

Additionally to that you have to think about the Tempo-gain from that trade. Even if you played an Iron Atronach on an empty board, however that should happen (maybe your opponent had to play dawns wrath and edict last turn, because your iron atronach control deck pressured him too much /s), you still have to fight those additional 8 mana, possibly even with a hand full of iron atronachs.

I know that you just wanted to give OP some food for thought, but I know that you know that OP is still kinda correct and tempo swings play a really big role in our game of uprisings, chanterers and conscriptionations nowadays

This is a good meme. lol. It got a good chuckle.

To be fair, there are some decks that have a hard time getting Iron Atronach off the board, just like Nahagliiv. I RNG’d Iron Atronach off of Moonmoth just yesterday against tribunal control, and it ended up being the difference in the game.

Two shining examples of the TESL community

Two shining examples of the TESL community

I was literally just gonna make a comment saying title credit to Charm3r - I can't dad-joke like he can

Posted with the comment I suggested and everything!

Credits to Joe’s parents for the picture.

Pog. Champ.

Congratulations to the first ever TESL Masters Series Champion!!!

Congratulations to the first ever TESL Masters Series Champion!!!

plzdonhakme defeats Karakondzhul in the final 3-2!

was a great series, some people were a bit salty about karas topdecks but honestly thats the most exciting thing about ccgs imo

Top decks are just another draw.

They showed a brief shot of the audience and it didn't look like enough people to really make a roaring applause

Congrats to hakme. Was rooting for him because I really liked the decks he brought. The doomcrag warrior games in particular were a joy to watch.



Just announced at Quakecon. Hype is real. Screw your new client, we're all about new content baby.


Wabbajack meta confirmed!

I wonder how much RNG is Sheogorath's place going to bring in the game. I have faith in that devs are going to handle it well. HYPE ON!

no. they pretty much had two things regarding TESL: name of the next expansion and the fact that there is a tournament going on. pretty disappointing for every TESL player. I hope they release some more info during the tournament stream.

Hoping that it will come with the new client

Necromancer versus Control

Necromancer versus Control

Great s'witpost

Linguine Afraid-o

“danger noodle” lmao

You're my favorite TESL meme guy

Ladder Reward Houses of Morrowind Legendary Packs will be Granted by End of Day

Ladder Reward Houses of Morrowind Legendary Packs will be Granted by End of Day

Title! Received notice from DWD that since these can't be set up to be granted automatically, they have a script prepared to run and players should receive their Houses of Morrowind Legendary packs from last season's ladder rewards in the client by the end of the day today.

But...but I only just found my pitchfork...can I still set fire to, like, the bushes outside your flat or something, CVH?

In my opinion people got waay too upset over a one day delay.

I dont think it is in that bad state, really. Other communities are way worse.

Yeah the community is not in a good state atm. Also, it's by end of day so technically it's only delayed by a few hours....not even a full day.

Where in Oblivion are our Legendaries?

Where in Oblivion are our Legendaries?


Coming soon, with the new client and all the other blessed promises, keep the faith my fellow gamers...

Faith is vanishing...

eh, you did reply - in Oblivion ))

Where is the damn 3 Legendary Card???

Where is the damn 3 Legendary Card???

Only got gold and gem too...

I literally hit rank 1 at the last minute. It has been a soul crushing experience today trying to get that extra Legendary card... with a nail biting finish in which I lost a game with about 20 minutes left and then pushed out 2 wins in the last 15 minutes to finally hit rank 1 after hours upon hours of grinding...

And all I can do is laugh at the missing rewards. Haha. Idk, maybe I'm just tired, or maybe the intense grind has caused my brain to stop functioning properly... But I find the irony of such a struggle to get the extra card and then not get any cards at all to be hilarious right now.

Or maybe it doesn't matter because it's about the journey and not the destination...yada yada... :D

Actually, they are going to give us all three copies of Duke Vedam Dren. Have fun trying to dust them!

I know right?? Only got the standard rewards of gold and gems, but will likely get the legendaries soon (given it's 3AM for those at Bethesda).

Legends Community Update and a Message from Sparkypants

Legends Community Update and a Message from Sparkypants
Legends Community Update and a Message from Sparkypants

This is exactly the type of communication I was hoping for. I'm fine waiting for the client, and occasional updates like this keep the excitement up and stops people from freaking out, so it's really nice to hear from the sparkypants team. Plus Josh joining the team is awesome news. Looking forward to the new UI and content!

You have this one's gratitude.

Another Story Expansion and Mini Expansion coming! Nice

tl;dr version

Sparkypants still need some time to get the new client right, new client won't be released before/at QuakeCon They are finishing new story content and miniexpansion. Story focuses on another region in the Elder Scrolls universe, miniexpansion should encourage new deck archetypes. Overall they focus on "big" cards that will see a lot of play They hired MTG Hall of Famer and card designer Josh Utter-Leyton They are improving menus and UI for better control on mobile devices, tutorial will be shorter. Everyone will retain their progress and achievements in new client They want to build on strong connection with community, incorporate release calendar in regular updates and share new features with influencers whose feedback will be respected. One of the first added features will be tournaments which will be rolled out later in the year Next update should be presented on Twitch during QuakeCon (9 - 10 August)

Changes to our Twitch Drop Policy

Changes to our Twitch Drop Policy

Over the past year, we’ve continued to monitor community feedback and viewership trends surrounding our Twitch Drop programs for The Elder Scrolls: Legends and Quake Champions.

We have amazing streamers who put in time, talent, and dedication day after day to bring their fellow community members entertaining content, and that is why going forward we are going to be turning off Twitch Drops for any streams that rebroadcast content or stream AFK solely to generate Drops for idling viewers (and themselves).

We will be reviewing all channels streaming Quake Champions and The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Channels that are found to be rebroadcasting content without first turning off Drops in their settings will be blacklisted from having Drops work on their channel. This change will go into effect as of August 3rd, 2018. All bans will be permanent and will prevent the streamer from drops for any/all Bethesda games, not just the one that resulted in the ban.

Thanks for your understanding. We hope you’ll agree that this policy change is for the best in being fair towards our community content creators, and to help the Quake Champions and The Elder Scrolls: Legends stream scenes grow. If you haven’t done so already, go link your Bethesda.net account on Twitch, check out some Quake Champions or Legends streams, and start getting Drops!

Gamers will just have to be a little less lazy!

And the Nyans a little less Casual.

To further clarify just in case it wasn't clear in the announcement, we don't mind rebroadcasts. If you want to stream live six nights a week and rebroadcast the seventh, as long as drops are turned off during that rebroadcast, you're fine to keep offering drops as usual on your live streams. If you rebroadcast 10 times the amount you live stream, the same rules apply and you can still offer drops on your live streams! You don't have to completely remove yourself from the drop program if you like rebroadcasting, just make sure that you mind your dashboard settings because we want to use the drop program to emphasize live content.

The servos a lot less rich.

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