Bombshell Anthony Bourdain interview is published one month after his death, in which he unloads on 'rapey, gropey and disgusting' Bill Clinton and hopes Weinstein is 'beaten to death in jail'. He also condemned Clinton's wife Hillary for her role in 'destroying' the women.

Bombshell Anthony Bourdain interview is published one month after his death, in which he unloads ...

Submission statement:

There are easier, less painful and more dignified ways of committing suicide than hanging yourself. Amazing that so many "celebrity suicides" involve this method. Never mind that (unless the victim owns a gun) hanging is the easiest way to disguise a murder as a suicide.

Anyway, Bourdain had enemies, as this interview clearly shows.

Plus it’s not the first time he’s been on “the receiving end of Clinton’s operatives’ wrath”... amirite??

12 Russian intelligence officials indicted for hacking DNC emails, conspiring to release them

12 Russian intelligence officials indicted for hacking DNC emails, conspiring to release them

What if Seth Rich was killed by 12 Russian Intelligence Officers in a botched robbery?

The indictment should get stickied to the /sub/conspiracy home page, it pertains to maybe a dozen actively researched conspiracies here.

Per the indictment, Russians stole the DNC, Clinton Campaign and DCCC emails around April 2016.

June 3, 2016 is when Donald Trump Jr was emailed regarding potential dirt on the Clinton Campaign.

Cold war was a lie. Proof that we were giving the soviets uranium

Cold war was a lie. Proof that we were giving the soviets uranium

Cold War was extremely complex. It was nore proxy war with upfront handshakes and smiles.

George Racey Jordan (1898-1966) He was an American military officer, businessman, lecturer, activist, and author. He first gained national attention in December 1949 when he testified to the United States Congress about wartime Lend-Lease deliveries to the Soviet Union, in the process implicating Harry Hopkins and other high officials in the transfer of nuclear and other secrets to the USSR.


And the s.o.b.’s have destroyed so much, a large part of the population is holding out hope for communism.

Nato is obsolete - here is why.

Nato is obsolete - here is why.
Nato is obsolete - here is why.

There’s an old abandoned Russian base from the 1800’s in California

NATO is fine. It's a great organization. the problem is Trump. He's a fucking traitor obviously.

At a time when things are increasingly Balkanizing (Brexit, the actual Balkans) and UN-ing, a mid-level org like NATO is obsolete. It is too big to fit the Balkanization and too small for the United Nations.

This is pretty much a mouthpiece propaganda article for Trump.

Russian Foreign Ministry Points at UK Gov't 'Numerous Lies' in Skripal Case

Russian Foreign Ministry Points at UK Gov't 'Numerous Lies' in Skripal Case

I haven't really dove into the Skripal case, so I'm somewhat ignorant of the details. But like everything else relating to Russia these days I'm highly skeptical. My take is that shit like this and the supposed chemical attack by Assad, were once the way to go to get public support for attacking perceived enemies. But I really think the internet fucked that up for them. Now they're scrambling to figure out how to gin up support when half the population simply is no longer buying it.


Why did the British Government issue a 36-hour ultimatum to the Russian Government to come up with an explanation, but then refuse their request to share the evidence that allegedly pointed to their culpability?

The reason has become quite clear, the neocon British Government have lied from the very start.

No wonder the British press are under a DSMA-Notice because if the British public en-mass find out what they have done, that government is finished.

We need to get this on the front page..

We need to get this on the front page..

A former judge is being persecuted for exposing high ranking pedophiles. She can face decades in prison for "slander" and "illegal surveillance".

EDIT: I'm glad this is getting traction. Everyone tweet @StateDept and @realDonaldTrump #FreeNeringa

You know damn well she’s gonna be killed

Suicide by gunshots to the back of the head.

Relevant Video-

Michael Cohen Represented Sean Hannity, Lawyers Reveal

Michael Cohen Represented Sean Hannity, Lawyers Reveal

So all that time Hannity was screaming about how the investigation was criminal and the raid was criminal he was screaming about his own lawyer.

Can you say "conflict of interest?"

Hahah, I think we have a conspiracy. Maybe one of these mods will sticky it? No because it's being reported by the 'deep state' and in plain sight? Okay.

