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Stranger Danger... [OC]

Stranger Danger... [OC]


That was Excel-ent.

You got a power-point!

These puns are giving me a bad Outlook.

Jonfield [OC]

Jonfield [OC]

I'd love a series of these. Reminds me of those Garfield comics without Garfield.

I like Garfield as a normal cat even more.

At first I chuckled, but then I got sad.

Thanks, I'm thinking about a series of these :) Could be fun



In our household, Asian food, cat food, Greek food, Italian food, and food in general is dog food

In my house, everything is Greek food...

Because the damn Greeks keep breaking in!

I fucking love the dogs face in the second panel. 👍👍


Secrets of game development

Secrets of game development

Don't think Mike is gonna talk bruh

Poor Mike, he was just miming his own business

Ohhh he's a mime? Now I get it.

He is a man of action

The Void [OC]

The Void [OC]

To be fair, it's really hard to aVoid looking at it.

I wish I had a void watching my back.

This is great. Love it!

I think it's a play on Nietzsche's quote 'if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you'

But I could be wrong.

Magic Card Trick

Magic Card Trick

I hear him making zoidberg escape sounds in the last panel. Woop, woop, woop...

5801 0603 1996 BUTT


Heh... Butt.

Now I can't look at it and not hear it.. WOOP WOOP WOOP *Edit for links: website | Twitter | Instagram

"Don't ever be scared to dream" - Jared Leto

"Don't ever be scared to dream" - Jared Leto
to take on the world

That worm seems ready

I thought they were eating a body at first since the ground was tan and the grass was black...

But definitely funny!

They are

At no point have I said that I am pro Jared Leto.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek

If only that were the case.

There's a hidden panel on my site, but GOOD LUCK FINDING IT.

Yeah, my dad would never be this patient. He'd jump out after like 5 minutes.

This is a lesson in cleanliness. If the father taught the son how to clean, and if the son cleaned the house, they would be together...and not have to worry about spiderwebs in the house.

Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream

"Just because you're unique doesn't make you useful."

Here's a bonus panel!

If you can't follow your dreams, you can also just follow me:

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Thank you and have a great day! :)

This is a metaphor for the American working class. Our desires don't matter as soon as we stop working constantly we're disposed of

All that electricity must have gone to his head, with him hanging upside down all the time.

[OC] Monopoly Ruins Families

[OC] Monopoly Ruins Families

It's funny sad 'cause it's true.

It's not personal son - strictly business

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I consider a Monopoly game ending a win for everyone involved, regardless of who actually won.

Very creatively done.

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