Gaben, protector of the Ganja

Gaben, protector of the Ganja

So this is where the summer sale money goes.

Is this real? I really want it to be real.... It's probably not real...

It looks pretty shopped unfortunately. Look at his left arm, where a bag meets his shirt


Sand Child, The Messiah of the Shattered Earth

Sand Child, The Messiah of the Shattered Earth

The only counter to Anakin Skywalker. This guy doesn't even need the high ground.

He IS the ground

On top of that, he's coarse and rough and irritating and he gets everywhere.

Like all toddlers

I’ve redrawn and reinterpreted the Guardians of the Subway

I’ve redrawn and reinterpreted the Guardians of the Subway

Ooooo I like you, buddy.

Some of these "bosses" have potential but the picture they send in is not enough.

With your drawing skills, we can increase the bosses powers.

Wow, this is one of the best posts I have ever seen on this subreddit - Super nice work! We love to see such content

All these bosses come from a post I’ve seen on this same subreddit:

EDIT: wow, I would have never though I’d use the words “this became huge, sorry but I can’t answer to all of you”. Seems like I was wrong, and it sounds as pretentious as I thought... If any of you are interested: after many suggestions, I’ve decided to make this in JoJo style, you can expect to see it on /sub/shitpostcrusaders Thank you all so much for the support and all the positive comments!

Thanks! Anyway, they are not 100% original: they are from a pic posted some hours ago on this same subreddit, I’ll try and link it

Baby Boomer, the Infantile Gunslinger

Baby Boomer, the Infantile Gunslinger

Baby Boomer (Lv. 96)

Ability: Last Stand - Baby Boomer's military training has granted him superhuman endurance. In-game, this means that the battle with Baby Boomer will be stretched out to two stages, where you have to fight his Normal form and Weakened form.

Held Item: ACOG Scope - Makes Baby Boomer immune to accuracy-lowering moves.


Diaper Bomb - Baby Boomer crafts an improvised explosive out of his used diapers. Hits for 1/8 of the player's max HP and inflicts the Disgust status ailment. Can only be cast once per two turns.

Select Fire - When Select Fire is cast, Baby Boomer locks himself to only one move in his moveset. However, the damage power of this move is doubled.

Milk Bottle - Baby Boomer takes a sippy from his sippy cup and drifts away to sleep, regenerating to full HP and self-inflicting the Sleep status ailment.

Combined Arms Offensive - Baby Boomer pulls out every firearm in his possession and unleashes a firestorm on the player, dealing a one-hit KO. Can only be cast if Baby Boomer's HP is lower than 25% and the player has a higher HP.

Drops: - Milk Bottle (85% chance) - Holdable Item. If held, will regenerate 1/8 of maximum health per turn in combat.

Sippy Cup (14% chance) - Doubles the potency of any potion when combined in the crafting menu with the potion. Can be used more than once.

RPG-7 (1% chance) - Superweapon. Grants the player with a 1HKO move against any opponent so long as the player's max HP is higher than the target.

Upvoted for the pun

The amount of thought put into shit like this blows my mind

Thank you!

Timothy, Technowizard of the Underworld

Timothy, Technowizard of the Underworld

Such a mad lad.

Looks like a child version of Edna Mode





The brothers Ëd, Jaw Breakers of the Cul de Sac

The brothers Ëd, Jaw Breakers of the Cul de Sac



This is terrifying!


The Virtuous Sextuplets, Defenders of Maiden Honor

The Virtuous Sextuplets, Defenders of Maiden Honor

Sir can you testify to the court which one of these six men beat you?

“I’m not sure.. all of them maybe?”

Clone jutsu

‘Oh, so you’re saying all black people look alike?’

After their defeat they become a mid to late game summon, with 6 strikes from the heavens, with a chance of a seventh powerful strike from all at once

Mr. Spider, the protection provider

Mr. Spider, the protection provider

Wish I had a working spider.

Same, a fly has been buzzing me today and I'm very disappointed in the spider that lives in my room.

Sweet, but im still starting to seize. Arachnophobia

I live in Finland and we have tons of flies here at my House at summer. Luckily My room has a shit ton of spooders. I liek spooders.

Boss drop

Boss drop

Should you manage to survive, your adversary will spend all of eternity reloading

The "to much" shooter

-dropped by "the slinggunner"


+352 dps

+30 armor penetration

+25 movement speed

-28 accuracy

-70 reload time

Intimidation boost: Upon drawing the weapon every enemy of level 50 or lower gets -35% accuracy until you're ammunition runs out Triple shot: You shoot three projectiles all deal 352 dps

This over the top gun is an menacing masterpiece of guncraft!! It I'll strike fear in the hearts of those on the other side of the barrel!! But beware ammunition is always spare with this trusty sidearm.

78000g [go to the marketplace]

These are standard issue for movie shootouts

Using this makes you a hero by pure merit alone.

Fran Fi'ne, The Disgruntled Nut

Fran Fi'ne, The Disgruntled Nut

Someone didn't like a show I mildly enjoyed

Me: excuse me what the fuck

Make sure you equip the +2 earphones of dampening you picked up in the optional Fr'asier boss fight. If you skipped that path, this one is a bit of a bear.

The only thing more difficult than this boss is actually sitting through an episode of The Nanny

You round the corner and find yourself bathed in a most unnatural darkness. Just ahead of you, two glowing red eyes blink into existence, and you can now vaguely make out the humanoid silhouette that they must belong to. Suddenly, a piercing voice cracks through the room at you and seems to cut at your very soul with only its sound:


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