Playing in the water at the Ithumba Safari Camp. Part of the David Sheldrick Elephant Trust.

So the youngest elephants in the video have just been moved from DSWT's nursery to this (Ithumba) reintegration unit.

The soil at the nursery is very red and the baby ellies have coated themselves with many layers of red mud for 2-3 years. The soil at Ithumba is darker so the elephants living there are a more normal shade of grey.

In this transitional phase they stick out, and they will lose their red colour as the red nursery mud slowly comes off.

Those elephants look like they are having a field day.

Is there a reason for that one baby elephant to be all red or is it just like mud and stuff?

No, it's a water day.

Baby elephant and his friend playing. He tries the hidden ball trick. No hands so perfectly legal move.

Totally legal in elephant soccer .

That's actually not legal and is a yellow card.

Tuskball! Tuskball!

"The Trunk of God"

Baby elephant is not touching that mud puddle

Are you sure this waters sanitary? It looks questionable to me.

mom...this one is POOP colored!

“It’s fine, honey.”

Oh my god, you guys, like, ew.

Kruger National Park. An elephant heard protects the baby elephant while crossing the road.


There are SO MANY elephants at Kruger! I was there last October and saw hundreds of them, and tons of babies! It is SO worth the trip all the way to South Africa. Kruger Park is one of the best places on Earth.


You're right! I had to start counting dangling trunks!

The epitome of grace.

The epitome of grace.

That is one heavy duty tub.

This is the best sub on this website

Don't call ele a tub! :P

He has no style

he has no grace

this baby elephant

just fell on his face

Little one didn't want to get up.

Looks like me on the squat rack


I keep watching this over and over not only for the little doofus rolling around, but also for that cute chunky butt on the right with the stalky legs and wide stance.

Just leave me here...

Bathing with the three-legged elephant.

what a sweet sweet baby. That dude is all in on taking care of this handicapped baby too. Great pair...

The look on his face when he slaps the water is filled with pure joy. Adorable!

i can't think of a better job than this

Full Video:

Baby elephant gets help with his prosthetic leg.

What a brave little guy. I’m glad he has a chance to live a semi normal life.


I think this is the little guy? If so, a few years old.

While looking for info, I happened upon fascinating story.

A prosthetic must be a lot easier to get used to when you have four legs.

Go baby ele!

God bless the humans who helped this little guy out.

Is this how you nap?

How he curles up his trunk is beyond adorable 💕


I die

you, that's exactly how you nap baby. Good work...vvv fast learner...

Omg that's soooooo cuuuuuuute.

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