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Presidential Secrets

Presidential Secrets

Aliens were invented to cover up the existence of ghosts.

If ghosts are real, then so are the ghosts of aliens. Mind blown.

Left 4 Dead 3 never happening confirmed.

Not to scientologists it isn't

son, please

son, please

I love the fact that the mother is blue, the father is yellow and the son is green

I've now made 1000 of these f*cking things. Read the other 999 on my site.

It's easier to tell if someone cheated...

Gosh... Next time, I'll consume every piece of media that's ever been made before I write a joke so this never happens again.

When you're a really mature lady.

When you're a really mature lady.

the older she gets the less handsome will matter

I like how the bunny keeps smiling

The older she gets the less attainable "rich and handsome" will be

Talk about gold digging



Yeah I'm into BDSM - Big Dang Spicy Meals

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I approve of this comic. Since capsaicin does not produce flavor but literally induces pain, all people who like spicy foods are by definition masochists.

Well... I guess I have a kink?

The tongue has a tongue, so is that one getting whipped too?

Say your prayers

Say your prayers

being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and would blow your head clean off, you've gotta ask yourself one question: "when was your last confessional?" when, punk?

Six bullets. More than enough to kill anything that moves.

One for every day of the week, minus the Sabbath.

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Dad Joke

Dad Joke

Dad Joke origin story, Dad Joke Begins.

My God it all makes sense now!

The problem is that by the time your kids are old enough to appreciate dirty jokes it's too late. It's dad jokes only. That part of your brain is erased.

“I’ll call you later.” “No, call me dad.”

I haven’t heard of this variant!

A Shaggy and dog story

A Shaggy and dog story

You have a literal talking dog Shaggy

Beautiful. I laughed. I cried... this is truth. Truth in snacks.

Yea I thought the comic was headed in that direction to point it out, and honestly still not sure if that's supposed to be the point. Lol


Where are they, Scooby Doo?

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PS. I know they've made stuff with real monsters over the years, on movies and such. I remember enjoying The 13 Ghosts, exactly because it was not at all like regular Scooby Doo.



Obviously they fished each other but...

Do people actually attempt to meet someone they fished? Like what's the point? Hoping they'd be able to tempt them into being straight? Hoping they'd be able to 'comfort' the girl after she's stood up?

As far as I knew, fishing was just done to get nudes and then 👻. Do idiots actually do this irl?

I had a buddy that was supposed to meet a girl in a red convertible in a McDonalds parking lot many years ago and when he walked up to the vehicle the person rolled the window down and was a huge black dude who said: “ Hey man I know I’m not what you were expecting but I’m still down if you are” or something to that effect. Dude never ran so fast in his life..

There is an additional bonus panel for this comic available here.

If you are interested, there is also subreddit, too. Thank you!

Was hoping for the dudes making out, dang.

whale tail

whale tail

What the read did I just fuck

(._). Even the whales with those eyes. Nice.

\ ><{{{.______).

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Your sentence threw me for more of a loop than the comic

Cookies [OC]

Cookies [OC]

Actually laughed at this. Still laughing. Thank you!


Thank you :)

How are they gonna fix thi...oh nah fuck that

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