Making a baseball

The cover is hand stitched? Holy crap!

For such a massively popular item, it's insane how much of that process was done by hand rather than automated.

Now picture yourself hand stitching baseballs for 8 hours straight.

When they showed the stitching area that was my first thought. I couldn't imagine doing more than one of those

How pencils are sharpened on the production line before being packaged

I've actually often wondered this... Fresh pencil is sharp yet sturdy.

If I sharpen it, it fucking snaps the second I use it.

Sand paper is the answer!

If you go to an art supply store you should be able to find little pads of sandpaper made for sharpening pencils. Either with the sketching or drafting stuff.

That is looped very well.

The best way to parallel park

TIL I need a protractor every time I parallel park.

Where can get the laser beams installed?

very realistic, coming from someone who failed the parallel parking test when getting my license and NOW being an excellent parallel parker, this is exactly what I learned to do.

The only unrealistic thing is how much dang space there is in that open spot. People park waaay closer IRL than that :P

Don’t be silly, just use your drone with geometric overlay display like everyone else

Rope Bucket Handle Knot

This could be nice for making hanging planters!

Didn't your bucket come with a handle? Where does it say on the bucket "take this home and break it"?

Saving cause you'd never know when you'll have to carry a bucket with a piece of string

This is the best idea I've seen so far. Surprised is doesn't have more love

How the Parthenon would look if restored to its original form

How the Parthenon would look if restored to its original form

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The Parthenon was, but painting bulidings and statues varied by time and culture; sometimes it was trendy to do so, and other times it was trendy to leave raw. The parthenon was primarily painted red, green, and blue, all in intense shades.

So almost all of the paint in the Parthenon had faded by the time modern historians got to it, but there were a couple of artefacts that remained that still had some faded colors on it. The museum curators who had the artifacts thought the painting was done recently, as at the time it was thought Greek/Roman cultures kept their stonework raw and unpainted.

So the bastards took to them with wire brushes and chisels to get the remaining paint off in the early 1900s, thinking they were preserving history when they actually removed some of the last examples of painted stonework from the classical antiquity, damaging them irreversibly. And I reiterate, these were holy relics from the parthenon, and they took a wire brush and chisel to them



Wasn’t it blown up in a war between Austria/Poland and the Ottoman Empire? And the statues were slowly stolen and usually destroyed. I think the Austrians tried to take a couple and ended up accidentally smashing them.

With the state of the Greek government, theirs no way they could ever restore this in our lifetime. Maybe if someone poured money into it, but theirs no profit in old buildings.

The Earth over the course of one year. The equinoxes occur when the line is vertical.

The Earth over the course of one year. The equinoxes occur when the line is vertical.

I like the absolute lack of cloud cover over the Sahara Desert.

So one part of the world lives in darkness for eternity? I guess I'm lucky to be living on the light side.

It just gobbles up any humidity that arrives.

Im assuming this is taken at the same time once a day?

How close up shots of birds are filmed

Til: close ups are filmed by being close.

But how are the close ups of the people shooting the close ups of birds filmed?

How come they don't get spooked and fly off?

There’s a comment below this one about the same thing I was going to tell you. There’s a guy that trained geese to fly with him so they could migrate together! Watch that video, it’s fascinating!

How a fire sprinkler works (155°F = 68°C)

the movies

Firefighter here. Few notes of interest...

If you set off one sprinkler (or fire alarm) in most installations, they don't all go off - despite what you see in . There are specific installations (e.g. deluge) where they are designed to all flow, but they are very specialized for high-risk fire environments (labs, aircraft hangars, etc).

You see the little warning on hotel sprinklers with the clothes hanger? I've been to a stupid amount of fire alarms with water damage where someone did this. (Mainly in hotels.)

In a working alarm system, the sprinkler system will sense any flow. So if you set off a sprinkler, there will be a water flow alarm which will call us.

The statistics regarding the ability of a sprinkler system to protect you are incredible, 90% reduction in deaths from structure fires. Average fire death rates per 1,000 home structure fires... No alarm / Automatic Extinguishing System (AES / sprinklers): 10.3, Battery alarm / no AES: 8.5, Any alarm / no AES: 6.3, Hardwired alarm / no AES: 3.9, Hardwired alarm and any AES: 1.3, Hardwired alarm and Sprinkler: 1.1. SOURCE, NFPA Report: U.S. Experience with Sprinklers, p. 6 and Table 3

Hope that clears up any misconceptions about sprinkler systems. If you have the means, get one installed in your home. Check with your insurance provider for discounts on monitored fire alarms + sprinkler systems, it might defray the cost some.

Yeah, when I was in high school some kid in the locker room threw his shoe at one, hit the glass, it broke, and then flooded the locker room. They had to redo the floors in the gym and the fire department showed up. And yes, there was black water.

wait so if I break that little glass thing it’ll set off the sprinkler

And yes, there was black water

Surely, deploying a PMC for a kid who threw a shoe is a bit overkill.

A spider slowly weaving it's web.

Impressive that it's eyeing each placement of the web but at the same time it does have more eyes than I have

Its web, not it's web. (Grammar police to the rescue)

Occasionally, I'll take the time to watch a spider weave its web on my back patio. It's very soothing and relaxing

What Pokemon is that

Ants drinking liquid candy. They all get blue 🐜💧

The colony will sing tales of this day for generations to come

I'm blue da boo dee da boo da

They blue themselves

One of them died at the end...

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