I took a picture of Salesforce Tower every work day for a year and a half while it was being constructed

Incredible. Thanks for posting.

Nice! I actually worked on that tower as a fire protection engineer. Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken:

You're thinkin about the Millennium Tower.

Wow! This is super cool. Buuuuut... Doesn't change the fact that it still looks like a dildo that can be seen pretty much from any neighborhood in the city.

Crazy flooding on 101

Crazy flooding on 101

Hey asshole, get off your phone and pay attention to the road. Holding up cars. Guy just blasted by your douche ass on the left cuz you're too busy dicking around on your phone.

Why are you driving right in the middle? As you film...

Camera phone while driving through flood on an overpass during rain.

If your purpose was to share for safety's sake then the location might be pertinent info.

Possible active shooter at Youtube in San Bruno | KRON4

Possible active shooter at Youtube in San Bruno | KRON4
Possible active shooter at Youtube in San Bruno | KRON4

When I was shot, I really wanted advice. I wanted to know that someone had been through this before, and that things would turn out okay. I looked shit up on the internet about my shooting almost compulsively, hoping someone would just tell me what to do and that it will be okay. My shooting wasn't a big deal media-wise, but yours is, and perhaps you have landed here. And so on the off chance you were at YouTube today, or that you are a Googler, or that you are in the Bay Area, and you need advice, here's mine. And while I have kept this largely anonymous for the past few years, this advice is more personal than normal, because I was shot here in California, and I have used Bay Area therapy resources in my recovery. There are really good resources around here. I'm so sorry you have need for them now.

ADVICE First off: it will be okay. It will be okay. It will be okay. I am almost four years out from my shooting now, and my life is pretty normal. A small group of users have PMed me or commented on previous versions of this post to tell me that they agree that this is the key point: it will be okay. You will be okay. Those of us on the other side of this day know a little about what you're up against. We want you to hear that it gets better, and we love you.

PRIMARY TIPS Do not drink or do drugs to cope with this. Go to therapy. I can PM you a list of recommended PTSD therapists in the Bay Area writ large--they are largely in San Jose, but I am sure they can recommend someone further up the peninsula. SFGH's social workers should also have a list for you. California's state government will pay for you to go to whatever therapist you want, even if you move out of state. They will do this until you are better. Pick the best therapist you can find and be greedy with how often you go. There is no set timeline for getting over this. Some people get over this stuff in a month. Some people take years. However long it takes you is okay as long as you are actively engaging in your recovery. You will need to take keep track of a lot of paperwork. If that is not something they are going to be able to do a good job with, that's okay. Ask the hospital social worker if you can get a victim's advocate's card and make the victim's advocate handle the paperwork. You're in California, so you should get a little card with your constitutional rights on it. I will say that my victim's advocate was overworked and not super competent, but if I stayed on her, things got done. It's okay if your world shrinks for a while. It's not okay if you develop a drinking or drug habit. You will need to pick your emotional battles. Pick the ones that are going to matter five years from now. Fourth of July and New Year's Eve are going to be unexpectedly hard for you because fireworks sound like gunshots. This completely blindsided me while I was out on NYE--I don't want it to blindside you. Please also be watchful for signs of PTSD. Here's a non-exhaustive list of symptoms to watch out for:

Having bad dreams at night or have trouble sleeping

Being afraid or nervous

Feeling very sad or angry or without hope

Being forgetful or not able to pay attention

Feeling as if you cannot control your thoughts and memories

Losing or gaining weight

Having headaches, stomach aches or problems eating

Feeling like no one understands you or that your life was stolen from you

Avoiding places with crowds

Drinking or doing drugs

Avoiding talking about the shooting

You might experience a few of these for a while, and then they'll dissipate on their own. Great! But if they persist or are interfering with your daily life, you might need to seek professional counseling. Please hear this: counseling is not anything to be ashamed of. If you need it, get it. Seriously. Like I said above, California will pay for it (if Google doesn't), and society wants you to take advantage of it.

WHAT KIND OF COUNSELING SHOULD I GET? I did prolonged exposure therapy (PET). I have gotten PMs from folks who did EMDR and liked it. At any rate, the most important thing is to find a good therapist. SFGH should have a list. If you don't have access to a list, or if you end up needing a therapist later, look for a level one trauma hospital in your area. See if the hospital has an affiliated "traumatic stress center" or "post-traumatic stress center." Very often, a hospital that receives GSW patients (like a level one trauma center) has a baked-in PTSD clinic. If they don't, they can probably refer you to wherever they refer their PTSD patients.

