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Never to old

/sub/mademesmile :)

Lol. The little “whoo!”

This is cute as shit

We need more hoomans like this in our society.

omg, i love this

Boxer Cat

It’s sad that most animals can’t comprehend their own existence in a reflection.

Wow, that’s truly a crazy reaction.

This delivery

This delivery

I like this guy.

This was great. I didn’t expect him to ask the home owner if they saw him. That makes it so much more adorable.

This is just wholesome. Hopscotch is dope.

Just KNEW he was gonna Ace Ventura kick that package onto the porch.

Perfect reflection

Perfect reflection


This would make for a cool scene change in a movie.


Hello there general reposti

The way these mangoes are being cut.

The way these mangoes are being cut.

I need a really good knife.

They cut it out of the mango and then cut around it around it starting at about 0:10.

What are you? An expert?

Same reason I don't need a condom when I bang my wife.

We get it, Canada, weed is legal now.

The Great Cornholio!

Is that...Beavis?

And like a flash, he was gone. Some say he is still air humping random bikers with a bong in his hand to this day

I need Tee Pee for my bunghole!

Pop Up Ears

Pop Up Ears


but wait... is that a croissant pillow?!

Identifying target

Poor guy. He appears to be inbread.

Kids in Elementary school hold a surprise party for their beloved school custodian

I bet the principal told him he had to clean up some piss, shit, and vomit in the gym to get him there. Those are tears of joy for no mess to clean up.

This is such a nice post. I taught for 12 years and I couldn't believe how many teachers and students would mistreat or underappreciate the caretaking staff. What a great message for the kids and I'm sure the guy felt wonderful.

Actually, you hit the nail on the head. They told him a kid peed is pants during an assembly

In Japan the students are the ones cleaning the classrooms and bathrooms at the end of each day. People take a lot better care of things when those things are not magically fixed for them every day by unseen staff.

Look at any Japanese city. Immaculate. Look at stadiums after any world cup game, win or lose. Immaculate. They are doing something right. (edit. this is a bit of hyperbole of course there are messes in Japan too)


Her “oh” is the best part. Lol

I can hear the “boing”.

Without a bra and if unexpected, it can be a bit uncomfortable. She looks like she’s got at least a little fabric padding, and it looks like he nudged lower than the nip. I’d say it felt like a fun little bounce unless of course it made her feel groped which doesn’t seem intentional.

She liked it

Hello, here's your coffee

This is what a prank is, so smooth

That's what he does to people that occupy 6 seats for 2 persons.


Better every repost.

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