Duel Links wall at SDCC features Yusei

Duel Links wall at SDCC features Yusei



Yay, Fur Hires will finally get Stardust Dragon!






[Fluff] Duel Links then vs now

[Fluff] Duel Links then vs now

Duel links 2019

50,000 players used to live here. Now it's a ghost town.

I miss the days where you could get gems from maintenance apology

YGOPRO is the only answer.

[Fluff] Konami right now

[Fluff] Konami right now

1 gem ≙ 1 prismatic card, keep this in mind!

Theyve actually been constantly decreasing the amount you get its insane. Day 1 player here and its fucking obvious and theres tons of threads that prove it. Cognitive dissonance is real

i believe it means "is equivalent to".

The game has been giving Konami a good profit pretty much from the very start. They don't have to screw with its fans to earn more.

In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell

So sad to see Komoney taking this route with the game :/


That booty made me bust a nut...


Konami Salesmen be like

Konami Salesmen be like

A pack costs 50 gems and gives you 3 cards. With 1 UR in a box of 200 packs (600 cards), a single gem gets you a 0.03% chance to get the card you want if you could spend it on its own.

I thought the 1 gem thing was an exaggerated meme. I should have known it wasnt.

Time to stop investing money on this game

Time to stop investing money on this game

After all these nerfs on gem drops, and all these complains from the community, what does Konami do in reaction ?

Nerf them AGAIN :)

I haven’t spent a dime on this game since February. I’ve played this game for over a year now, and could tell the gradual changes would get worse and worse. This game has been the only game to remain on my phone for this long, but I feel the days are coming to an end sadly

I've spent quite a lot on this game. But lately I don't have enough gems to even try building new decks (besides those from minis). Hence, I don't spend any money on main boxes as I used to. In addition to killing game diversity, it will probably backfire and result in people spending less on the game. THX KOONAMI

salut maitrepokemone

I really regret spending money on this game in May. Fuck you konami

I so so SO regret putting money into this shitfuck of a game. Literally a cash grab, they don't even try to cover it up now. This game used to be great and could have been that way for a long time if it wasnt KONAMI in charge of it.

Ok i think the gem nerf has gone too far

Ok i think the gem nerf has gone too far

I was laughing in denial, this is the most pettiest thing ive seen komoney do to duel links

soon they'll be fixing it:

"fixed an issue where the lottery actually had a gem on it -> lottery no longer has gem drops." /s

This is the most insulting thing I ever saw in DL. I don't know why they are going this path, it's sure that people will get pissed. Even the whales will double think before they give them their money again.

Honestly, I don't know what they were thinking....Europe do not get surveys, please other continents, blast em!

one day we will have "0 Gem" literally listed as a reward

Me trying to get KoG with Syrus and Roids

Me trying to get KoG with Syrus and Roids

A lot of cards were nerfed for deck diversity last balance patch,

and now we're just in the same place.

Facts I can handle anything with six sams but amazoness I automatically surrender 90% of the time

Konami doesn’t know what deck diversity is. If they did then they wouldn’t keep spitting out archetypes and would have more generalized cards like the old days when things were focused moreso on type or attribute than on the archetype.

Yea. If I have some spell/trap destruction in my opening hand then I’ll give it a go, but if I don’t then I typically just surrender as soon as princess hits the field.

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