ARE THERE RESOURCES AVAILABLE FOR ME IN THE BAY AREA? Yes. California's Victims' Compensation Program should apply, and I am confident there will be other financial and medical resources made available to you. SFGH may also offer to write off your medical expenses as a charitable donation. Please reach out if CalVCP feels super overwhelming -- it is easier than it seems in terms of paperwork but it can be really tough to convince yourself to engage with it.

I'M A PARENT AND NEED HELP FIGURING OUT HOW TO TALK TO MY CHILD ABOUT THIS This guidefrom the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychology might help guide your conversation.

DOES IT GET BETTER? Yes. You're not the first person to go through this, as awful as it is. I sleep fine. I can go to places that look like where I got shot. Days like today are soul-shakingly hard, but most days are easy. I promise you, it will get easier--and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about what to expect. I love you, whoever you are.

A co-worker of mine at YouTube says "two people were shot". She fled the building and is safe. Doesn't know if the shooter is still there or any other details.

I work across the street. SWAT team is onsite. Ambulance is there. My building is on lockdown.

Just now had a press conference - 4 victims, one female dead of apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Current indication is that the deceased female was likely the shooter, and that she was pursuring her boyfriend on the Youtube campus.

Stanford is reporting a higher number of people receiving care, but that might be more minor injuries while fleeing the shooter (e.g. asthma attack, sprained ankle).

NIMBY's in SJ are getting vocal about Vallco Shopping Memorial- so I decided to check it out and take some pictures of this treasure.

NIMBY's in SJ are getting vocal about Vallco Shopping Memorial- so I decided to check it out and ...

Man dying/dead shopping malls always seem so sad for some reason. Like even though it’s there the people moved on and forgot about it.

Because they don’t want affordable housing in their area. They don’t actually care about that mall.

Literally the only thing in this mall is the bowling alley and movie theatre. Why fight so hard?

Forget affordable even. Just make it market rate and that alone will make a huge difference.

Farrallon Islands from the Sunset.

Farrallon Islands from the Sunset.

it's definitely a really long lens

Wut? Is there a bunch of post processing on this or lens magic? Those islands never look that big from the sunset.

Nice. What streets are you looking down in the pic?

I see your hating ass commenting on everyone's pictures and honestly you can catch my fuckin fade 😂😂

Don't mind me, just reminding people that Vallejo is one of the most beautiful cities in the Bay Area. (I KNOW I POST THIS STUFF A LOT. I DON'T CARE. LOL)

Don't mind me, just reminding people that Vallejo is one of the most beautiful cities in the Bay Area. (I KNOW I POST THIS STUFF A LOT. I DON'T CARE. LOL)

Beautiful yes, safe NO!

None of those are photos of the city :)

You get a lot of housing for your dollar in Vallejo compared to anywhere else in the Bay Area.

Preferences vary, but there are a lot of people commuting from Berkely or Oakland to Silicon Valley to make $X, that would be better off finding a similar job in Oakland making 75% of $X and commuting from Vallejo.

You should definitely make a vallejo subreddit if one doesn't already exist

Update on the Sausalito residents intimidating people off public land post

Update on the Sausalito residents intimidating people off public land post

I'm the OP from that post:

So, yesterday, I and a number of other redditors emailed Jonathan Goldman, the Director of Public Works in Sausalito to find out what the heck is going on.

Unlike a couple years ago when I got an email from him affirming that the initial portion of Wolfback Ridge Road is public (screenshot of the email is linked to in the original post), this time he claims it's private.

After some other folks (thanks - you know who you are!) pressed him for answers, it turns out that at some point in the last couple years the road was turned from public to private. He says the basis for that change had something to do with the residents convincing the Assessor that the road should be private. How they did that is unclear to me, and he didn't provide details.

A reporter from KPIX (the local CBS affiliate) also got involved, and is now inquiring as to whether the residents have paid back taxes on the additional land they received and whether they paid the city back for maintenance of the road. I'm set to be interviewed by them in about an hour.

I don't know the details of how this public land became private, but this feels, to me, like co-option of government by wealthy residents who want the gov to enforce the privacy they wish to have. Maybe it's totally legitimate, but it sure looks suspicious to me. Edit: Looks a lot less suspicious now thanks to some reasonable-sounding explanations in the thread.

I'm also confused as to why, when I filed a police report about this, the police seemed genuinely concerned and never said anything to the effect of, "Why were you trespassing?" I guess they didn't get the memo either.

