Family member thought it was cool to ask out a girl on my behalf

Family member thought it was cool to ask out a girl on my behalf

My mom used to pull this kind of stuff with me too. I finally put my foot down and refused to text a girl she arranged me to talk too. She said “you have to, it will be awkward with her parents if you don’t. They are planning on you texting her.” I told her “that’s not my problem.”

She never did it again.

Oh yikes, I've been there once where a family member gave out my number to a guy who liked me, without asking, and hinted to him he had a definite shot.. I don't know how she thought so.. the only time I've mentioned him to her was on the car ride home from meeting him, I only said that I worried he might be a nazi...

I’m a mid twenties, white, middle class, American.

My mom was talking to her friends about me. I guess they thought we would be a good match. So they set it up. The dad I guess was really offended that I didn’t text her. He ended up unfriending my mom on Facebook and never talking to her again.

What? Her parents were banking on you texting her? How old were you guys?

Not so yay

Not so yay

tbf to Jenna the original post was vague and open to multiple interpretations

Yah I would say the cringe is more on red's side

Well Jenna's been trying to hit that for 10 years so..


the profile pic of the sad block figure in the rain... yikes

OP [Yellow] admits to fooling amnesiac [Green] after accident into thinking they're in a relationship. Chaos and backpedaling from Yellow ensues.

OP [Yellow] admits to fooling amnesiac [Green] after accident into thinking they're in a relation...

Did he have to relearn guitar again?

This is fantastic. The already batshit insane story to start off with, the fact that it's more recent than yellow originally let on. That light blue is valuing an incorrect definition of freedom of speech and "misogynistic" slurs over some extreme gaslighting. And to top it all of with the almost absurd guitar lessons question.

What a find, OP.

The most awful part is how Yellow's friends seem to think she should be off the hook for something that may very well count as a crime in most parts of the developed world.

This is actually insane.

He tried

He tried

Hmm Hillary just may not have that loving feeling for old Bill anymore.

Definitely feel like that's a pretty distunctional/loveless family

Well, he did cheat on her

Consistently and persistently if allegations are to be believed.

I just wanted a piano...

I just wanted a piano...

I don’t know what is happening but it’s hilarious

This guy is hilarious why is this cringe

Edit: This is the 2nd time OP's posted this here

idk man this is kinda funny

OP wanted a quote on a piano and the seller decided to share some awesome and hilarious pictures.

I would say you were half Chinese half Asian

I would say you were half Chinese half Asian

“u are to me”

You should respect his opinion.

He identifies as someone who thinks you're Asian.

You'll always be my Asian.

“You’re an asshole”. “No I’m not”. “You are to me”

IMO that would be the perfect response.

An old friend from high school asks a weird, personal question

An old friend from high school asks a weird, personal question

No idea. This was the entire conversation. She recently started working at Vector, a really shady knife selling business, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they asked her to do something like that. Or if they required her to call adult females and my mom just happened to be one of the first people to cross her mind about that.

But what did they want? A little more context? In the US it sounds like they are offering a scholarship to you? Or were they trying to use your mom as a reference for their scholarship?

This makes the cringe even worse, Vector is a known company that preys on young college-age adults. Yikes

This is for CutCo (aka Vector Marketing). They tell you to send this exact text message to all your friends. This is in no way this guys fault, because he is just doing what CutCo has told him to do. They have you say scholarship because none of your friends will give you their Mom’s number if you tell them you are trying to sell their parents knives. It is a business tactic this is sly and unprofessional.

EDIT: I worked there for 2 days and quit because all their tactics are this forceful.

EDIT2: To clear things up a little the reason I said it wasn’t this persons fault is because when I went through the training they said as long as you stuck to the script EXACTLY you would make sales and make thousands of dollars throughout your career with them. It’s hard to go off script when they make you think that they have the perfect way of making money. That might seem like the recruit is naive but IT IS difficult to ignore when they are talking thousands of dollars to a college student or a person with very little money.

Lost another good one.

Lost another good one.

“I’m having a great time laughing over here”


He didn't even pause between comments. He wrote all of that in less than 60 seconds lmao

Feel free to have my Xbox time, m'lady

lmaoooooo this guy

Guy I knew in high school just doesn't understand "no"

Guy I knew in high school just doesn't understand "no"

Of course he's from fucking Brampton lmao

Came here to say just that. Mississauga represent.

Brampton’s full of guys that do this every night, if only they’d wife the ones that say yes, we’d have less of this.

Brampton... too close to home. Canada represent?

Edit: Where are my Oakvillains at

Not once. Not twice. But three times. I just don't get it. At what point is he going to realize that it hasn't worked in the past and isn't going to work now?

Onison’s “punishments” for his ex for smoking pot.

Onison’s “punishments” for his ex for smoking pot.

He's an abusive pos.

The fuck is an Onison?

Fuck that guy. I thought his channel died because people came out saying he raped or abused them. Whatever happened to that shit?

99% of the time, when your partner tries to limit your contact to family, that partner is controlling and trying to isolate you. They want to isolate you so you don't have a support system to rely on when they abuse you.

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