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Fortune cookie

Fortune cookie

Either he can’t read already and the fortune is stating the obvious, OR he can read and wants to be illiterate (lol), OR could read right before the instant he picks up the fortune and becomes illiterate and misreads it. Either way I appreciate the almost-paradox of the comic. Reminds me of that famous “this is not a pipe” painting I’m too lazy to search for. Well done!

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No idea.

Love is in the air

Love is in the air

I have the same reaction when I see boobies dancing.

Swords LXV

Swords LXV

everyone should have a sword of unspeakable darkness to talk about their feelings, his function is right in the name

They grow so fast

They grow so fast

Reminds me of something my old boss said after some drama played out with a co-worker: “Do whatever you can to leave your personal problems at the door when you come in. Trust me, they’ll still be there when you leave.”

No it escalated MUCH, MUCH LATER.

Well, that escalated quickly.

More problems on my site.



This art style reminds me of Professor Layton. I love it.

Stevia will be the next time

A spoon full of sugar helps the insulin go down

Ironically the medicine was used to help him with his diabetes

Let Go

Let Go

Never trust good news when it comes in Panel 3.

BTway, I'm gonna post Monday's comic on my Twitter tomorrow if anyone wants to see it early.

"Oh my stars" and eye twinkle are great touches!

Thanks :) My grandma always used to say that. She passed away last year, but her legacy lives on in mediocre webcomics.





Maximum Dad

Maximum Dad

Born to be a dad

This is part of a whole storyline, which you can check out from the beginning here if you're into that sorta thing

Dad to the bone

My dads name is Gary this comic KILLED ME

wake up

wake up

I remember reading animal farm when I was about 9 years old expecting something completely different.

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Honey Baby

Honey Baby

But seriously, never give a baby honey. Botulism isn't fun.

Huh. TIL:

The nonsense about stomach pH is not true.

Infants have relatively underdeveloped gut microbiota compared to adults.

When an adult ingests honey, clostridium botulinum spores that may be present can try to colonize the GI tract but get outcompeted easily by the robust microbiota the adult has developed over decades of life. Botulism never develops in this scenario because only a modest quantity of toxin is produced.

Infants do not have the same advantage, and spores can colonize their GI tract and proliferate, producing enough botulinum toxin to cause “floppy baby syndrome”, a type of flaccid paralysis.

Whereas adults most commonly get botulism from large quantities of preformed botulinum toxin from improperly canned foods.

Interestingly, destroying the gut microbiota in adults can also cause other diseases, including clostridium difficle infections (explosive, malodorous diarrhea), a disease most often associated with broad spectrum antibiotic use.

Botulinum toxin also has therapeutic uses, most commonly in “Botox” injections to paralyze facial muscles to decrease tone in the face (favored by cosmetic specialists).

TLDR: Don’t give babies honey. Clostridium Botulinum sometimes contaminates it. Babies don’t have enough good bacteria to fight it off. Adults do.

Source: MD Student, but more importantly this is common medical knowledge easily debunked by a google search.

Edits: More information.

Author's name is "Bee Wilson." Seems suspicious.

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