The only thing missing was some Marlboro Reds, Budweiser, and a gaul-dern cookout, i tell you hwut.

Majestic as fuck

For a moment I thought we'll see the gull grab the fish and the eagle grab the gull.

But not disappointed with the final result either

Good throw. Great catch!

Nikola Tesla is the face of the Serbian $1 bill.

Nikola Tesla is the face of the Serbian $1 bill.

din / дин, not $.

he's also on the Croatian 10 Billion Dinar note

He became an American citizen in 1891. He was a Serb born in an area that is now part of Croatia but at the time was the Austrian-Hungarian empire. It wasn’t called Yugoslavia at first, but the country didn’t start taking shape until 1918.

I don’t know if the other countries have him on their currency, I doubt it though. He was ethnically a Serb, but the Croats also like to claim him because of where he was born.

да да тачно

I had to American it up to reap that sweet, sweet karma. ;-)

Weatherman's awesome Halloween costume

Weatherman's awesome Halloween costume

It bothers me that the feet are just dangling there

here is a video

I like it when my weatherman gets popular.

Do people really still laugh at Chuck Norris jokes or did it just take you this long to code this bot...

Make a piece of art with an egg

Make a piece of art with an egg

That man has better control of that egg than I do of my own limbs.

Impressive! A trip to the hibachi is always a good time

I love when someone gets so good at their art they produce things like this. There’s a gif of a dude selling slinkies just doing some black magic shit with it. Another one of a guy in a stall selling ice creams where he just keeps fucking with people with multiple cones and moving the empty one to their hands. Just clever people who have perfected their skills in their job.

I feel like cracking a joke about handling eggs better than an ovary but, like this egg, I want to get laid.

Touch at your own risk!

Touch at your own risk!

Well they did warn him

True..but I still would have had a heart attack.

Kind of like those vdieos you watch up close on your computer where a scary clown or something jumps out at the end. Even though I know it's coming, it gets me every time!

I’m dying laughing. His reaction was perfect. Is this like in an aquarium or something so he would expect to see a shark and not think that’s a thing screen?

What part of "touch at OWN risk" don't you understand?

If at first you don't succeed...

I love how it’s Dad’s encouragement that closes the deal.

Had to double check I wasn't on /sub/perfectloops for a second there. Love the look of victory at the end.

"You have such talent"

-Random bystander that only saw the success

That roar of triumph! /sub/wholesomememes

Awesome Car

Awesome Car

Car nerd checking in...To those of you who don't waste their free time under the hood, let me tell you why I'm fascinated by these types of cars.

This looks like a car that's been dropped, chopped, and channeled:

Dropped: Lowering the car. When it's done wrong, wheels end up at an angle, pointing into the car. In extreme cases, they'll rub against the arches. Here, they fit the car and are very straight vertically. Chopped: Look how small that front window is. This is achieved by taking the roof off, reducing the hight of the pillars holding it up, lining everything back up and putting in custom windows everywhere. Channeled: Similar to chopping, but done on the body. You take the body off the frame and make it sit lower, or in some cases cut part of it out. Fantastically challenging to do. Even harder to do well.

Beyond the above nuts and bolts, this car was put back together beautifully. Notice how the gap between the hood and body is the same on the left and the right. Now you have to paint it, add chrome in the right places and this person has added custom lights, grille, bumper and made it look like it all belongs.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in my bunk.

Looks like the car made from pure evil from Futurama

Actually this is Waluigi's car


Simple life

Simple life

High speed internet and electricity and I’d be a happy camper there.

Great question, but nope. They're called sod roofs, and provide good weather protection as well as insulation in colds climates.

Looks like a great life! I Can’t help but ask, isn’t the moss and greenery on the roof damaging to the roof? Seriously though, it looks like a great place

That fire is gonna be out in about five minutes.

Remember Aitzaz Hasan: at only 15 years old he tackled a suicide bomber who tried entering his school. Sadly, he died but he succeeded in saving hundreds of his fellow school mates.

Remember Aitzaz Hasan: at only 15 years old he tackled a suicide bomber who tried entering his school. Sadly, he died but he succeeded in saving hundreds of his fellow school mates.

Real hero. Salute to his incredible bravery.

Wow you really pulled that tangent out of nowhere.

From the BBC, January 2014

Aitzaz Hasan, 15, was with friends outside school when they spotted a man wearing a suicide vest.

Despite the pleas of his fellow students, he decided to confront and capture the bomber who then detonated his vest, his cousin told the BBC.

The incident took place on Monday in Ibrahimzai, a Shia-dominated region of Hangu, in north-western Pakistan. There were almost 2,000 students in attendance at the time of the attack, media reports say.

Aitzaz's father said that his son made a sacrifice to save the lives of others: "My son made his mother cry but saved hundreds of mothers from crying for their children."

This quote from his dad always makes me tear up.

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