Mindblowingly ultra realistic drawings

Mindblowingly ultra realistic drawings

I feel like it would be better a bit slower, so you had time to try and guess before the reveal.

I can't disagree with that!

Username checks out

This is brilliant, but was the hammer breaking the egg necessary lool.

Sneak Level 100

knocks over tv hmm must’ve been the wind

Oh no, cats would never let the wind take credit for their work. He'd just knock it over and look at his human like "pick it up bitch, I may want to knock it over again later."

Illusion 100

Cheshire cat irl



All he did was the same order of rock scissors paper multiple times.

...easier to remember the choreography if you stick to the same pattern. Oh... I mean... black magic. He's a sorcerer!


He knows something that we don't.

Fun with blocks

Bet he’s shit at jenga.

What's up with these over flow of gifs of people having 6 arms?

But he always catches it when it falls

A different way to steam eggs

If this is a legitimate way to hard-boil an egg or just cook it in general to an edible degree then I’m becoming a fucking magician chef and this will be my only trick.

Cirque du Soleil Oeuf.

I'll pay to watch your shows. I'll invest 5 maybe even 10 dollars.

Wait... Who's steaming their eggs?

When your bae says to come over

When your bae says to come over

If I knew I could do this, I wouldn't have bought a car.

For those asking how it's done they are all reversed keep an eye on the rug in the last one.

How the fuck?

How they do the do?

Star Wars sorcery

No magic here, just a little mirror...

A mirror in a child's toy isn't black magic.

That one has a slight production flaw that allows you to see the mirror from Yoda's angle.

Still pretty cool, though :-)

Yeah, but where?

Edit: oh I get it. The mirror splits the faces in half

This guy's Golf trick shots are a bit.....different.

That's 15 bounces before it hit the turf. Wow.

They say when he started he was wearing a t shirt

The look of relief on his face after sinking the ball! I wonder how long it took to set up and how many attempts it took?

I really want to see the process that led to this.

How has he done that.

How has he done that.

This ain’t no black magic fuckery

Why is this sub turning into /sub/mildlyinteresting ?

I feel like people don't know what's black magic fuckery and what's easily explainable by a second of thinking.

Pretty cool, I've managed to do it with 1, but two swinging at that speed it insane.

these decorations

these decorations

Pretty sure this is CGI.

yeah it's just that they had a person doing a dance and then they edited it

Cgi, you mean

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