Why not up

Why not up

Anna Sloane: Scottish curling and hot af

that was so bad that i wanted to upvote this thing twice


Yeah man she's proper hot

Got Him!

Got Him!

In the name of the moon I will punish you


There used to be blood, but it was edited out/toned down in the re-release. Not so much gory and grotesque as fucking badass

As someone with zero anime culture, I thought it was a normal gif

"What kind of technology do the americans have!"

"What kind of technology do the americans have!"

When someone asks me, “if you could have any super power, what would it be?” I’ll send them this

This is the best combined gif ever

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear

Apparently its 240p in North Korea

And now, I take my leave...

"We're gonna take a quick commercial break."

I have no idea what half of those terms refer to but it looks like there was a touch of flame on his chin afterwards - I'd guess he dribbled a bit of the liquid, panicked, spat, chaos, legged it, continued legging it, jumped off cliff

The cliff jumping was definitely the worst point in the decision process

Okay. Amateur fire juggler here. What exactly did he do wrong? He kept it the respectable distance from his face and blew out fast and strong and rekoved the flame before he sucked back in....

The only thing I can think of...did he not coat his throat enough before doing this? Am honestly interested if someone who actually does this knows because from what I've learned when done properly by professionals this never happens.

We had it coming

We had it coming

Is it bad that I actually viewed those robots as if they were real animals.

Thing is, they're teaching them how to handle it. They're helping.

Why the doggo one actually look frightened and betrayed when kicked😢

Mothers can nudge and poke their children into doing things like walk and eat properly, but some researchers nudge their robot children, literally made of hard, durable metal, with a hockey stick and everyone loses their minds.

Sit down, shut up, hold on...

Very well done.

This is pretty good.

Shit, what's the backstory on the actual passenger bus? Did I just laugh and watch people die at the same time?

If i remember correctly it was a crash but I honestly forgot if anyone died but I don’t think so. I think a lot of injuries and I think it was because the driver fell asleep. Hard to tell cuz there are a few bus accidents like this.

Go help your sister.

Go help your sister.

I didn't realize what sub this was. Thought of this is a cute repost. Bam... Even better now.

FUCK. Didn’t know what sub this was.

this is the best sub i know

This actually scared me.

He scores to tie it up!

The gif kept going and I am not disappointed

A gif from the time The Dutch team was still good

That’s because this belongs in /sub/gifextra and not here

I can’t even tell what’s normal and what’s combined.

May I Have This Dance?

Oh man that is beautiful.

I love it. lol

Yeah this is one of the better things I’ve seen on reddit. This would do numbers on /sub/nba

Society said "no" but their hearts said yes

All the world's a stage

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