Excited for the Sasha/Bayley lesbian love storyline

Excited for the Sasha/Bayley lesbian love storyline

I wanna see both of them naked

Sasha looks amazing with her hair straight.

They’ve been running this dumb ass frenemies story line way too long but a lesbian relationship between the two would so be worth it. Especially if there’s a sex tape involved

“ The Boss takes charge of Bayley’s kadunkadunk “

Alexa's TNA Sitting Right (And Jiggling a Bit) At Extreme Rules

Her ass always looks good, but I feel for some reason like this is the best it's looked in a while

Well I need a tissue

oh my fucking god she’s gonna give me a fucking heart attack

This gear is blessed

Alexa Bliss has my attention

Alexa Bliss has my attention

Imagine spreading those cheeks...


Attention? Or erection?


Alexa Bliss is amazing.

Alexa Bliss is amazing.

Good lord.

I kinda wanna watch Ronda hate fuck her

Her everything was on point tonight. Holy shit.

What a BABE ❤️



Knew this would be here fast. So cheeky. 😍

Such a perfect ass.

I wanna eat it

Yup knew this was coming, perfectly round fat cheeks❤️ Hopefully slow-mo recap is coming next, per usual for little Bliss matches lol.

Sweet Jesus Alexa Bliss

Sweet Jesus Alexa Bliss

She looks like Zelina here

Thank god that awful feud with Nia is over. She’s the female Big Cass

Becky's "game face" is pretty hot

Becky's "game face" is pretty hot

That little eyebrow raise....have mercy

Posts about Alexa and Becky's facial expressions.

This sub has gone uphill in the last 6 months.

She's got a face you'd just love to drag your balls across

Imagine that look right before she hopped on and took a ride.



Hottest woman in WWE

That body though


Keep the bikini pics coming, Peyton.


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