Billionaire Mining Magnate Gina Rinehart Revealed As Key Donor to Australian Climate Science Denial Promoter Institute of Public Affairs

Billionaire Mining Magnate Gina Rinehart Revealed As Key Donor to Australian Climate Science Denial Promoter Institute of Public Affairs
Billionaire Mining Magnate Gina Rinehart Revealed As Key Donor to Australian Climate Science Deni...

Wow! Another selfish billionaire cunt who is trying to deny science when it suits their financial interests! Fuck her. I hope that bitch just fucks right off

Is that really news to anyone? The IPA has always been a mouth piece for big business especially print media and miners.

"Evolution is just a theory! Climate change isn't real! Please just invest money in my mining asset, so I can get even more disgustingly rich"- Gina Rinehart

What an epic Australian abhorrent cunt, up there with Rupert.

Visited your awesome country. Got this epic shot of the 12 Apostles.

Visited your awesome country. Got this epic shot of the 12 Apostles.

2 ½ apostles.

Beaut photo mate. Where are you from?

From Florida. The mini-Australia of the USA. Haha.

Well I'll be the first to trade places!!! Get me back over there!

'Evidence lacking': Auditor-General criticises cashless welfare card trial

'Evidence lacking': Auditor-General criticises cashless welfare card trial

The federal government has little chance of finding out if the first three years of its controversial $18 million cashless welfare card trial have been a success because the department running it failed to deliver a cost-benefit analysis and gave misleading statistics to the minister in charge.

Gee, that'd be pretty convenient for the donors who profited from this trial were the whole thing a white elephant.

Looks like they will just keep trying until they get the result they want.

"In its response to audit, the department said another independent another evaluation of the card will commence by mid 2018."

No shit.

evidence lacking,that's becuase EVERY COUNTRY...IN THE WORLD who has tried income managment has failed at it.

Yet the liberals seem to have cracked a problem people MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH smarter than they are have not been able to.

Don't believe me fine here..

The most comprehensive evaluation of income management could not find "any substantive evidence of the program having significant changes relative to its key policy objectives, including changing people's behaviours".

A 2016 review of income management programs, undertaken by the University of NSW, concluded:

No evaluation has found that compulsory forms of income management [IM] have resulted in medium or long-term behavioural change at the individual or community level… In addition, there is evidence of unintended negative consequences of IM, particularly compulsory forms of IM.

A review of the multiple evaluations of income management, undertaken by the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research in 2016, also found no conclusive evidence of benefit. It indicated the most effective schemes were voluntary and target people with high-needs as part of a holistic set of services. Further, it noted consistent evidence that “compulsory income management can diminish financial management skills and increase dependency on the welfare system”.


Here is proof the govt hired a company that paid people 30 dollar gift cards if they answered the questions how they wanted them too..

Here is the submission from senate estimates,Clearly showing that a company hired by the govt was creating erroneous data sets with irrelavant data and questionnaires as it was the only way they could find a result that put a positive spin on it

 most of the 'support' data, quoted by government ministers from latest Orima report, is not reliable and invalid because of design and delivery biases. B. The flaws in the final Orima report and how it has been misused There is a serious problem with the structure of the final Orima report in that the summary of findings, which is the easiest and accessible section, fails to put in any of the caveats that appear, often as footnotes, later in the report. This makes it easy for those wanting to report positives to do so, as these dominate this section. The p3 list of the frequently quoted statistics in the final report, claims both waves reported reductions in drinking, gambling and drugs. At the bottom of p4 in small print is a brief single caveat footnote, never quoted, which states 'it should be noted that self reports on illegal drug usage in a survey context are subject to a high risk of social desirability bias and should be interpreted with caution.’ The following points show how the data, often quoted by the Minister, from the current Orima reports fail to meet the basic tenets of good research design, or comply with NHMRC and AIATSIS ethics and the necessary respect for cultural and personal interviewee needs. For instance:  Interviewers, identifying this as a Govt funded survey, stopped respondents in public and asked if they were on the Card and, if they said yes, then recorded their ID on Ipad;  Participants were primed to give the right/expected responses to the Government interviewers, who had their ID and offered $30 gift cards to those who finished;

Income management Does not and has not ever worked when it is compulsory.

