Aww aww

My friend is a vet and posted on FB that she had a ruff day on the job.

My friend is a vet and posted on FB that she had a ruff day on the job.

Well, I guess I can add "shopping cart of sleepy puppies" to my list of things I want in life but will probably never own.

Not with that attitude you won't! You could just go to a petstore and fill a cart with puppies!

Every time I do this they yell at me. Apparently you can't just borrow 10 puppies without asking.

Just tell then you left your wallet in the car and you'll be right back.

So much joy...

So much joy...


Lil Bub is a creature of goodness

She's not panting, she just doesn't really have much of a lower jaw.

Isn't it bad or something if cats start to pant is he/she okay?

Please don't stop petting me

Is that man sitting on the floor because the dog already occupied the coach?

Im convinced that pitbulls arent actually aggressive, but are the most in tune with their owners.

Like, i have yet to meet a pitbull(with a good owner) that ever showed any signs of aggression.

I met one that was aggressive before. Not like, MEAN aggressive, but aggressive in that he was so excited to see me that he charged at me and headbutted me in the thigh. Had a bruise for several days.

Sounds about right.

Marriage photobomb by our ever present cat.

Marriage photobomb by our ever present cat.

Cat: "Are these paparazzi bothering you?"

The cat is part of the family too! I think it's better with the cat in the picture.


(I'm so sorry)

Please crop the left hand chair out of the photo, takes it from a really good pic to distracting. Love the cat in the pic though!

The shelter I volunteer with has a program that brings senior cats to visit seniors in nursing homes. This man's face says it all.

The shelter I volunteer with has a program that brings senior cats to visit seniors in nursing homes. This man's face says it all.

I breed tiny chickens for this, but I'm having a hard time getting people interested. People who don't own chickens think they are just mindless animals, but they can be just as sweet and interesting as a cat or dog. I love this picture.

Here is a link to some pics of my birds

My tiny chickens

Am I the only person who is both warmed and heartbroken by this? Like, knowing the state of living in a lot of elderly living facilities, this could be the one moment of joy this guy had on the day this photo was taken. But people who have lived through their working years should have the opportunity to feel this way every day. I feel glad that this experience happened, but furiously sad that it isn't the norm in most places.

Tiny....chickens.... So can I hire you just so I can pet tiny chickens? Also my students would go apeshit for stuff like that. Ever thought about contacting schools about after school stress relieving programs to teach kids about animals and also get to pet them as a stress reliever?

A twitchy tail is a sign of an impending cat slap

The title was so misleading! I saw the kitten and thought, "Noooo don't slap the little guy!"

'Twas a sweet boop though.

It's the surprise plot twist!





boop is this thing on?


Cats seem to have a suppression mechanism. I knew a bigger cat that lived with two kittens. He was a kitten himself, slightly older but the other two looked up to him and wanted to hang around him. The tiny female he would just try to avoid; the larger male he would seem to want to slap but stopped himself just short of making contact.

If I fits, I sits

Doggo's eyes are like... "what are you doing there... ok, alirght... I'll allow it".

that reaction is great.

oh its you? Hurry up, we seeps now

V tired doggo does an allow

An entire conversation through the eyes of a dog....

"Wait, what are you doing?"

"Hey, human... you see what's happening?"

"Are you not going to do anything about it? Okay.... sigh"

This is what my wife wakes up to every morning

This is what my wife wakes up to every morning sleep on the couch???

But how did you type with your paws?

LOLZ, Good call!

It is a king sized bed, but I do often end up on the couch due to my snoring.

OP is the dog.

Not everyone experiences life in the same way

When I go back to earlier levels to help my friend level up

Respect for the small guy to keep going in tough waters.

So where we goin, George?! We goin through the water, George?! splash cough splash There sure is a lot of water, George!

A Scale-crested Pygmy Tyrant.

pygmy tyrants are very territorial & are known for their regressive taxation policies, tendency for corruption, & ordering public hangings of other songbirds who defy their authority. you can tell from the dilation of this one's eyes that it probably also has a cocaine addiction from years of using drug cartels to funnel money into offshore accounts.

I wanna know the story behind that name.

Was curious why it was so peaceful, until I saw its feet under your thumb. It's true to my previous experiences with birds, wild and domesticated. They stop being aggressive or shy (depending on the bird) the moment they feel restrained, and enter this phase where they just hang out, and await the situation.


Gotta say though, I'm careful around birds - they need their feathers primed in order to fly, and they're fragile things.


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