He scores to tie it up!

The gif kept going and I am not disappointed

A gif from the time The Dutch team was still good

That’s because this belongs in /sub/gifextra and not here

I can’t even tell what’s normal and what’s combined.

May I Have This Dance?

Oh man that is beautiful.

I love it. lol

Yeah this is one of the better things I’ve seen on reddit. This would do numbers on /sub/nba

Society said "no" but their hearts said yes

All the world's a stage

Go web, go!

Go web, go!

Should probably mark this NSFW

Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man

Did not see that coming. Also.. a man needs a name

Bukkake the bad guys into submission

Prepare your anus!

Falcone Haump!


Also you might want to mark NSFW

Holy crap! Plz mark nsfw. That first part was.. not the safest thing for work I’ve ever seen.

This. I at least want to have to opt-in to seeing a deer penis.

You touched me

When the transition is so smooth, you can't tell if it was really a combined gif


19 8 5 19 0 9 14 0 20 8 5 0 6 12 15 15 18

19 8 5 19 0 9 14 0 20 8 5 0 6 12 15 15 18

It's THE combined gifs.

It's THE combined gifs.

Already run through this about 100 times. Gotta get back to it

Isn't this one of the top posts?

General Reposti

The oldest repost

It happens in anime, it happens in life

Real life version 2nd baseman didn't have pink hair.

Barely similar.

Would hate to live in an anime universe. Looks windy AF all the time.

Anime recreated the play. Play originally happened in 2011

Which came first? Mostly just curious Edit: I assume the real play came first.

Anyone who had a scooter as a kid did this at least once

Holy shit that transition is smooth AF

It’s perfect. Totally caught me off guard in a good way.

Sou gay não gripe kkkkkkkk

its even better with sound

K-Pop group performing in North Korea

Oh my God, I thought this was real until I looked at where I was.

I thought this was posted in a news subreddit lmao

It’s actually real. I probably broke rules. It is here satirically 🙄

This very well could've been real.

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