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Tiger going lawn surfing.

Air Bud 38: Surfeline Lawncare

Cats will cat.

Dude, I swear I just saw a freaking white tiger surfing in the park.

What kind of shit are you smoking?

You know Calvin taught him that

Deer and a leaf blower.

much enjoy

Thank you for this

Best thing I’ve seen all day!

This is the look on my face when, on a blistering hot day, I walk into a chilled fridge at the beer store.

Grabbing her arse

Everyone just needs to keep their hands to themselves. How hard is it to not touch a random stranger?

Didn't even drop her notebook.

I find it pretty fucking easy, but that’s just me

How could someone possibly think that behavior is okay? Mind boggling.

Glad she stood up for herself.

Row Row Row Your Float, Gently Down The Stream

Mission failed, we'll get em' next time

Gillie suit boy

Old Greg

"Do you want to see my downstairs mix-up?"



I don’t have to love it...but I fucking love it...

Way too early to process any of this.

Anybody else seen Letterkenny?

They started it all... But kids believe in fortnite

A carbohydrate princess is born

takes bite muahahaha!

She deserves a toast

Dad: I release you from this evil!

Daughter: You have no power here! takes bite

Went looking for my 3 year old and found her behind the couch with a spoon and a container of frosting. Decided to do that all on her own.

Paper plane

Imagine if it had hit a soccer player?! The way a piece of grass injures them this paper plane could be career ending

I bust out laughing every single time I see this I just can't help myself it bursts outta me


Could've destroyed Neymar. Not sure the cops would be able to ID the body to be honest

Incredible transformation, the human body is an amazing thing

Wow, the change to the face is unbelievable. Good job, whoever this is.

Thank you! Despite the fact that this is from a few years ago now, I am still proud of this :)


Forget the human! That dynamically changing T-shirt is amazing!

You can see her confidence grow every frame as she shifts from looking at her screen to looking in the mirror. Amazing!

Worth the wait

The real test of strength is doing them slowly so your momentum isn’t doing all the work.

And to go all the way down. Not like a quarter of the way down while staring at the camera lol

When the universe gives you a towel to wipe up the blood

And hits you with a pole at the same time for good measure

Nailed it.

That is the cutest thing ever

It’s the victory dance that got me. 😊

shimmy, shimmy, ko ko bop

Looks like the little boy named Arat Hosseini. His abilities as a gymnast at 4/5 years old are really great!

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