Aww aww

Cow tries to catch snowflakes with its tongue.

This is sad

Yeah, except they are never allowed to move or leave.

Is this how ice cream is made?

Okay listen up, this is a calf. Calfs are put into these enclosures to stop them from spreading communicable diseases they could get from adult cows. Once they mature they become part of the larger herd and let out into the pasture.

So anyone talking about how tortured that calf is and how it'll be trapped in that "cage' for the rest of its life knows nothing about farming.

Apparently my cat really likes the foster kitten...

Apparently my cat really likes the foster kitten...

You're lying.

Haha, "foster"

I forsee a foster fail in our future

He's right, the earliest post of this image I could find was from March 2016

My wife wanted a cat. I did not want a cat. We compromised and got 2 cats. Meet Dino and Simba..

My wife wanted a cat. I did not want a cat. We compromised and got 2 cats. Meet Dino and Simba..

Your wife is an excellent negotiator.

Honestly, I'd say two is better than one. They will keep each other busy and will be less anxious.

Exactly how a good compromise works, neither gets what they wanted. -also congratulations.

Sorry for your loss, though it did take me a while to realise you were talking about cats...

This is Cooper. He's feisty.

This is Cooper. He's feisty.

I'd like to think this is a still from the beginning of a gif that has him slowly raising his arms and shaking his jazz hands.

Aww, hi, Cooper! Are you being a good kitty for Santa Claws this year?

Cooper looks like he's tired of your shit OP.

Cooper loves a hug! And naps almost 24/7

Pigling from Couple Berry Farm loves a belly rub

Pigling from Couple Berry Farm loves a belly rub


I have never heard "pigling", only "piglet." Is it specific to a region/type of pig?

(fyi: I'm in the US.)


Never heard of pigling either but I’m using it from now on.

This Is How Real Heroes Roll

We must help all the little animals of this world. Except mosquitoes. Fuck mosquitos.

Last time I do that fucking quest in Mount Hyjal

100% quality aww post, this dude is a fucking hero, that rabbit would have eventually tired from exhaustion and smoke inhalation, and more than likely died. Im sure the rabbit may not have fully understood the situation, but I sure as hell know Rabbits wouldn't easily allow themselves to be captured like that, this Rabbit realized this man was there to help, not harm.

What if the only reason bats eat mosquitoes is because they enjoy human blood. Take away the mosquitoes and we will suffer at the hands of the most plentiful mammal in the world.

Why does my cat do this?

Why does my cat do this?

Because he wasn't raised in a barn. He's classy and knows proper table manners.

From google, it says your cat may not like the shape of your bowl. And some other stuff about "whisker stress".

My cat also does this but he just likes playing with water. He invades the bath sometimes too. But he does drink the water as well as splash it about and have little sips from his paws. Maybe it just feels nice?

My cat will move the bowl to slosh it on the floor... then he licks it off the floor.



Perfect name! Love little Winston.

He is definitely Winston material

The best name for a male pug along with Frank and Mushu.

The power of cuteness!

Robot malfunctions

Robot malfunctions

Dog is functioning at normal speed. Please see manual for further details.

Is this video or the dog sped up?


Is poop?

Merry Christmas from Winston

Merry Christmas from Winston

His posture is so posh like “Oh excuse me, didn’t see you there, good morning!”

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