Court blocks law that would have closed Mississippi's only abortion clinic

Court blocks law that would have closed Mississippi's only abortion clinic
Court blocks law that would have closed Mississippi's only abortion clinic

I'm amazed that stuff like this is still happening after so many years of arguing. I guess it'll never truly fade away. For the sake of Mississippi women I'm very glad they got to keep their only clinic. The people who try to close clinics seem to lack basic logic. Closing abortion clinics won't stop abortions, it'll only make getting them more risky and dangerous.

I just told my parents that I'm not a muslim and it was my worst decision ever.

I just told my parents that I'm not a muslim and it was my worst decision ever.

I'm a 19 year old Egyptian guy living in the Netherlands, I've been raised a muslim, but all hell broke loose when I told my parents last night that I am in fact a non-believer. I am an open person respecting all people who make the choice to pursue their faiths, but boy would I lie to y'all if I told you I don't hate religion with a burning passion. It destroyed my life and it seems like it will keep on destroying the rest of my life

I've started to realise I might not have been a religious person by the time I was 12 and started lying to my parents about whether I would have prayed or not. While fasting I would sneakily eat some snacks when my parents were not watching and everytime they told me to read a little of the Quran I would act like I did and play video games in my room. I've always hated the rules and traditions of this religion and the moment I realised that I was living a lie (even though I was young) was the moment I started to realise that I am not a muslim. In fact I didn't believe jack about the things I've learned about this religion. The things I read in the Quran, the things my whole family have been feeding me, the things my Imams said to me, the things they were saying on television...

I knew this was a secret and I just had to take this secret to my grave, but it got harder to keep it a secret as I grew older. I must have been 15/16 when I really started to become a teenager. I got into smoking weed and drink alcohol from time to time. These were the things that I truly enjoyed, I didnt care about the fact that my parents would never be okay with that, I am a man that just does whatever he pleases and no one can restrict me. As time passed by my parents started to realise that I am not that holy. From time to time they would find things like lighters, rolling papers, condoms etc in my room and I always just took a scolding followed up by some promises that I would never do it again. But this week I got caught with the worst of all things. A bottle of whiskey. God that was so dumb to even bring into my house but all right they found it, I knew they found it because it wasnt in the place I hid it in. Along the whiskey, a joint and a condom.

Yesterday I heard my parents arguing about me and shortly after that my father wanted to take me for a drive. I got in the car and my father brought me to the mosque and we'd start praying (me pretending to pray of course) and after that at 9 PM he brought me to his store a few miles away to have a talk with me. The whole 30 minutes drive was awkward as fuck and we didnt say shit to each other, I just knew I was fucked. We went to this room and he told me to wait. I waited for what seemed like forever and eventually my dad came to me with a box. He emptied te box on the table and the box contained all the "bad" things they found. Condoms, rolling papers, that stupid bottle of whisky and many more things. That was the moment I knew I just had to tell him. I've been living a lie all my life and I dont want the lies to eat me up. "Why is my son like this" he asked. He started pointing at a joint "Of course you would tell me that this is from one friend" and then he pointed to the bottle of whiskey saying "and that one over there is from your other friend. But I know it is a lie. Your mother wants to believe it but I simply can't. Tell me... why is my son like this?".

I told him the reason why it didnt matter to me that I did bad "bad things". I started telling him everything, about how I am not religious and I don't believe in god, never did. How I just always acted like I did in order not to break the hearts of my parents. I told him there was no saving me and I stood by my choice, I know no one will make me believe in a god, its just the way I was. He was shocked, he asked me "and what now...". To which I replied "well of course having said that, I know you will never accept this. Thats why I kept it a secret all my life and I see no other choice than us to part ways since no atheist could be living in the house of a religious family". He said that I took the words out of his mouth. But it was stupid, I am stupid. I just thought this was a way of freeing some load, but it was way worse than that and I realised that as the discussion proceeded with my dad. I am stupid because I have no back up plan, and I never did think of a back up plan. I recently became un employed, college is not going wel and I have 300 euros saved up. Enough to bring me exactly no where. Anyway back to the story, after I told him everything he told me that he was a failure as a dad and that I am his failure, he said to me that he will tell everyone in the future that he has just 3 kids instead of 4. And I accepted all that, I always kinda hated my father anyway. However that was not it... I had to tell my mother and brothers. 30 minutes went by, we were back home and my father just gathered everyone around a table and told me to tell everyone my little secret. I told them...