But why would the fucking liberals care,they are only in it as it's an easy scape goat and funnels 4400 dollars for each user to their very friendly mates at Indue who are close allies of the nationals and now the liberal party.

Let's just think about,what would be the response from the murdoch press if the ALP had of been found to offering gift cards to give an answer they wanted to support it's claims.

Let's not even go to the fact that family violence is up 11.2 Percent in 2 trial sites.

The fact that theft is up 4 percent in ceduna.

The fact that the Pub owner in ceduna openely told senate all they have done is send people around the corner trading fuel and grocerys for alcohol thus creating a black market.

Or the fact that Females have had to resort to prostition to be able Possible loopholes in refunds and prostitution But researchers did record claims people were finding ways around the system.

They included "a couple of examples of suspected prostitution" and merchants "overcharging for a product or services and then refunding the difference in cash." to afford to see a fucking specialist.

Retail spending in the trial sites is down 15 percent On the low side,because not every fucking company has eftpos u fucking muppets.

But hey let's keep the gravey train rolling to indue for 4400 a person when St george and the anz both were willing to tender management locks in of 330 bucks per person a card

Income management needs to be treated like an addiction issue,nothing will improve until the user knows they need to make a change.

I mean i can go all night just linking Report after reporting saying how much a failure cashless welfare has been,but no one really cares as they will be happy to take the 10 bucks a week tax cut blood money off the govt it seems

they dont have to do anything right. They just have to spin so it seems they have

"Please do not climb"

"Please do not climb"

I went to Uluru last year - the guide was telling us that they have to go up there every evening and collect rubbish that people leave behind when they climb. Some people even use the 'toilet' up there, wipe themselves with their clothing, and leave that up there too. Zero respect. Fucking assholes

I was dismayed with the amount of rubbish at the top of Lion's Head in Cape Town - who are these people? Why do they think it's acceptable to do this shit? I just don't get it...

I guess there's a difference between traditional law and actual law.

There is so much misinformation in this thread.

1) The climb closes on the 26th of October, 2019, anniversary of Handback. When the UKTNP traditional owners (The Anangu people) received title deed to the land. Legally making it their land.

2) They ask you not to climb for three main reasons: Cultural, Health, Environmental. The cultural aspect is that Ayers Rock/Uluru/Puli is saraced to the Anangu people, and Aboriginal groups from all over Australia (had one guy tell me his great-great-grandfather walked from NSW to Uluru for ceremony when he was younger), it's like climbing on a church or other religious building. Health reasons, is because people die. 37(38?) since they have started recording the Climb directly, and up to 50 more have died indirectly due to injuries sustained on the Climb. Cost of rescue is a major factor too, risk management from UKTNP and NTPFES have determined it's not worth the risk to personel to rescue people and a specialist NTES team has to be flown in from Alice Springs, IIRC the rescue in 2016 cost over $40k and the 3 men paid around $5k each. Environmental, people leave waste (rubbish, shit, etc) on the Rock and pollute waterholes down at the bottom, it's not potable, and animals get sick from it. Anangu kids still swim in it.

3) Why didn't the climb close right on Handback? Government agreement to Handback, climb would stay open until numbers dropped below 20% of visitors. It did as of last year, terms of the Climb closure was 18 months from the date of decision, they decided two years, on Handback anniversary. Majority of climbers these days are Australians and Asians (Japanese and Chinese tour companies still market the Uluru Climb).

4) Why is the chain there? Depends on the Anangu person, but a lot of the Elders believe that removing the chain will cause more injuries so there is a chance the chain will remain up after closure. Anangu feel a sense of guilt if you're injured on their land, so if you climb, they'd rather you do it safely. A person I know cut the chain on Handback 2015 and Anangu decided to reinstate the chain for safety reasons (this is up for debate, some traditional owners agreed, some disagreed, everyone is an individual).

Feel free to ask questions.

Source: Former tour guide at UKTNP, grew up on Anangu Land, related to Anangu traditional owners, worked for Voyages Ayers Rock Resort, worked on Land.

Edit: mods locked post, PM me if you have any questions :)

My Health Record systems collapse under more opt-outs than expected

My Health Record systems collapse under more opt-outs than expected

Currently, opting out merely marks your data as "unavailable", while actually keeping it on the system until 30 years after your death.

Unsurprising. If working with Medicare's systems every day has made me realise one thing it's that Australia's technical infrastructure, especially that in the medical sector is as ancient as it is useless.

