Blackmagicfuckery blackmagicfuckery

A space sphere.

A space sphere.


Who's the artist?

Where can I buy this

They start at 100$ and end at 6000$. So unless you got a lot of cash just lying can find it here.

These automatic door protectors

These automatic door protectors

Idk if it’s black magic fuckery...but it’s fucking neat imo!

Just one more thing to malfunction

This guy gets it.

The 3rd owner of this car won’t even know these things exist. UNLESS, it gets stuck open and he can’t close the door before work one day, making him late.

...Or her

That’s pretty spiffy! What car is this?

This seriously messes with me...


If I fits, I sits... And maybe I shits.

The 2017 Ig Nobel Award in physics was a paper written that shows Cats Act As Both Solid And Liquid.

I shit you not. Look it up.

Everyone knows a kitty's bone structure can become 90% liquid when the situation calls for it.


I like how it seemed too absorb the sand snd maintain the droppy shape

Interesting, but not blackmagicfuckery.

That’s some fine freakin’ sand

I can watch this for hours straight

A Ferrofluid Clock

Yeah but where can I buy one

Someone posted a link last time this was posted, they are like $20000

Edit: found it, it’s only $8000 now.

Haha! What a steal! 😀

I want it... but it's expensive... but I still want it... but it's still expensive... damn reality sucks!

Floor that looks like you've had LSD.

Anytime anyone says "this looks like when you drop acid," it's almost always what someone who never dropped acid thinks that's how it would look.

Besides this one. That's exactly what the floor would look like if I was tripping lol. It actually makes me a little uncomfortable to watch it.

Put on some golf shoes! Otherwise we'll never make it out of this place alive. Impossible to walk in this muck. No footing at all!

It cancels out and becomes normal floor

This is actually pretty accurate imo. Obviously drugs affect everyone differently but this is essentially my experience (except maybe less vibrant color). Fits the descriptions of others I've tripped with, as well.

Typhoon winds allow this man to play badminton

Typhoon winds allow this man to play badminton

It's clearly attached to a string.

Title defeats the purpose of putting this in the sub to begin with.

Are you high? You think clothes don't react to typhoon winds?


Who said you need friends? -Typhoon Mangkhut in Hong Kong.

Who said you need friends? -Typhoon Mangkhut in Hong Kong.

Some people get very worried about people playing outside in dangerous weather.

I like to see people having fun.

When I was young I lived in Okinawa and during typhoon season my family always worried about me until I was home.

This was posted on YouTube two years ago in a different typhoon

« Today i played alone, and i still lost »

Wind isn’t Black Magic

Oh my

I wish I had a hype man half as good as the dude on the uni-board.

Edit: Holy shit guys, I get it. He's from Dude Perfect. Why does that matter?

Dude perfect I think

What the hell is this place?!

Can’t get any better than that hype man

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