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Trying to jump the cashier?

Trying to jump the cashier?

he trained in the art of folding chair combat for many years

This is so satisfying to watch

Didn’t even fuck up the display. What a champ

Good gawd almighty!

A fence can’t stop this little boy from playing with his new best friend.

That's painfully adorable.

Good post.

"Please sir, keep that in your lawn"

What a wholesome comment u/HAIL_SATAN_DO_DRUGS

“and that was how I developed my pitching arm at such a young age”

Recoil fatigue

I’m 87 loops in - I’ll let you know when I get fatigue


You spelled fap wrong

You guys keep talking about her butt but I can't see anything below her waist...

This Incredibly Long Slip

This Incredibly Long Slip

Visual representation of me trying not to get turned on after he places his hand on my inner thigh.

It’s like his shoes have warm butter painted on the bottom

This is like something out of an over-the-top informercial you'd see in /sub/wheredidthesodago.

For a second I thought I was watching Kramer from Seinfeld.

Player 2 has entered


Saved his buddy from that alien abduction for sureee

...happy cake day... JENKINS

I'm laughing so hard right now. I really needed it today. Thank you.

Bian lian face change

Mask colors are just thin layers of material. when he spins around for a second, they tear off the outer layer, probably with a string or something.

here's more info on it.

edit: removed irritation.


Lmao Bian lian means face change, so the title is face change face change

I'll upvote you, friend, to try and counteract it.

Deer and a leaf blower.

Oh a leaf blower is ok but when it’s a Marlin 30-30 lever action you run away. Stupid deer

This doesnt work as well if you try it with a cat and a hairdryer

So smooth.

So smooth.

Is this photoshopped? My high kicks lack that kind of oomph.

Congrats...coming out is a big step. We totally support you.

How is her leg a rocket?

Nice jet legs! Next gif: booby trap.

Could have been much, much worse....

I love that comedic look of disgust when he realises what it was

I wasn’t really paying attention and thought he must’ve have swallowed a bug. Realising the situation in real time along with him was fucking hilarious. 10/10 actually better every loop.

Lol, best submission on here in a long time

Is it just me, or do these guys look like they're dressed as vampires?

Tiger going lawn surfing.

Dude, I swear I just saw a freaking white tiger surfing in the park.

What kind of shit are you smoking?

Cats will cat.

You know Calvin taught him that

"Big Pussy rides wherever he wants."

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