Nothing but Terry Crews being Terry Crews.

I can just hear the whistle in my head.

This! This was the first time I became aware of Terry Crews and thought, holy shit this guy is on another level.

Anyone else need Terry crews to host SNL? It would be the first time I've watched willingly in over a decade.

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Father makes virtual rollercoaster.


Dad's gonna regret this after hearing her ask him to do it again every 5 minutes.

“$60 for tickets to SIX FLAGS!?!? Nah we stayin home, i got this”

I remember seeing another video and I ended up trying it with my little cousin.

He absolutely loved it! Unfortunately for me, my 6 other cousins (we had a family party) saw it and wanted their turns as well, giving me sore arms and back the next morning.

It was insanely fun seeing them enjoy it like that, but I had to take a 5 minute break between each one because my arms would get tired, lol.

Kids' laughter is one of the best things in life.

Cop notices neighborhood kids playing Volleyball so he stops by to play and give them a few pointers.

The only time you want a cop to serve you

That little kid who thinks he's playing but really is just the net.

Community policing is where it's at. Cops should be on foot instead of isolated in their big-ass tonka trucks.

I would disagree

on the metro

This must be New York, only that kind of reaction would suffice

That or he's been doing it 30 minutes already and they're all about finished being entertained.

new yorker here. The routine lasts about 45 seconds and then they shuffle on to the next car. funny story: i look sorta like an undercover cop when i carry my backpack on the subway, and i have been approached twice by them asking if it is ok to do their routine, i always tell them “take it to the next car”

At 7AM when I'm trying to get to work I'm probably not going to be about it.

He was the most well dressed and clean applicant at that job interview.

I dont know what for but he's hired.

Hired. He’s already got that hands on experience.

I'd hire him to replace me now.

Humans invent shoes to protect feet and then invent expensive shoes.

Should we tell him?

Clayton Bigsby

Dude sings about being superstitious because writings are on the wall but that's usually where braille is posted so idk maybe he was just paranoid

I'm sure he would too.

I laughed a bit to much at this. Am hoping that was his genuine answer, would have loved seeing the woman’s face.

Guy gets caught cheating and says the woman is a sex doll

Guy gets caught cheating and says the woman is a sex doll

She committed pretty good until the "please don't hurt me"

Lol I died when he said “I got the receipt bitch I don’t know why she moving like that” Edit: who would’ve thought this would be my top comment


Full video

Tyler, the Creator using an inflatable zebra like a BMX bike

His name is Elijah Holt, he's an acrobat and trampoline instructor.

That was not Tyler.

“Will Smith using an inflatable zebra like a BMX bike”

No, give the real man credit.

Dance like no one is home

What if she’s freaking out bc she lives alone and doesn’t know who that is?

We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship going throoooough the stars little Einsteins

I need to know what she's dancing to

"Level Up" by Ciara, she came out with a new song/video and there's a challenge going around social media where you do the choreo.

DAD, who works three jobs, surprise his daughter with her dream dress for the 8th grade school dance after telling her he couldn't afford it.

Oh man. I didn’t want the feels this morning. I’m hungover.

Notice she goes straight in for the hug, instead of grabbing at the dress. Kids, this is the PROPER response.

Shout out to all the dads out there working hard to make their families happy, even at the expense of their own sometimes. There will be moments like this when it’s all worth it, keep grinding

Damn dude, look at his smile after the hug just keeps on going. She can't even look at the dress yet.

That's the smile of a man who KNOWS he's a great dad. He just hugs back and waits patiently for her to catch up to her own happiness.

I want a hug from him too.

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