I feel I’ve been lied to. This makes me distrust the system even more.

What the fuck..

Melbourne’s Packed Out #SaveOurABC Protest Caps Off A Week Of Rallies Across The Country

Melbourne’s Packed Out #SaveOurABC Protest Caps Off A Week Of Rallies Across The Country
Melbourne’s Packed Out #SaveOurABC Protest Caps Off A Week Of Rallies Across The Country

You tried mate

Probably gets confused when he sees old white people doing something other than vote liberal.

Why do I only hear about these protests AFTER they happen!?

You don't happen to be affiliated with the young liberals by chance do you?

Found the perfect mermaid pool

Found the perfect mermaid pool

look more closely and you'll see your "mermaid" is in fact a blue-ringed octopus.

They're so cute! I play with them every time I go to the beach.

a north west facing beach on the east coast of australia

Where is this?

Reminder: As of tomorrow, you have a three month window to Opt-Out of "My Health Record"

Reminder: As of tomorrow, you have a three month window to Opt-Out of "My Health Record"

I know many people here were interested in opting out of this.


you get the right treatment when you land up in hospital;

you get the right treatment when you get referred to a specialist.

you get the right treatment when you visit a gp while you are on holiday.

All your scans and pathology are always available.

All your allergy information is always available.

There is strong legislation protecting its use.


the government could use your data illegally for Unspecified Evil.

It could be hacked, like your tax data and Centrelink data never ever has been.

State governments, which already hold this data through their hospital systems, might get jealous.

This probably won't affect most people, but for anyone with a pilots licence they would need to be careful about CASA accessing this information. CASA are notorious for being super nazis about peoples health history, and whilst I understand that pilots need to be at the peak of their fitness, there are lots of irrelevant things that can disqualify them that may appear on this record. Personally I will be opting out for this reason as I am extremely selective about what records CASA needs to have access to. [EDIT] To be clear I actually think the system is a great idea, unfortunately some agencies will abuse it.

As somebody who worked in healthcare IT for 10 years, I have a message for anybody who is worried about the government keeping all their health data safe - THIS IS THE LEAST OF YOUR WORRIES.

If you’ve ever been to a GP practice before, they have recorded your health information on their medical record system of choice. And those things are a security disaster. GP practices have extremely lax security as they are not run by IT professionals. They’re generally running extremely out of date operating systems, have improperly secured wifi and/or Ethernet access points and also, just generally poor practices in regards to physical access to their machines.

I can think of any number of ways to very easily access those medical records that would be tonnes easier than extracting anything from the government system.

“Australian organisations (and some overseas, in certain circumstances), including Australian pharmaceutical companies, will be able to apply to access My Health Record data for approved secondary purposes.”

They’re already saying that they will give your data to commercial companies.

Remote work-for-the-dole scheme has 'devastating' impact on Indigenous people, say participants

Remote work-for-the-dole scheme has 'devastating' impact on Indigenous people, say participants
Remote work-for-the-dole scheme has 'devastating' impact on Indigenous people, say participants

Make work for the dole voluntary, and make it minimum wage.

It's the perfect middle ground. Rich people get to keep blaming unemployed people, and unemployed people actually have the option to work.

Anyone who opposes that is being unreasonable. On both sides.

So give them a job? hmmmm, nah keep hitting the bums with a stick.

Wouldn’t it be great if they further incentivised it with skills development courses to increase their future employability.

Because the economics the government relies on is a bunch of crap these people have to suffer indignity. The federal government pretends to be doing the right thing yet it cannot provide enough jobs, let alone work where it is needed.

We need more direct action on job creation or a universal basic income, instead of relying on useless economic theories and punishing the unemployed.

Today marked my 100th donation

Today marked my 100th donation

Nice. I'm too gay to donate blood unfortunately, although I am registered to donate my organs.

As someone who can't donate blood I just want to say I really appreciate everyone who does donate. I may not be able to save your life, but the possibility is there that you will save mine.

Indeed nice. I once shot up drugs so I'm ineligible to donate too. Again my organs are up for grabs.

Unfortunately. Having same sex male/male sexual activity within the last 12 months makes me high risk and ineligible to donate. Doesn't matter that I've been in a monogamous relationship for 7 years at this point.

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