Just try and imagine if Hillary Clinton's lawyer's offices were raided and it was revealed that, say, Rachel Maddow was another client whose identity the lawyer had tried to hide.

If Hannity isn't removed from the airwaves in the next several days over this monumental breach of journalistic integrity, Fox News can no longer hide the fact they are anything other than state-run propaganda.

So another war begins......

So another war begins......

As I read the titles of the news just now, I died inside a little. I won't lie, it hit me right in the heart. They wanted their war and now they have it. The coordinated efforts and nodding heads on all sides make this whole ordeal even worse.

People are in Syria. Real people. People like you and me. Those people are in the middle of this war. They will be killed, tortured, their towns bombed, their country ravaged.

I look at the thread on /sub/worldnews. I see people making jokes, others nod their heads in agreement. Assad had it coming, right? We need to avenge the children being gassed, right? It's all fair and just, the US and its European allies are doing it in the name of the people, of the Syrians, in the name of freedom......right? And those that disagree are Russian trolls, bots from the Kremlin, Assad's lackeys, child murderers and rapists.

One commenters says: "Do people here actually believe the reason for the strike is because of moral outrage and wanting to protect the poor civilians? Get real." another replies, seemingly completely unironically: "What is it for then?"

Does anyone now, anyone that has looked, truly looked at what's going on, anyone that hasn't been born yesterday, isn't here to push an agenda, troll or provoke and has been witness to the US and their allies' conflicts for the past decades - does any one of those still believe that the US and its allies are doing this in order to save the children? I am genuinely curious - does anyone truly unironically believe that this war is being fucking fought to protect the fucking children from Assad's fucking chemical weapons?!

I've had enough of this shit. Truly, I've had enough. For some reason, for some reason totally beyond me, I thought this wasn't going to happen - not yet at least. But here we are, at the brink of a new major conflict, yet again.

What can we do? What can you do? Why don't we ask ourselves these questions? It's not like we are helpless, it's not like YOU are helpless. If you live in a country that is in this war, you can protest, you can speak out in any way you know how to, you can call your congressman, your representative, you can make your voice heard. Now is not the time to be silent.

Are we going to just mind our own business and let this shit keep going on? Are we going to just keep looking the fucking other way as the entirety of the Middle East gets bombed to kingdom come? When is it going to dawn on people that this is not going to stop with Syria? Do you realize that Iran is likely next? Do you realize what massive casualties a war with Iran would entail? How many trillions more would be spent on those wars? Do you realize that everyone would be affected by extreme fluctuations of oil prices as a result of that war, which could destabilize the economy in its totality?

But ultimately, ultimately - do you really think it will stop with Iran? Do you really think that, if we don't cry out for peace, if we don't make our lives a symbol, an example of peace and empathy and if we don't demand peace on a global scale - do you really think that you, wherever you are, will be safe from the consequences of more and more conflicts? Conflicts with Russia? With China? With anyone labelled an enemy of "freedom"?

This is not every man for himself anymore. That time has passed if we want to survive as a species. It's time humanity stood its ground and it's time we stand our grand together, not separately anymore. It's time for this shit to stop. People will say it's complicated. No it's not. There is no complication in this. The US and its allies are not the world's police force, they are not here to judge how countries should be governed. If that is the case, shouldn't the US be bombing North Korea first? Shouldn't they be bombing Saudi Arabia for the genocide in Yemen, instead of actually SELLING THEM FUCKING WEAPONS?

I want peace. Not only for the world, for myself as well. For me and the world are not separate. I pledge that I will make deeper and deeper peace in my own life, with those I interact with and those closest to me. That I will move towards deeper peace with all those that I encounter in my life. I will move to become a beacon, an example of this peace, this empathy. I ask you, all of you to do the same. Become peace in your own life and in your interactions with others.

And as you do so, do not forget about the world. If we cry out for peace, if we demand peace, if we CHOOSE peace, things will change.

Divided we are weak, yet united we are strong. If we cry out for peace in one voice that voice will be stronger than anything else. That voice can win and change the world.

I wish you all well in this time of insanity and may you all hug those you love the most today and tell them you love them.

