POwer Up.

You can’t say they didn’t try

But you can say they didn’t try hard enough.

What a tragic day, so many broken ankles.

I can hear it... Isn't it wierd how brains work

Perfect reaction gif.

Perfect reaction gif.

Tom getting a glimpse of his future self.

I wish I could give this more upvotes

Tom died like 6 years ago. This guy talking about aliens on twitter is just an imposter

Everyone hears it

The indredible effects of Mario on cats

The indredible effects of Mario on cats

Was waiting for that double, triple jump

Meow, meow, mreooooowww

Need more of these edits with animals doing weird shit

I'm a cat. I don't think about that stuff.

It's a man, it's a plane

It's a man, it's a plane


Her "Come over" Him: "I can't I'm on vacation" Her: "My parents aren't home"

Wow, my mom was right when she said i could be anything i wanted to be!! I'm going to be a submarine now

Anime version.

This is exactly why I don't cook anymore

This is exactly why I don't cook anymore

Not sure if I'd call this cooking.

It seems to be a pack of Pillsbury biscuits. The packages containing the dough are air tight and have a tendency to violently pop when opened up.

My grandmother when we were growing up, called this, killing the pillsbury doughboy. Memories.

She would like wash down this square foot of floor (in case it fell) and carefully peel back the label and we'd gather around and she'd hold it up and say 'I'm gonna kill the pillsbury doughboy! Who's going to stop me!" and we'd be all "No grandma no!" We were poor as fuck, so getting one of these tubes was a treat. "I'm going to do it!" "No grandma!" and then she would give it a really good vicious crack against the edge of the counter and we'd scream. "I killed him, now we eat him." And we'd rush in to help her roll them into the croissants.

I do this with my son only it's more, I hate the popping, so I peel the label and call out for my kid 'Come kill the pillsbury dough boy for me" and he comes in and smacks to against the edge of the counter and passes it over and laughs.

The crazy shit you remember from childhoold.

What is that thing theyre unpacking and why does the gif seem to imply it explodes? Would appreciate it if you could help me understand

Scottish laughter intensifies

Scottish laughter intensifies


They're goin' ta bury what's left of ye in a soup can!

Jokes aside the person who made this back at /sub/tf2 did a really good job at shading this really well.




I was actually surprised when read which sub this was under. I thought this may have been a scene from a goofy movie and I wanted to find out its name.

I have the source .gif. Prepare yourselves.

I have the source .gif. Prepare yourselves.

Yeah this would fit in with something like The Naked Gun.

Well it's not straight up porn but you shouldn't watch it at work.

Can't find the keys

This is poetry

Where’s the dog with the keys in its mouth when you need it.

A Jimmy John’s production to be sure, but still a class act

In Tortuga, next to Jack Sparrow's cell.


I guess she didn't have Feather Falling boots on.

I guess she didn't have Feather Falling boots on.

Original post

I can’t believe the blatant repost with no credit.

Source to original:

Christ dude atleast give some credit to the guy who made this

It would seem that snaps of all kind play an important role in Peter Parker's life and death.

More introspective speculative Spidey showerthoughts next time on Spider Sense

Spider-Man seems to have lost his agility in the new game

"Get me combined gifs of spiderman!"


Wasn’t this just posted yesterday or the day before!?!?

I love how the game graphics are higher quality than the real-life video.

I really liked the spidey-flop move at the end...

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