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A different type of gangster

A different type of gangster

I'd like to see it with the cards face up. If he's blindfolded then it doesn't matter what is in front of him and the rest of us can see that it's not a full deck of the same card.

That was fuckin sliiiiick

He's a witch!

Don’t Blink - WTF?

This is really good, but you can see her put them up her sleeves each time.

That was really impressive, moreso given her age.

I'm a sucker for a cartwheel and magic.

Noooooo... she simply palms them.


Sound vibrations that are strong enough to hold the water in place

Not necessarily. There are frequencies low enough or high enough that human ears can’t pick them up. As long as it’s not from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, they’re fine.

Maybe a dumb question, but does this imply if you were stood next to this thing it would be loud as fuck?

Could you put a frog in there?

How the hell?!

This is The Room (game) but in real life. I need it.

Damn, now which drawer did I put my keys in?

casts Detect Hidden Doors

has seizure

5 minutes before the Lyft arrives

Me: “I know I put my passport in here SOMEWHERE.”

My husband: “I TOLD you to put it on the counter last night!!”

15 uncoupled pendulums of increasing lengths dance and produce visual traveling waves, standing waves and beating

15 uncoupled pendulums of increasing lengths dance and produce visual traveling waves, standing w...

Holy fuck I should be sober to watch this lmao

Nope. It is absolutely mesmerizing whilst high. 10/10 recommend.

dancing cloves of garlic

That's the problem I could watch it forever

This is a painting.

This is a painting.

Thats fucking amazing!

It is a painting, the artist is Marco Grassi. Search it and be amazed.

This is sparta.

Damn skippy, it is! That is like photographic quality.... EVEN when zoomed in!

Interacting with a Dynamic Shape Display

Getting closer every day to this being part of Internet porn.

Live cams will be able to charge a whole lot more.

This isn't even magic anymore. Another "interesting content" sub now.

I said magic. Like tricks. Or anything remotely unbelievable. It's literally an xpost from /sub/interestingasfuck

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