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I love it when famous people are awesome. It's so easy to let that shit go to your head but those who do awesome things for others while famous, it's extra cool.

Signing stuff is an easy publicity move, but that hug at the end made it all so genuine. Especially coming from a high-talent rookie, it’s refreshing to see.

This is about the 30th time this gif has been posted. I watch it every single time with no hesitation. 1 minute out of his day and he gave that kid a memory that he can hold onto when times are tough. Bravo Fournette. Bravo.

Fournette is really a good ass dude. Nearly everyday his IG story is about him playing around with his daughter or someone else’s kids.

I remember last season the team benched him for missing some team picture. Most people would be upset but he actually made fun of himself for it. Really rooting for the guy

Not a gamblin' man

Not a gamblin' man

He knows he's gotta pay tax on the car

He could have made more money if he had rerolled the dice that were cars. He could have won $7500.

Can’t reroll cars, only dollars. So if he was only after the cash he actually got pretty unlucky.

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When you messing around in class then see the teacher standing behind you.

Edit: James Harden is my favorite basketball player just based on his silliness (second to Shaq)

Does anybody remember what he looked like without the beard?

Harden was born with his beard

Harden is the huggable bear of the NBA.

Limo driver takes 0 fucks

honestly a one on one fight would have been enough. not really fair for that wall to jump in like that

With no volume I imagine a lot of sentences ending in "young man!" From the driver

damn, t-pain is wilding nowadays

How Kevin Hart gets into his Truck.

He can probably make up for his lack of height by just standing on his wallet. Dude's rich as fuck

Ya gotta respect Kevin for embracing his height rather than getting butthurt over it

He feels proud in his booster seat

I thought he was going to have an entourage lift him up.

Filming a Rap Video

Filming a Rap Video
Filming a Rap Video

On a side note: R.I.P. Vine

At least he’s shooting back

I still binge on compilations on YouTube every so often.


When the cops show up to a party and my white friend says "I'll talk to them."

OP, and a few other accounts in here are repost bots.

"White friend" is racist. Just say "lawyer".

that was good wasn't it? cause i did know i couldn't do that

"I'm sorry, officer. I didn't know I couldn't do that."

Getting too comfy during a haircut

Getting too comfy during a haircut

You can pinpoint his face when his life flashes before him


See it there in an hour.

“Father, let me fall”


That was sick

That was slick

I know it’s probably just for fun but what a great way to demonstrate how comfortable people can move in those clothes. As a tall man who wears jeans and slacks for work my first thought was “look at those knees bend!”

That was sick

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