Might not be an option, but its the correct answer.

And I get no karma for this but thanks.

No I agree with u/Mosquito_King.

There are higher priority targets.

Pretty sure 'no' is a good enough reason

I found one !! time to collect my 3 upvotes.

I found one !! time to collect my 3 upvotes.


Just gave you upvote number one!!

Thanks for the upvote :) Have a grate day (if you want to)

Gave you upvote because I agree with the post.

Slamming Clams for 4 years.

Slamming Clams for 4 years.

Came straight from askreddit thread to see if already been posted rip

Ah shit I JUST missed the screenshot

Please keep up the Kravitsing, I miss it

Sorry! I already reposted to fit u/Ass_Ketchum_ in!

Our king of calcium.

Our king of calcium.

Thanks Mr Skeltal.

u/updoot 3 years old nice

The word updoot goes hand in hand with the skeleton meme with the trumpets. Mixed with upvote.

For good bones and calcium

5 year old account...

5 year old account...

Something witty, something cool, make them like me and put me on something like /sub/2redditorsonecup


Rip kravitzing

You truly are a selfless man, nachosjustice72



Reddit Coal

Reddit Coal

Just came from this post hoping to find it here!! :)

Did someone else? I didn’t check.

This train isn't stopping at 8

Didn't check to see if somebody else posted it first huh?

*Looks like the first one was removed. Continue

I don't know titles.

I don't know titles.

If this gets more than 8 karma I'll be mad. Also I wasn't even cropped out of the screenshot

You can believe you are if you want to.

Thanks fam

Remember when you actually had to say someone's name to do a beetlejuiceing?

Yeah, u/fucking_beetlejuice rememberes

TIL motivation can move turtles quickly

TIL motivation can move turtles quickly

If this doesn’t get 20 upvotes I’ll disown my turtle

That poor IT worker...

Looks like people want your turtle. I have 2, 3 year old leopard tortoises and those motherfuckers walk at least 5miles a day at a consistent pace of like 1mph

Are you saying I could have been the beetlejuice?

You are so demanding

You are so demanding

ooh. I like a little variety. nice job op









high effort shitpost


Guy’s profile was 240 days old

Guy’s profile was 240 days old

What if that guy let Butch Jones bang his wife to make this joke

What if they made that account and they both waited 240 days to make this joke?

This one's great damn

That’s fucking top tier effort

Try one of these subthreads