cursed witch

cursed witch

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14 years

90 lbs


"He speaks little."

You know you're cursed when you read "Dislikes: furries" instead of "fumes"

This is so sad can I die now

This appears to be some type of viral marketing an EDM dude named Whethan. Double cursed.



Thia is some necromorph looking shit.

The [baby doll parasite] consumes skin flakes and sweat shed by the owner of its host doll during daily use, and this spartan diet is sufficient to lock the parasite in a harmless larval state indefinitely. The juvenile form is little more than a milky slime-mold coating the interior of the doll's shell, run through with a network of pale capillaries and pink nerves. This provides the desirable functions of fake urination (which is indeed real waste removal) and manipulation of the doll's eyes. [The parasite] can be transferred to the interior of other dolls with a cotton swab and a small skin/sweat pellet to encourage its growth, and indeed this has long been the practice in China and central Europe where these dolls are manufactured.

The problem arises when the parasite's food supply is interrupted. Abandoning a doll for a span of twelve weeks or more will spur the parasite into ravenous adulthood. One or more sets of muscular jaws with rows of chitinous teeth form in the cavities of the doll, with esophagi connecting these maws in a rudimentary digestive sac. In the second week of maturation bands of muscle tissue grow to fill any remaining voids and the doll will finally become mobile.

Family pets are frequent targets of the dolls' hunger, leading to horrific injuries or death. The dolls will also target very young children, which is why hand-me-down dolls must be checked for signs of abandonment-triggered maturation. The disabled or infirm are also at risk.

The metamorphosis can be arrested at any stage by driving copper nails into the head and body cavities of the doll, disrupting the signalling mechanism used by the parasite to coordinate its changes. In this state a doll may be kept on a shelf or attic indefinitely. Upon removal of the nails the doll must spend at least a year in close contact with a living child or they will enter a state of either true-death (and unpleasant decomposition) or rapid maturation (ending in a violent feeding frenzy as the multitude of desperate mouths shed their shell of plastic or porcelain altogether).

We see a spike of bites and digital/facial degloving injuries around March, coinciding with dolls abandoned at Christmas. Please destroy baby dolls that are no longer wanted, or impale them for storage. Copper nails are provided with new dolls for this very reason, and all dolls made since 1986 have come with pre-made holes--do not throw the nails away! If you see a doll in the wild (at a roadside, in landfill, or perhaps in the woods), do not approach it--they exhibit very poor aerobic endurance and move clumsily at best, but they can maintain a high straight-line speed for a few seconds at a time. Note that the host dolls of the adult parasite do not need to be intact to function--heads, limbs and torsos are quite capable of developing their own mouths and hunting separately.

what the fuck

It had been a long night at work. I was extremely busy, but that didn’t stop me from getting extreme erections that could ram through the gates of Heaven.

You see, my wife left me several months ago. I had been too busy with my job to hop on Tinder or even think about getting into another relationship. All I had was my beautiful female bulldog, Georgina.

I had gotten Georgina after my wife and I split. I needed a companion. She was all I had left to live for. I always looked forward to walking through my front door and being greeted.

I quickly rushed home after my shift and breached through the front door, my unrelenting erection only salivating with pre-cum. I swiftly walked to my bedroom with one thought and one thought only: I’m going to fuck my dog.

Upon entry, there was Georgina on my bed with her cute plump ass in the air, wearing a thong. My eyes glistened with excitement at the sight before me. I walked over the bed, climbing on top of it on all fours towards Georgina.

I ran my fingers on each side of her perfect canine cheeks. She looked back, suddenly panting. She was getting excited and worked up on pleasure, due to us never doing this before. There was always strong sexual tension between us.

I started to peel her thong, revealing her perfect juicy and pure canine snatch. I spread her vagina lips apart like a fresh grilled cheese, admiring her salivating fuck slit. I couldn’t hold back anymore.

I crawled up on my knees and rammed my erect fuckstick deep into her pussy. Georgina let out a loud yelp, but not in displeasure. I started to powerfully pump away, slamming myself into her down to the hilt of my cock. She started quivering - she couldn’t handle her owner’s battering ram of a cock deep inside her guts.

She tried to get away, but I forcefully grasped both of my hands on her sides, digging my fingers tips in and pushing her down. I might have squeezed her too hard, because she ended up ejecting a warm geyser of diarrhea all over my stomach, but this only made me fuck her like a wild jungle man.

Before I knew it, I was shooting my cock-sauce deep inside of her, pushing my cock into her to the hilt so she could receive every last drop. I could feel her tense up while she whimpered out a strong orgasm. I quickly pulled out, watching in pleasure as her tight pussy queefed out my large load of ejaculate.

I reached over to grab my jar of peanut butter and lathered a large glob all over my soiled genitals. I laid back, watching Georgina roll over and lick my shaft and balls clean of any peanut butter, before we both drifted off to sleep.



I can barely tell the last one is checked off

I don’t think this image deep fried the quality is just that low.

Repeat after me:

Deepfried memes aren't the same as curssed images.

Not cursed.



Here’s what’s fucking with me.

Hair = Bacon

Face/skull = Beef

Teeth = Diced onions

But those eyes.... w h a t t h e f u c k a r e t h o s e e y e s

Actual human eyes


I don’t know why but the hard hat makes it



This is chaos

why have you got to ruin everything

The one in the middle is about to assert his dominance

The dog is photoshopped in



Soviet claw mashine

Not a cursed claw machine because it contains 100% onion prizes, but because it is a claw machine to begin with, where the claw feebly paws at the onion prize with barely enough strength to tear off a thin layer of dried onion skin on the way back up.


Russian Claw Machine




Not cursed

Tkhanksdf, thbis weroekd

Why did 114 people look at this post and think "yep that's totally a cursed image I need to upvote this"

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