75 million year old serrated Tyrannosaur tooth is prepared for display

This has got to be so stressful. Just one screw-up and you have to find another T-Rex, wait another 75 million years and do it all over again.

Should've flossed more often

tough to get those inbetween spaces when you have tiny arms

That’s what glue is for. As a paleontology intern, I learned that some kinds of fossils are brittle, fragile things. I cracked a triceratops frill in half and my supervisor handed me a bottle of “jurrasic gel” and “paleo paste,” glues made specifically for putting fossils back together.

You Cannot Rush Good Art

At ten minutes "My spidey senses are tingling"

At one minute "What is going on"

At ten seconds "I don't feel so good"

10 min: Spider Man

1 minute: Spydeh Mehn

10 seconds: Spyde meh

you can give me a week time and I'll end up with his 12 seconds picture

Client: "Ok, you got 10 minutes now"

What happens when a scientist tries to shoot himself, underwater

“I’m going to attempt shooting myself for science. So to be safe, I’ll put on these safety glasses”

reasons, probably

It's cool and all but why the needless amount of slo mo and quick replays?

I've been saying for years kevlar vests should be gallons of water instead

Heating bio-matter without the presence of oxygen creates a flammable gas which can be stored and used as a replacement for propane/natural gas. (source in comments)

His smile is so pure.

If that bio-matter is wood then you can make charcoal at the same time.

In this particular setup, not good. This is a test concept. There are other types of wood gasifiers that use a single stage burn/gas production in one chamber that are much more efficient, but it's more difficult to collect the gas for storage because it's made at low pressure. I'm working on it.

He seems so incredibly content and proud of what he has done, I love it

A syringe with tiny sponges can seal a gunshot wound in seconds

I don’t think they know what syringes and little mean 😳.

Im not a doctor but there seems to be some problem with this. Like we already have coagulating agents and sterile gauze and bandages. Im not sure what putting something into the wound cavity to get stuck all over the inside (and then expand it) is going to do.

Dont they already make these? Women use them every month. They come with a string attached and you dont have to manually pick every tiny sponge out.

It also works at stopping that insane explosive diarrhea you’ve been having

Behind the scenes of a McDonald's advertising photoshoot

Hopefully nobody was under the impression that any product's advertisement is anything less than a staging process designed to sell a product, and not necessarily be representative of the actual product itself.

This is how advertising works.

I used to live with someone who worked as a catalogue photographer. She used to travel to a specific town in Portugal several times a year as it was the best place on earth apparently to photograph lawn furniture.

Honestly, the amount of skill, time and craft that goes in to selling you shit is astonishing

Photoshopping a cheeseburger...what a time to be alive.

The sad part is, even if they marketed it looking as shitty as they do in real life - I would definitely still go there drunk at 2 am.

Some breeds of sheep such as the Shetland, can have the wool removed just by pulling on it during certain times of year. This process is called “rooing”.

Some breeds of sheep such as the Shetland, can have the wool removed just by pulling on it during...


They normally like it. It’s helpful because they would shed the wool either way.

The sheep isn’t hurt at all. The Shetland sheep will shed the wool either way. It helps them feel more comfortable.

Or taking off your shoes and socks after a long day. I feel you, Sheepbro.

Empty industrial bags device

what's educational.

this should be in /sub/crappyviralads

I wish I could watch the whole bag be emptied. Not sure why, though...

Seriously, this isn't educational at all. It's a promotional video for a marginally useful product.

Great way to turn re-usable into disposable plastic!

Making a baseball

The cover is hand stitched? Holy crap!

For such a massively popular item, it's insane how much of that process was done by hand rather than automated.

Now picture yourself hand stitching baseballs for 8 hours straight.

When they showed the stitching area that was my first thought. I couldn't imagine doing more than one of those

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