Gif making - expectation vs reality

Bride of Re-Animator + The Rocky Horror Picture Show + Bride of Re-Animator

There's a Re-Animator sequel?!

From Beyond is better imo, one of my favorites actually. Ill definitely check out the Bride though, thanks!

Liquidator Brunt creates more than just profit


Am I the only one who read "cooking with Netflix"?

These are getting crazy! I wonder what you could do with an ageless actor like Keanu Reeves or Patrick Stewart?

That's the gif that won you the first /sub/startrekgifs tournament, right?

Never trust a chiropractor

People have died in exactly this way

Chiropractors are not medical doctors. A critical evaluation found that collectively, spinal manipulation was ineffective at treating any condition. It is deemed to be ineffective pseudo-science by the vast majority of actual medical doctors.

Please consider reading the wikipedia summary on what the basics of chiropractic theory actually are, this article summarising peer reviewed studies and meta-analyses on the effectiveness of chiropra... or this website run by an actual doctor and a former Chiropractor before seeking treatment yourself.

Thank you chiropractor

To be honest, it does help you if you have a twisted pelvis due to sitting on your bulky wallet on one side. By removing all your money, it makes the wallet slimmer and your pelvis straighter.

It was either going to be WASTED, YOU DIED or FATALITY

And on the odd occasion we get MUERTO

Very Strange things

Very Strange things

in all honesty what the hell is she doing tho?

She's dumbfounded by the speech:

Probably drugs

Wtf is Netflix sending us to war?

Like a Glove!

Best one in a while!


Alllllrighty Then

“So he wants to go off-road...”

I've always loved you.. (A different kind of combined gif.)

Nicely done! Very much combined.

OP’s username.. checks out?

Sadly, I cannot take credit for this beauty. I merely found it. I'm merely putting on a butler's suit with white gloves, and bringing it here on a silver platter, all for reddit's amusement.


It's 106 Mike's to Chicago, we got a full tank of Gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses.

The blues brothers I’m pretty sure

Portal riding

Portal riding

AND looped perfectly?! Noice! 👍

Someone needs to make this videogame

What if it was a 2 player, and 1 controlled the bike and the other the portal gun? WILD!

This is my favorite combined gif yet.

Fly Wheels

Fly Wheels

Yes, but just slightly

Did he survive that?


If Nicolas Cage had accepted the role of Neo...

If Nicolas Cage had accepted the role of Neo...

Morpheus: choose the red pill or the blue pill.

Neo: I'm taking the red, white and blue pill so I can steal the declaration of independence

He also turned down the role of Aragorn in the LOTR movies. Those movies would very much not have been the same if he'd taken it.

Vigo was the best choice

some dank /sub/onetruegod material right here

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