That said, I'm not an investigative reporter (or any sort of investigator or reporter) so as the city is now saying it's private land, I don't intend to return to it except possibly to post an apology letter to the residents explaining why I reasonably believed it to be public (since I was told so by the city of Sausalito). I'm hoping that others, such as KPIX, will dig in and find out:

Why they were basically given private land when it had been public for....a long time? Jonathan Goldman appears to assert that it wasn't sold to them. If so, how did they acquire it? I haven't looked (again, not an investigator nor looking to become one) but someone else emailing them is asserting that there's not any record of anyone selling that land/accessway to the residents. Edit: Yeah, I don't think there's anything dodgy here at this point, or at least not any dodgier than your normal municipal who-knows-who politics.

Are they paying taxes on it?

Anyway, I certainly intend to return to those trails as they really are nice but it seems like parking on Wolfback Ridge Road is a no-go right now and possibly forever. An indisputably legal place to park is the Spencer Avenue parking for the bus, from which you can hike up Morning Glory trail to Alta trail, just to the north of where Wolfback Ridge Road connects to Alta trail.

Edit: KPIX aired the story at 6:13. I thought it was good in the sense that it was fair to everyone around. They acknowledged that there's been a lot of confusion both from online sources and city officials about the status of the road, but also pointed out that the city of Sausalito now says that road is owned by them, which I don't have a good reason not to believe just like I had no reason not to believe them 2 years ago when they told me it was public. I'm assuming it was an honest mistake by Mr. Goldman at this point, or that something changed in the last two years. But beyond that, people have posted some reasonable-sounding explanations of how why there's been so much confusion on the issue. For me though, now, whether it "should" be private or not, and even regardless of how it got to be private, it seems it is private as far as the law is concerned, and I wouldn't recommend parking there unless its status changes.

I also sent an apology to the head of their HOA and 'outed' myself to them as when I look at this from their point of view, they equally believed they were in the right (and quite probably are, legally, barring stickering my car with something designed to be difficult to get off) though also let them know that based on the info I had at the time, I was doing nothing wrong, which is why I was incensed to get stickered.

Edit again: Please don't harass the residents. They are a little disturbed by some of the darker things people have posted here.

Rooting for the people on this one. Pretty cool how fast you got the ball moving from your experience and post. Whatever happens in the end, awesome work.

Posted a version of this near the bottom of the original thread, just wanted to add here as well:

The larger issue here seems to be purposeful confusion, the residents of Wolfback Ridge taking advantage of a grey area that has not been adequately clarified.

You or I can't just pop up a sign and say 'this is private'. There must be a law or ordnance or something cited somewhere on the sign itself (just look at any tow-away sign posted on private property, for example).

So where's the law or ordnance posted on the sign linked by OP? What is the justification for saying that street is indeed private, if in fact it is?

History time! Back in the 60s, what is now the Marin Headlands was going to be developed by Gulf Oil (among others) into a mini city known as Marincello. Check it out:

Ever wonder why, when you're heading south on the 101, into San Francisco, there's an 'exit to nowhere' along Rodeo Ave? Because that was going to be one of the main entrances into Marincello.

The other entrance? Wolfback Ridge road. It's why that big (and expensive) bridge spans the 101!

But the people didn't like the idea of Marincello, no no. Many good and brave Sausalito citizens (some of whom I'm personally familiar with), banded together to stop this ogre from destroying the nature preserve we now take for granted as the Marin Headlands.

What helped take this ogre down? Wolfback Ridge Road.

Two court cases for y'all: GLASS V GULF OIL (1970) and LYNCH V GLASS (1975):

(Person I responded to) mentioned in a previous message, re: the 101 bridge, something about there may having been a road leading up to Wolfback Ridge before the freeway was built. There was! And the public used it! From Glass V Gulf Oil:

Defendants point to the following evidence as necessitating a contrary finding: (1) Testimony of the 73-year-old former street superintendent of the City of Sausalito relating his use of the road for hunting when he was a youth, and detailing work done on the road while he was a city official; (2) testimony of plaintiffs' predecessor in title concerning his use of the road and its open nature both before and after his conveyance to plaintiffs in 1957; (3) testimony of the former city fire chief concerning the open nature of the road during the 23-year-period preceding his retirement in 1964; (4) testimony of a tenant of defendants' predecessor in title that he used the road to get to the grazing lands he leased; (5) testimony of defendants' civil engineer concerning the condition of the road and his use of it prior to the Marincello proposals; and (6) testimony of a Sausalito resident relating back to 1928 or 1929 concerning his use of the road while hunting. From his testimony, if believed (and it is not contradicted), it can be assumed that until 1966, after the instigation of this suit, when a barricade was put across the western reaches of the road (see VI below), the road had not been obstructed; that for most of the time there had been no signs indicating that it was a private road; and that city equipment had been used to improve the road.

