When she was try to kidding with her Dog

When she was try to kidding with her Dog



Looks like someone moved the dog's legs.

Tired of your bullshit, becky.

He's never been really good at catching the ball .

He meant to do that okay

He lies there totally resigned to the fact that he will never catch a ball, then eventually gives a roll because he realizes he is ok with that.

His somersaults are on point, though.

I'mma make it touch my foot.... Bam. Did it.

He's so beautifull in person, but on photos....

He's so beautifull in person, but on photos....

....He’s gorgeous

Hes even more beautiful

the blep subreddit is for cats. Dogs go on /sub/blop

I know, it’s stupid

Still beautiful ❤


Is this like a mystical island full of pitbull terriers?

edit: due to stereotype of the breed this may be Misfit Island

These meat loafs are fucking jacked. That's one hell of a leap.

Lord of the fleas?


He really wants to play

I don't see anything wrong here except that some monster isn't playing with that adorable puppy!!


Exactly, how can you sit there on your laptop with that cute patoot right next to you!!!

My heart skipped a beat when he bit the screen. Still cute, tho.

his dinner was late

I can’t stop watching this and it keeps getting funnier!

The theatrical flair in his anger is hilarious

Such attitude holy shit

I love the wind-up! 🤣

fb doggos make my day

fb doggos make my day

Its body is way too big for its head. It's well over 2x the size it should be.

Roses are red,

Buy her a bed,

Her body too big,

For her gotdamn head.

This is the definition of “What’s wrong with your dog?” and should be the #1 top post of all time on this sub.

That front butt tho

he's bored

Bored? It looks like he's having the time of his life!

There is so much right with this dog, I ♡ them.

Weird how he glitches out and slides down in an identical fashion the second time. Crazy how nature do that.

Wrong sub, this dog's doing everything right. Got it all going on jon!

He's not really feeling it this winter

I wish that were me holy heck

"Whats wrong with your dog"?

Absolutely nothing at all.

This is the most perfect response to a winter.

Good boy

I have a fireplace with pillows. Leave the key under a flower pot on your way out

That. Is a good boi

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