Meaning behind BTS members' hanja names

Meaning behind BTS members' hanja names

This is a repost of sort from a post I wrote on a whim while browsing a thread about J-14 BTS article. I don't claim to be an expert of any kind (save some knowledge about ancient Chinese fortune telling methods) so this is just an FYI. Some might not agree with the translations and that's fine - Koreans tend to stick with more ancient hanja meanings that is no longer used in modern Chinese. Koreans also tends to care less about the combined meaning of the two hanja as long as it sounds good and seemed auspicious.

When Korean parents pick names, they usually pick the sound of name they like, such as Soo Jin or Min Ji, then they would go and pick the hanja which has the sounds but carry with it appropriate meaning. Korean govt has a list of hanja which cannot be used in a name, but other than that they can use anything they want. If the parent's really well-versed in hanja, they would pick their own hanja characters (sign of being well-educated). If they are not, and after 1970's that's the great majority of Korean population, then they would either ask elders (family or village) or local scholars to give them the hanja, or, most commonly, they would go visit a fortune teller and ask them to help pick the hanja based on a fortune telling technique called Anthroponymy.

Some notes on Chinese Anthroponymy (姓名學, 성명학). This is a popular fortune telling technique used in East Asia (anywhere people use hanzi/hanja/kanji as names) where hanja used in names are analyzed using order, stroke count, and the 5 elements nature for the purpose of fortune telling or personal compatibility. A popular use are for dating couples to check if their names are compatible for marriage, while others would go and find a new hanja name in hope of changing their fortune. As you can guess, many parents would use it to pick their baby's names. This is not as popular now days but from what I can tell Koreans tend to follow the rules of Anthroponymy for hanja names more than other part of East Asia.

Here's some of the meaning behind OT7's name in hanja:

Jin - 金碩珍: 碩 (seok) = masterful, very/extremely; 珍 (jin) = treasure, precious. "Extremely Precious". Jin's dad is well-learned to give have him this name. Very artistic and aristocratic; name fitting for a prince. FYI: 碩士(석사) is the term used for a Master's Degree.

Suga - 閔玧其: 玧 (yun) = type of Jade ornament; 其 (gi)= others, 3rd person. "Another precious Jade". OK that translation is best I can do since his hanja names are probably picked as result of Anthroponymy based on the sound of "Yun Gi".

J-Hope - 鄭號錫: 號 (ho) = to order, to command; alias; 錫 (seok) = tin (the element), to cherish, adoration. "Commands Adoration (from others)". 錫 is a very obvious result of Anthroponymy - the character adds the element of metal to j-hope's name. The name is actually appropriate given how he is today.

RM - 金南俊: 南 (nam) = the South, southern direction; 俊 (joon) = excellence; sharp-minded; handsome. "The genius or attractive guy from the South". A patriotic name for a South Korean boy; very fitting for RM. I feel like his hanja came from his dad.

Jimin - 朴智旻: 智 (ji) = wisdom; 旻 (min) = the autumn sky. "The Wisdom in/of the Autumn Sky" Wow, such poetry; his parents may just like the sound of Ji Min (very popular sounding name) and looked for meaningful or auspicious hanja with the same sound.

V - 金泰亨: 泰 (tae) = peace, prosperity, wonder, beauty, the Thai people; 亨 (hyung) = smooth, fortunate, flowing, a boss/rich person. You can get a lot of meaning out of Taehyung's hanja name. A name full of blessing from the elders - probably named by his grandad. A bit old-fashioned.

Jungkook - 田柾國: 柾 (jung) = a type of tree called Japanese Spindle; 國 (kook) = country, nation. "A nation of Spindle Tree" LOL... Again 柾 is an Anthroponymy hanja - adds the wood element to Jungkook's fortune.

I'll try to explain the logic of naming Jungkook after a tree. His parents may started off wanting to name him "正國", which has the same sound Jung Kook but has the meaning of "Straight-forward/Honorable and Patriotic", a very popular name for a boy. But after they went to the Anthroponymy expert with Jongkook's 개요 (palja, 八字: Taoist fortune telling "value" based on birth date & time), the guy might have indicated that JK needed more wood element, so another hanja which looked similar to 正 but has a tree or wood side radical, 柾, was picked instead. The meaning changed to "Japanese spindle tree" but it's close enough that if you can read hanja, you get what it REALLY stands for; plus it sounds the same anyway.

Hope some of you find this interesting

180817 Smells Like BTS Spirit – The Tale of One Small Tweet and One Giant ARMY

180817 Smells Like BTS Spirit – The Tale of One Small Tweet and One Giant ARMY

I contemplated flairing this as an article, but then it doesn't seem to be from a major news outlet or smth. Interactions like these I find so adorable tho. Reminds me of the guy from the RoarforaChange campaign!

He seems like a really nice person. I love reading blogs from muggle perspectives.

This is such a lovely article. Thanks OP for sharing!

This doesn't make sense though, the guy isn't popular, he has less followers than many ARMY accounts. Seems to me he saw the engagement and wanted to drive attention to his new blog. That's not to say he cannot be sincere - the article's still cute and better than most on BTS.