"City equipment had been used to improve the road" - just leaving that there.

But, I'm getting long winded. What we're dealing with here, I believe, is a case of unintended consequences. The two cases above (IANAL BTW) helped stop Marincello from driving a freeway up into the Headlands and creating a mini-city. Yea!

But the current residents appear to be using the grey area of those decisions as a way to keep people off a road that may truly be public - boo!

Also, OP cites an e-mail from the Dir of Public Works saying the road is public, up to the curve, where it appears to become private streets. Though, speaking from personal experience, this same Dir of Public Works could not tell me if portions of my street in Sausalito were public or private (odd), saying he would have to employ a surveyor to find out (odder still, but longer story that dovetails into why this whole thing is an issue in the first place, IMHO).

Seems like the city needs to employ an impartial surveyor here and settle this issue, once and for all!

Why in the world is public land being given to wealthy people, and not sold publicly at market rate?? What in the world?!

We can't have affordable housing, but we need to subsidize privatizing public land?! what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Thanks! Something about the taking of public land just winds me up. Half the reason I live in Marin is all the public space to walk around on.

Sausalito residents attempting to scare people off public land.

Sausalito residents attempting to scare people off public land.

Up at the top of Sausalito, with some of the best views in the Bay, is Wolfback Ridge Road, which intersects with hiking trails: Alta, SCA, and Rodeo Valley fire road). Great hiking, highly recommend.

Anyway, the residents of Wolfback Ridge put up (quite awhile ago) a gate and lots of signs warning people to stay off across what the Dir of Public Works in Sausalito tells me is public land. Why the city hasn't forced them to take their signs and gate down, I don't know, but the city was quite clear with me about what portion is public.

Yesterday, I drove up there, parked on the shoulder of the public part of the road, and went hiking to take pictures of yesterday morning's excellent fog. When I came back, I found a giant yellow sticker stuck to the window of my car warning that my license plate had been recorded and that there would be consequences for parking there again. I peeled the sticker off, but by design, it left a lot of residue behind (not a big deal to clean off with some solvent).

This pissed me off, and I found this thread on HackerNews from 2015 talking about exactly the same thing happening there:

Apparently people have also been confronted when walking on the public part of the road, though nobody has done that to me.

Anyway, this riled me up so I printed out some signs of my own and went back today, taping my signs onto a bunch of their signs, parking there, and going for a hike again. Nobody messed with my car this time, though a man was peering into mine when I came back to my car. We had a conversation. He believes his neighborhood owns the road, regardless of what the city says.

I'd like to encourage others to make use of Wolfback Ridge Road, as it really does have great access to trails with amazing views in all directions, and because it's not ok to appropriate public land just because you're wealthy (it's a very pricey neighborhood).

Here's a series of pictures documenting their signs, the signs I put up, the road itself, an email from the Dir of Public Works in Sausalito confirming that portion is public, and a couple of maps to help you get there if you'd like to check it out.

Edit: Someone found the exact signs they used. Note that these are advertised specifically as having a strong adhesive that a pain to remove.

Edit: Some people have asked if there's someone to contact about this. I think the best people to contact right now are: Jonathan Goldman, Director of Public Works in Sausalito.

Another person to reach out to (I'll be reaching out to both of them) is Henry Symon. He's Assemblyman Marc Levine's guy who handles community outreach in Sausalito.

Hell yes. I really admire your follow-through on this. You should absolutely forward this to Stanley Roberts for People Behaving Badly.

The wording "our private property" is very telling and would never show up on an official sign.

Wealthy Sausalito residents being entitled assholes? Who could have foreseen this!?

Great idea! I'll do so.

Edit: And done! Will be curious if I get a response.

Photo I took while on my morning job along the southern shore of Vallejo, California.

Photo I took while on my morning job along the southern shore of Vallejo, California.

I don't understand why that was downvoted. It's true.

The median cost of a home in Benicia is $640,000, in Crockett it's $535,000, American Canyon is $521,000. Vallejo is only $390,000. It's the only city in the Bay Area where a middle class family has a chance at home ownership. That's a beautiful thing.

Vallejo has been coming up in the last couple of years. All the decay from the bankrupcy and 2008 recession is finally getting cleaned up. A lot of the neighborhoods are looking better and business is growing.

All great things for Vallejo. Also they are the only city in Solano County that are legal weed friendly.

Nice shot from CMA!

I was born and raised in Vallejo and have never seen this location or shot before, really fantastic job. What a shame that Vallejo hasn’t developed as nicely as, say, Sausalito or Benicia or any other shoreline city in the Bay.

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