If you are in any way spiritually inclined, pray for the Syrians, pray for the world. At this point, no positive energy is wasted. If that prayer moves you towards any action that may seem of help, so much the better.

I love you all.

Amazing post.

Great post.

All I wanted was one, single scrap of evidence proving that Assad actually did it. But we were never given it. We’re just supposed to go along with whatever the West tells us.

To question the West is now considered paranoid and stupid. To be considered sane in our society now, you are supposed to believe whatever conspiracy theories the West invents, and never ask any questions. Even if they use those theories to justify war.

The people at the top don’t give a fuck about the Syrian people, and we have fucking people being played like a fiddle by the media, you’d think they at least be suspicious after Iraq and Libya.

This post at least makes me feel better knowing others think as i do and aren’t lunatics. My entire life its been non stop murder and genocide from America the UK , Israel and their allies, it legit tears me up inside see how many people act like other people in other countries that are less advantaged than them are treated as though they do not have value and don’t deserve to live .... because the MSM told them so. The majority of the Western world has lost their fucking minds and are the worst terrorist there are on this planet today.

Video shows Syrian rebels teaching kids how to fake a chemical weapon gas attack. Possible preparation for a false flag.

Video shows Syrian rebels teaching kids how to fake a chemical weapon gas attack. Possible prepar...

I'm going to need to see a credible translation before I make any assumptions about this video.

Could this be practice for if they’re hit with gas. Like practice for doctors/ems?

I had those all the time. We'd all run around screaming, pretending to be on fire, then the fire department would swing by in their big trucks, and pretend to hose us down with a pretend firehose, once we were all passed out from the screaming and "burning". It must've been great training. Our school didn't burn down, so it was a very effective drill.

believe NOTHING of what you see or hear without checking MULTIPLE sources.

Well then, can I get any actual sources that say this is kids preparing for a false flag attack? Sure it doesn’t look good, but like any other quick video clip, it can be something completely different if given the right context.

Are TV shows sending messages to try and wake us up?

Are TV shows sending messages to try and wake us up?
Are TV shows sending messages to try and wake us up?

I know that I'm going to get shit on for using this as an example, but S3E07 of Rick and Morty is a lot about government. particularly stands out.

If you don't want to watch, I'll summarize. Rick1 destroys the council of Ricks, and other Ricks are trying to rebuild it. They decide to make the new council of Ricks a democracy (hmmm...) and hold an election. The top 4 candidates are 3 Ricks and 1 Morty. The Rick that is asking the candidates questions, states that the amount of Rickless Morty's is soaring while the happiness of Ricks is plummeting. He tells Morty to explain.

Morty says that there isn't a divide between Ricks and Morty's. He says that there is a divide between the Ricks and Morty's that are pro government, and the Ricks and Morty's that aren't (hmmm...).

This wins the election. Morty is then in a room with a bunch of Ricks that are stating that they are the ones that run the council. Morty kills them and then mentions "politics" and "order" and you see banners with a symbol being thrown over the sides of the building, like this. You also see Ricks putting a pin on with that same symbol, like this.

Been thinking about this lately, thought I would share with my fellow 'crazies' here.

Edit: I can read all of the comments in my inbox, but it's quite puzzling that none of them are showing up on the actual post. I've even tried it on mobile and the same thing occurs. Maybe I'm onto something? Or maybe it's just a malfunction.

"9/11 was an inside job and I'm a pickle!"

occult symbolism in The Truman Show

I used to think this was a crazy idea. I see things differently now.

Have you ever noticed the ?

It would appear the film is all about occult or esoteric initiation -- of we the viewers (or at least those of us with eyes to see).

It is as though they put this stuff in front of us and encourage us to think for ourselves.

Instead of becoming frustrated with our fellow man, we get angry at 'the elites'.

It does not make sense.

Is it possible that there are 8 shadowbanned comments here? Can't see any.

Looks like my comment dissapeared. Well its in my history, but not on this page. Lets try this again. Then theres this obvious freemasonic symbolism. The creators are keen on lotsa things so it wouldnt surprise me if they put nuggets of truth in there for us, but I cant be so sure they are on our a side. Though its been hard to admit to myself, I'm fully aware of who runs hollywood. Much more likely predictive programming of some sorts. But def deeper than youre average cartoon

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