Blackmagicfuckery blackmagicfuckery

Superior coordination

Superior coordination

Uuumm, what?

Well Broken Bonez, what do you have to say for yourself, breaking the laws of physics again I see

Is that...glamdring?

Thus the earth is flat

A nice camo

A nice camo

Holy shit, I actually fell for it.

Only a crazy person leaves their shoes in the snow like that

What camo?

this is fake backpacks and hats can't fly

It takes a very steady hand.

His elbows being on the table gave me anxiety

What the actual fuck? How do you even start doing something like that?!

start: ok ok cool, later: what in the actual fuck, almost at end: jesus fukin crist 0-0, at end: ..... "in mind" ............ BOI

Watching this with ace combat music in the background only makes it 10 times as epic

Effortlessly fitting cards in between each other

Effortlessly fitting cards in between each other

It's called a Faro shuffle and a waterfall if anyone wants to look into it. It's pretty easy after some practice.

E: not waterfall - Friffle and Cascade

The Faro shuffle is not random, it does a strict alternation of the cards. Not being random is great for cheating. For example 8 Faro shuffles will return the deck to the original order.

That’s why a table Faro shuffle is so highly regarded as one of the top cheating techniques due to imitation of a regular shuffle while secretly doing a Faro. It’s also hard as hell

The Faro shuffle is great for cheating.

Balancing act

Balancing act

Really nice repost bud

What the fuck? How does one do this? I’m thirsty for karma

Right? wasn't this posted here like an hour ago...

I feel like that was sarcasm

Man uses ancient magic fuckery to defy reason

Not sure if I don't believe or if I don't want to believe.

Stuck the landing

guy finishes

I want to see you take that apart


Holy shit he actually did it

Why is this a

This art piece coming to life.

This art piece coming to life.

Obvious shop, albeit a well done one.

I was thinking it was a light under the paper but I suppose that makes more sense

Tbf his Name is visual effects

"shop" you keep using this word. I don't think it means wah you think it means.

This is done in AfterEffects or Nuke. Or a similar video post software.

Photoshop is for pictures. Like .jpg's

This is animated

Not all magicians use batons

Not all magicians use batons

the word you were looking for is "wand"


The French wizarding school in Harry Potter is called Beaux Batons, which means Beautiful Wands.

Your title is still accurate tho...

At nandos and the light has me bamboozled

At nandos and the light has me bamboozled

The lights above are brighter I thinks...


Even though there is a light, it looks like there are brighter lights above it on the ceiling

I’m mostly upvoting for how this is shot. As much hand-acting as a muppet production.

What the fuck that’s wack

This polyphonic overtone singer is a fucking ALIEN

This polyphonic overtone singer is a fucking ALIEN

Loved her in the 5th Element

I did this once while speaking and I have no idea how and have never been able to replicate it.

It's easy to learn, but fucking hard to master. Just sing a solid, sorta high pitched "ooooo" and touch the back of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Now, move your tongue forwards and backwards until it hits the sweet spot and you hear the high ringing above the base note.

The really hard part is being able to control the note of the overtone. Ive been practicing for a couple months now and I still have no fucking clue how to do it

That means you are only half-alien. A mudblood really..

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