180818 Fire (불타오르네) MV has hit 400 million views on YouTube!

180818 Fire (불타오르네) MV has hit 400 million views on YouTube!

Fire will always be THAT song. I’ve been streaming it in between Epiphany and Fake Love! I think the next closest milestone is Spring Day which is at 190 million now and Fake Love which is at 275 million 💜

This is still the MV that best represents BTS's group persona. Fun and a bit wacky, but still brings the ridiculous choreography and stage presence. Also my first comeback as ARMY, and it will always hold a very special place in my heart <3

Congrats guys!

We need to get justice for Spring Day’s view count😤 Can’t let them disrespect the queen like this.

I get disappointed in the view count but I honestly find it too emotional to watch as often as other MVs.

BTS sold out Citi Field tickets

BTS sold out Citi Field tickets

After this phenomenal blowout, you know that Citi Field (and likely other stadiums) will be courting BTS to perform there again during their next US tour!

Honestly, Citi Field was the MVP here. They responded to individual questions and kept posting updates and info. Excellent customer service & social media manager(s).

Oh my god. Someone apparently called CF and the tickets were all gone in the span of 15 minutes. Insane, but I'm happy for anyone who managed to get a ticket. Congratulations, fam!

Edit: Thinking back to that post a few days ago from a new ARMY that was asking if they could sell out the stadium and... RIP. I hope OP managed to grab a ticket.

If they sold out in 20 minutes then they sold 35 tickets every second, 2100 every minute... nuts

Congrats to everyone who got tickets too! Don't forget to redeem your album for EACH ticket!! (AND ILL SEE YOU ALL THERE SKFJDLF)

180817 Steve Aoki got the RIAA Gold record frame for Mic Drop Remix!

180817 Steve Aoki got the RIAA Gold record frame for Mic Drop Remix!

Everything they touch turns to gold. Literally.

I've been wondering this too. I really don't like Desiigner's verse (especially in place of J-Hope's). I'd love to buy it officially.

You only get the plaque if you buy it.

The RIAA doesn't just give out plaques to everyone who gets something certified. It's the responsibility of the artist or their label etc to actually contact the company who makes the plaques and order one.

So they'll get one if they or their company bought it.

You can buy the original remix? Where? I can only access the desiigner feature.

I’m sorry if this isn’t allowed but look what showed up at my work today!

I’m sorry if this isn’t allowed but look what showed up at my work today!
I’m sorry if this isn’t allowed but look what showed up at my work today!

We usually only receive about a dozen copies for new releases. My jaw hit the floor when I saw two boxes full!

No way!!! 😱😍

Praying that Target ARMYs everywhere can resist temptation...! 👀


180817 Jimin

180817 Jimin

Something about Jimin tweeting in English adds to the cuteness factor.

He posted 3 days in a row, social media king! And ugh that undercut, wow. Also, Jungkook looks older and it's messing with my heart?!?

Aw they drew freckles on Kookie! Didn't realize it before.

His hair in the "F" version concept is everything his hair in DNA MV dreamed to be one day.

BTS' 'Love Yourself Tear' has now sold over 200,000 pure copies in the US. It's the first korean album to do so!

BTS' 'Love Yourself Tear' has now sold over 200,000 pure copies in the US. It's the first korean ...

BTS never slowing down, I hope an album goes gold this year !

I wish our streams were at least as good as our sales... Sigh

Nonetheless, super proud of you, US Armys!! Great job. Keep it going and we will see THREE bangtan albums going gold by the end of this year!

this one is about :tear, however I agree

That'd be amazing. BTS would probably be in the top 15 of the BB200 until the next album instead of slowly dropping.

From what I can tell, Tear hasn't made the Top 50 of 2018 when it comes sales and streams. It might if you count albums released only in 2018.

That said, it's still amazing growth when you compare it to where the fandom was last year with LY: Her! US ARMYs should get their own awards for getting 3 gold songs, getting more radio play, and selling out the tour!

180817 Celebrating 10M Subscribers on YouTube

180817 Celebrating 10M Subscribers on YouTube

Bless Jimin for trying to clean the button with his sleeve! And hello to Hobi Potter again!

Look at how excited Jungkook is!

So much happening and I’m obsessing over:

Jimin’s “surprised” facial expression at the beginning, then him wiping the fingerprints away hahaha

Kookie getting so hyped

RM sneaking in a bit of English (but I thought he was still speaking Korean lol)

Tae gently pushing Yoongi aside

Yoongi wearing the same outfit as the one he made Jimin model in that Run episode

That little scrunch Jin did at the end

-THEIR HAIR!!! I’m living for Tae’s pink hair and Kookie’s warm blonde. Platinum blonde Jin is back from the dead. RM and Jimin slaying the brown-gray-whatever shade that is (I’m gonna die if one of them goes back to silver holyyy). And ofc SOPE with their dark hair (I wonder though if Yoongi is in the process of dyeing it to something else). I’m thrilled most of them aren’t hiding their hair colors BUT I won’t be surprised if we get something else next week when the tour starts.

Look at that fucking cute bunny with all those carats

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