The difference between men and women in one video

The difference between men and women in one video

But if you walk without rythm, you won't attract the worm.

Freshmen vs. Seniors in marching band.

For the record I would like to state that girls at this age are monsters both physically and psychologically. Inhumanly strong and cruel they never tire and have already mastered delayed satisfaction letting them wait for days or weeks before attacking. Source little brother

This is fantastic!



Cheburashka is a popular russian cartoon character. It's like the russian Mickey Mouse.

Source: russian ex-girlfriend with dozens of cheburashka plushes


Think of Rudolph claymation plus Mickey Mouse cultural significance- it’s Russia’s version of that

You can find the old classic ones on YouTube.

If you haven't seen the old Cheburashka animations, I recommend them highly. With a little digging, you might find subtitled versions, but I don't know that subtitles are necessary to enjoy the films.

Even though I didn't grow up with Cheburashka, they still seem to stir up a nostalgic feeling simply because if the old claymation style. For the era in which they were created, they are really nice, endearing films.

+20 Holy damage

+20 Holy damage

Russia is preparing for a new crusade.

The guns are pointed at everyone. No one is holding them, but still.

Hope they don't start shooting. I hear there's a a rise in gun violence.

"Bless these AKs. Heavenly eternal father, let these AKs fire a group under 6MOA. Let our young comerades fear no amount of mud and sand in the presence of thy holy AKs, that they may bring glory to your name through victory in great patriotic war. Yet also bless these AKs, that they might never be left with a round of cheap Wolf or Bear ammo in the chamber, that thy heavenly lacquer on the exterior of thine ammunition might become fused to the interior of the chamber forever. For thine is the power and the glory..."



And thus this is how masha is born.

Bear was the father

Babies are taste good to bear.

Happened to Lubtov down the road. Pretty common these days.

Google review of the Chernobyl sarcophagus

Google review of the Chernobyl sarcophagus

I just came back from Chernobyl, and boy are my arms legs!

Must play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. a lot.

I've been five times in that case.

The nuclear incident at Chernobyl is extremely interesting. My 6th grade science teacher made us research what happened and write a paper on it. Probably one of the most eye opening accidents to be exposed to at a young age. Also 9/11 happened in the same year i learned about Chernobyl. What trauma..

I'm surprised this site isn't explored more by morons looking for fame.

USSR you fuckin kiddin' me?

USSR you fuckin kiddin' me?

Looks like India...but could be the stop going to Russia...

Yup, it’s in Kerala, India.

Slavs get hold of a tank!

Slavs get hold of a tank!

Cameraman sees a tank lose control coming towards him in a blaze of fury and all he does is let out a little laugh.

We won’t win this war folks

The new prototype out of Tokyo must have been leaked.

Having worked with former tankers, that slide made me clench in a deeply maintenance kinda way.

Deja Vu.

Car Stickers of Russia

Car Stickers of Russia

Translation: We can repeat

Is it really what's written there?


I would have thought this was literally homosexual propaganda


The only problem I can see is that he's using his hands

The only problem I can see is that he's using his hands

Did anyone ask the bear what he wanted to do? Maybe he always wanted to perform...

Bears are quadrupedal, all of their paws are feet.

Technically, if a human held the ball between his feet while doing a handstand, that would be legal.

Maybe he’s the goalie


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