Toilet brush brushy

Toilet brush brushy

I’ve never been cross-posted before 😃

In a bit, you'll also get to experience repost!

I have to lock my bathroom cabinets otherwise my cat will find the toilet brush and drag it all around the house!


Parrot brushy brushy

Emoji texting stuff kinda obnoxious tbh

Could do without the emoji texting stuff

Completely killed it for me, tbh. It distracted from burb cuteness, a capital offense.

I'll go against the grain and say I thought the text was cute, though it was a little distracting. Super cute birb :)

"More Brushes, Please"

"More Brushes, Please"

Those toe floofs! squee

Brushies with a side of /sub/cattaps. How cute!

I love that you can practically hear his frustration. “DAMNIT human, you know what I want!”

I didn't know that was a sub! I'll have to check it out now, thanks.

Happy Cat

Happy Cat

A box, a human servant and brush.

"Is this the real life, Is this just fantasy"

Cat's lost its mind so much that it's licking a damn box

Look like it's using the box as a substitute for it's paw.

Not sure if smart or lazy.

I dont understand those reversed gifs

I help brushy with leg

I help brushy with leg

I always wonder why people pet animals so roughly and weird...I wouldn’t want someone shaking my head fast but I wouldn’t mind nice gentle strokes

The brush is very dull and I assure you he enjoys it.

I don't know why but my cat Tater is obsessed with rough pets. He isn't happy unless you rub his fur back and forth really fast with both hands. He LOVES it. He plops down rubbing his face on the carpet purring like a nut.

I think your cat is into bdsm

Rancher brushes an ox on his ranch in Jiménez de Jamuz, Spain

Rancher brushes an ox on his ranch in Jiménez de Jamuz, Spain

Hello, ox

Everyone say "hello, ox" with me

He's got that "muuuummmmm stop, people are looking" face on.

hello, ox

He seems like he's pretty fuckin' ok with it.


Oh my gosh this is adorable!!! :D

Awww heck yes. That's the spot.

Can it walk up a 90 degree slope?

Is that a Skyrim horse

He likes brushybrushy forks

He likes brushybrushy forks

You mean a dinglehopper

I hope that’s the cat fork

Don't worry he has entire drawer of forks to himself

Good brushybrushy calms ‘fraid boye

Just a word of warning! This groomer is a professional, DO NOT TRY THIS WITH ANY DOG WHO IS DISPLAYING FEAR. It will not work like this, you'll be bit, and both you and the dog will come to harm. Never ever reach out to touch any dog behaving like this!

Don't! Get off! Grr! I bite y... Oh that's quite nice actually, thankssss

In my experience they have a lot of “personality” and are almost always very strong willed. They can be mean and aggressive (like any other dog) or mischievous and clever. A friend has a shiba and its favorite thing to do is open the dryer after it’s done and take all of the socks and hide them around her apartment. Then it bounces up and down while she walks around finding them.

Thank you for saying this.

This is a very cute video and I’m glad that the doggo was able to calm down, but if you don’t have the experience or protective measures in place to ensure that you and the doggo are safe, then please don’t test your dog-whisperer magic on a scared dog.

Cute lil Shiba though! Hope he/she isn’t always that scared.

Horny floof


I know brushy brushies can get good but there's no need to get horny.

We're not doing that anymore

"Honey I'll be in the barn, I gotta brush the cow."

.. okay.

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