181019 Bangtan

181019 Bangtan

Saw clips of Taehyung crying... my heart broke... He did so well even with a cold... #GetWellSoonTaehyung

On the other note: Kookie, Hobi and Jimin here are so cute and smiley heehee

ya'll the season 2 of burn the stage is really gonna be something...

I have several important points.

Namjoon's undercut . What the hell

Namjoon's undercut . Again what the fresh hell.

Je'taime Kim namjoon.

Also who do I have to fight for taehyung?

1) Poor Tae! I hope he recovers quickly, I hate seeing him unhappy.

2) Namjoon in a backwards baseball cap, speaking French, looking fine as hell

181019 Hobi

181019 Hobi

This is Hope World and we're all just living in it 😂

this is just steps away from my fave all-day breakfast place in paris and i often take the bus at this bus stop to go back home jfdkgjgfg i hope they get to enjoy the city a little before rehearsals, the weather's perfect today.

The first thing I thought of was “expensiiiiive” when I saw the Chanel beanie 😂

OOPS you’re right it’s Hobi!! Lolol I’m too sleep deprived lmao

181019 BTS is returning to SK right after Paris concert to attend the Culture and Arts Awards on October 24th

181019 BTS is returning to SK right after Paris concert to attend the Culture and Arts Awards on ...


Their last show in Paris in on the 20th, the Culture & Arts awards are on the 24th. They have the Genie awards on the 6th and the Japan tour starts on the 13th.

So, not counting the awards shows that are "only" a few hours in the evening and not as demanding as a concert, they got about 3 weeks and a half with nothing official. They might still work, though: rehearsals, filmings, recordings, etc. but again, likely not as demanding as a concert.

And then..... they will get to rest and relax and recuperate right???

** This is where they will be awarded the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit!

*** In previous years, V App did a live broadcasting (2016&2017). There's no information available yet for this year's ceremony. I'll keep you guys posted!

I hope they live stream so we can watch our boys get their due and definitely not cry

You think so? I'm think it's already filmed.

Anyway both of us can only speculate, we don't know anything for sure. 😂

181018 BTS jungkook “Euphoria” is included in the world’s most popular ‘Global Pop 44’ in American Apple Music

181018 BTS jungkook “Euphoria” is included in the world’s most popular ‘Global Pop 44’ in America...

...annyeonghaseyo joneun bangtan sonyeondan hwanggeum maknae jeon jungkook imnida

It's such a shame that Euphoria didn't have it's own dedicated music video (not the sound track for an 8 minute trailer where only half of it plays before credits lol). It would've definitely charted on the Hot 100 if it did. Such a good song!

Jungkook is a star wbk. And that picture is adorable. Why is he so cute??? 😩😩

honestly...just a full version of the song w/ the same footage/more footage of kookie w/ his hyungs cuz THAT WAS ADORABLE and the aesthetic for it fit the song so well :'D

181018 Ansel Elgort's New Twitter Profile Picture is Again Tae

181018 Ansel Elgort's New Twitter Profile Picture is Again Tae

ansel | 24 | usa | kth ❤️✨

Tae’s biggest fanboy. I stan.

Retaining his title as #1 fanboy, I see.

I can understand your concern, but “I wouldn’t use her as an example” is hardly the same as saying “all the rest of women are dishonest trash.” And the first quote seems tongue-in-cheek or even self-deprecating, at least removed from context.

Maybe he is a total asshole. But honestly? I don’t have a moral obligation to decide whether he is or isn’t an ass. I don’t know him.

I can see why his support would seem disingenuous. But on the other hand, Ansel Elgort’s already famous, with an affluent and connected family as well. If he wanted a career boost in acting or even in music, he wouldn’t start by being a Twitter groupie.

So basically, I kind of see what you’re saying, but I respectfully disagree. I’m willing to believe he straight up likes BTS and thinks Tae is a fun guy.

181019 RM

181019 RM

I hope they’re out doing touristy stuff today!

is he wearing his hoodie inside out? hehe

Their dancers have been visiting the Eiffel Tower today, so hopefully they're doing similar :)

Hope they're having a great time! But also, he gotta stop taking pictures from that angle I'm gonna combust

Jin woken up by a phone call from casts of 'Happy Together'

Jin woken up by a phone call from casts of 'Happy Together'

Imagine if was Suga

Phone call:

Suga: *grunt*

-Suga ah are you sleeping?

Suga: *grunt*

-Ah Suga-ssi just go back to sleep sorry!

Suga: *grunt*

-Ah we are currently recording happy together

-We didn’t know you were abroad just go back to sleep. We are you fan! Me too! We support you!

Suga: *grunt*

Honestly, Seokjin would be a variety superstar if he chose to be—the warm connections he’s made in the few appaearances he or BTS have done in the past is astounding. He understands the significance of networking but also seems to genuinely appreciate his industry seniors. I’m also remembering the MMAs when he just barrelled into one of the presenters (a host from that fridge variety show he and Jimin guested in) in a tight hug. I like to think it’s his maknae side that pops up, where he’s both super nice and polite and once he warms up, so very playful. It’s ridiculously endearing to see ❤️😍

Plus side note: GOOD GOD that bedroom voice LAWDALMIGHTY

Awww Jin - picking up calls even though he’s asleep in another country? Hahaha

World wide handsome, how are you so handsome without restful beauty sleep!?

isn't this the second time they've called Seokjin for Happy Together lol?

it's so sweet that he answered even though he was sleeping. I remember there was someone who he was on a show with who said that Jin always responds back as fast as he can. kookie could probably learn something from him lol

181018 Tae

181018 Tae

Taehyung is meant for Europe. I mean, it’s such a different aura. Everything fits perfectly.

just, yknow, the nation’s artistic instagram boyfriend just checking in and giving us new wallpapers

Europe and Taehyung - a lethal combo. He looks like he belongs here.

Yes, it seems he does fit in well. There’s so much art and culture and history in Europe, and you can tell he really appreciates those things. His free spirit is shining through.

181018 JIN

181018 JIN

Jin, please... I need captions to give this set of pictures a context.

("Do you know BTS?" -Jin, probably)

" penguin-ssi, it's time to hit the poles "

The handshake with the penguin and Jin's serious face is giving me Fire vibes... is it bad that I'm half expecting the penguin to burst into flames?

Bultaoreune... Fiiiyaaaahhhhhh!

Also: Yeahhhh, hello Happy Feet, I'm Worldwide Handsome, you know?

insert windshield wiper laugh

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