The talk I had with my father was mild, he kept saying mean things to me but I didnt care. But as soon as I told my family, lets just say they reacted bad, really really bad. I could shoot myself in the head and they probably wouldnt have cried as much. My oldest brother, the one I talk to once every month even though we share a room, just went to our room and started crying and destroying stuff. My mother was devestaded, I tried to calm her down but she didnt want me to touch her. My sweet mother, the mother that has been so loving to me. That was the first time I saw her look of disgust. She hates me now. She told me that she will not leave me, that she will bring me to Mecca and bring me to the best imams in the world and all that stuff, but I just told her that that wouldn't work out. My father just brought me family pictures and a scissor and told me to start cutting. They all hate me, I brought sadness to this family and it will take a long time to heal. My parents gave me an ultimatum and I have till tonight to decide. Either I try to get religious or I can never show my face again. I will never be able to call my mom asking her how she's been, and I will never be able to see my brothers again. One of the 4 being my best friend but he has down syndrome so it will be hard to keep touch with him. I just regret my choice to come clean, I really do... I whish I could have taken this secret to my grave. Yesterday was litteraly my worst day ever. I just dont know what to do, I cant make this choice, fuck this choice.

I am very not okay at the moment but I just wanted to share my story and it felt good to type it out. English is not my native language so I am really sorry if I hurt your brains.

Edit: Thank you all for your great advices, I really appreciate it! This is what I needed to keep me strong

EDIT2: Wow guys, this blew up. I have a lot of messages to read, and after that I'll let you know what I will do. I appreciate all of you motherfuckers and you are so great. Many many many want to financially aid me, that's really kind of you guys I appreciate it but you guys really don't have to. I love you all <3<3<3 I will try to reply to as many replies as I can

Edit 3: I have no ways to describe how thankful I am to you guys. If anyone wants to talk to me about relatable experiences you can always message me. And even if you just want to have someone to talk to about anything else, you can message me. From today on you are all my friends <3 Many people have been skeptical about this story so I linked my facebook to a mod.

Edit 4/Update: About my situation right now, I still am locked up in my room and haven't seen my father since yesterday. I told my mother that I'll need some time to think about what I am going to do so she is giving me a little time. My father probably isnt okay with that but we'll see tomorrow, he didnt knock on my door yet so I have not been thrown out of the house yet. I am pretty sure I will move out but I dont know if I'll do it now or when I have a stable income but that means that I will have to lie a little longer. Ill keep you guys up to date. I have a lot of schoolwork to do tomorrow so it will take a while for me to reply to all your replies, but I surely will!

Edit 5: I feel like I need to clarify a few things: First of all I didnt use atheism as an excuse to do bad things, my father asked me if I was okay with disrespecting Allah and Islam and my Atheism was the only reason I could think of. I truly am a believer of the evolution theory and believe there are no greater beings, just us. I used to smoke a lot of pot but now its just once in a while so I calmed down a little, might quit for good after some very good advice. I also only drink on special occasions and the whiskey was the only time I brought alcohol in our house. I agree to a lot of people that I should have never taken these things into this religious home and that I should have respected the house rules. What I actually meant with school is going bad is that I have a lot of work to do and I just cant keep my head straight and cant concentrate at all for the time being, I am not failing school just yet. I became unemployed litteraly 1 week ago and I left myself, it was not like I was planning on staying that way. (I say this mainly to the people calling me a loser) Thanks for the donations, I still feel like I cant accept it so I'll just promise that I'll return every dime of it if things work out fine with my family. And even if I move out, I'll return the money once I am doing fine again

Also I removed the part where I said fuck Islam, I am mad about what the religion did to me, but a lot of Muslims on here were really helpful to me and I am so sorry I disrespected your religion by saying those words :(

What kind of God would accept the way your family treated you? That's what always gets to me when I read stories like yours.

