Blackmagicfuckery blackmagicfuckery

Okay Neo calm down.

Okay Neo calm down.

I must not fully understand what constitutes black magic or something. This is all choreographed. And i feel if any 2 people decided to dedicate like a half hour to something like this they could do it easily. But idk, maybe not.

So you're saying that this gif featuring Asian people is scripted?

If the guy with the spear would just stab center mass rather than trying to poke the head he could have won.

If you watch the torso it’s really boring.

I mean, maybe a couple hours or a few days for some people. But yeah.

Some things just come more naturally to other people

"ok this first guy did pretty decent, now let's see how the second person fails miserably"

"Wait what?!"

He's using the Force!

Background? Is he a tight rope walker or some kind of acrobat (some kind of crazy, balance-based profession?)

Post a video of you doing the same, and I’ll agree with you.

how tf?

He jesus

It looks like the more weight you put on them the more stable they become.

This looks like a perfect skill to have when coming home drunk

Wait what.

Wait what.

He's doing it with his hair!

I want to punch his smug face

I wish I could do this with my balls

This is........ Amazing!

This is........ Amazing!

This is....... a mirror

This is a new low for this sub

You're easily impressed.

Came here for this explanation.

Never thought this even existed

We are not alone in this universe

Reposted as fuck

You are a bold one!

You didn't know reposts from yesterday existed? Ya you see reposts all the time.

A glitch in the matrix

A glitch in the matrix

No. The kids starts leaning to the side which happens to be in the direction of the camera.

Angles really do be like that



No. The mirror is haunted. Get out, OP.

This water cleaning chemical used by the UN.

It literally says how it works...

Made by nestle ?

This belongs in /sub/beamazed, not here.

I'm waiting for the tin foil hat brigade to make a link between the need for the person to wear gloves and some conspiracy bollox



Wait what the hell?

Can't be aliens, footage is too HD and not nearly shaky enough.

It’s obviously aliens.

I'm an atheist, but if I'm living 2000 or so years ago and see that, I'm calling zeus, no question

The way these cubes interlock

The way these cubes interlock

The fuck is this price

Where do you buy

I don’t think you want to see the actual price of these They cost $750 each

Try one of these subthreads