Blackmagicfuckery blackmagicfuckery

Beautiful paper work

All of these cool was to art these days... Wtf this is pretty cool.

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Ballerina balancing skills

Just broke my ankle watching this.

Poor toes

I'm fine thanks, and you?

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A flower for the lady

A flower for the lady

If someone pulled this magic on me, I think I'd cry from happiness


This is the opposite of gifs that end too soon. This one started too late.


Can Head

Hey dude can I get a beer ?

Sure .. * Tilts head forward *

Yet his hair couldn’t stick to his head 🤔

This guy is straight out of One Piece lol. I know a devil fruit ability when I see one.

I saw a video about this guy. He does acknowledge that they do stick due to suction, the reason his skin is special is because of how much suction he is able to get. Most people wouldn't be able to do this, suction or not. He also says in the video that doctors think his skin is especially porous, but that they aren't sure. Also, he's seen in the video pouring drinks out of glass bottles, so I don't think he's doing it because it's light.

Metal comes alive

I bet that sucker could rip out every one of your arm hairs in just a few goes

And the gif is reversed.

For anyone wondering, this is called a "flow ring" and it's made of a single connected strip of steel. There are tons of different companies who make them for ~$10

Yes, it fits on your left arm too.

Impressive Slingshot.

Impressive Slingshot.

Best part is when she realizes that she made the shot.

and here I am, lowkey expecting the projectile to hit camera lense, flinching the fuck outta me.

The cute bouncing shaka.

She also signs the number 6 with her hand because in chinese six (liù) sounds like “cool” (liū)

My head hurts

My head hurts

The gif is reversed

This isn't okay.

This is the only explanation that makes sense


lighter fuckery

lighter fuckery

What the actual fuck was that thing ?! A man needs an answer

a wizard... that thing is a wizard

A lot of people think that magic camp is just for kids. And that's why so many other people in my class were kids. Self fulfilling prophecy. It's um, it's really for anybody with a dream and a belief in magic and a little extra time after school.

He used rubbing alcohol, it prevents you from getting burn when you're on fire, but only for a few seconds. And that's exactly how rubbing alcohol flames look.

Prawns doing black magic

I think the gif is in reverse and they're thawing out after being stacked like that. Might be sped up too.

Defense mechanism? Fake? I don't fucking know

I hate this

Bull ... fuckin ... shit.

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