Your mother and father should provide love without qualifications.

Good luck OP. Keep your head up, and keep moving forward.

Edit: Just needed to add this. Look at all the love you received when you reached out looking for guidance. As of this edit, more than 1500 individuals came to show you compassion, through upvotes and comments, proving to you that you are truly not alone.

Edit 2: 10,000 compassionate individuals. Take this love and spread it.

Like many who replied and commented, I have found myself too often despairing over the vitriol in our current collective experience.

THIS gives me hope.

Christian: "If Muslims are going to come to our country they need to be respectful of everyone no matter what their religion says" Also Christian: "I don't have to bake a cake for gays because of what my religion says"

Christian: "If Muslims are going to come to our country they need to be respectful of everyone no matter what their religion says" Also Christian: "I don't have to bake a cake for gays because of what my religion says"

Seems hypocritical to me...

Omg you won't believe the shit storm I caused when I called out a Christian friend on Facebook regarding the cake story. It went something like this:

Christian: Look at these poor bakery owners. They had to shut down their shop after getting sued for 150,000 dollars for adhering to their faith.

Me: yeah, but they made over 400,000 dollars from fundraising and public speaking engagements on conservative media outlets. Plus, if you listen to them, they're sort of condescending and pretty rude, which probably didn't help their lawsuit.

Christian: Well they were just defending their faith! It's not fair!

Me: So is it fair to discriminate?

Christian: The gay couple.should have just gone somewhere else. Everyone is just so sue happy.

Me: No.. this was more than just about money. It was to punish people who clearly broke the law by discriminating against a gay couple for their sexual orientation and denying them service based on that alone.

Christian: Well they shouldn't have to be forced to break their religious beliefs.

Me: If it was a black couple, would it be okay to deny them a cake sale based on the fact they're black?

Christian: That's not the same thing.

Me: It's absolutely the same thing. It's still discrimination.

Christian: No it's not. Businesses should be allowed the right to refuse business with whoever they want.

Me: That's true to a point, but not when it comes to discrimination based on civil rights, like skin color, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, etc. There's a reason we have these laws because people used to suffer discrimination over race back in the fifties. It helps prevent future businesses from encouraging that type of discrimination.

Christian: But it's not the same thing!

Me: How is it not the same?

Christian: it's wrong if it was over race because black people can't help what color of skin they're born in to. But gay people chose to live their lifestyles that way, so it's not the same thing.

Me: ...

This conversation went on and on and on. At the end of it, I wanted to bash my keyboard on the desk.

Nothing was accomplished, unfortunately :-(

Welcome to your new church-police state. Alabama Senate committee approves police force for local Church

Welcome to your new church-police state. Alabama Senate committee approves police force for local Church
Welcome to your new church-police state. Alabama Senate committee approves police force for local...

If this doesn't demonstrate, without a fucking doubt, that christians have ZERO faith in Jesus and do NOT believe in the concept of winning the cosmic lottery when they die....I don't know what does.

To paraphrase Capt Kirk: What does a church need with a police force? Especially if they have the power of prayer and Jesus will protect them?

Bus Driver Who Told Child That God Disapproved of His Two Moms Placed on Administrative Leave

Bus Driver Who Told Child That God Disapproved of His Two Moms Placed on Administrative Leave

The driver, Violeta Jacobo, responded by saying “God doesn’t like that” and that the the boy wouldn’t get into Heaven because of his parents’ homosexuality. Then she gave him a business card for the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

It didn’t just end there. Since that day, the boy has been telling his mothers they shouldn’t be together. And all the while, the bus driver kept her job. She received a warning, more or less, but she was still behind the wheel.

That finally changed this week. The Polk County School District has placed a bus driver on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation into accusations that she told a second-grade boy he and his moms are going to hell because of his parents’ same-sex relationship.

She should have been fired a long time ago. Instead, they do nothing for a while, then place her on paid leave.

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