That’s the spot.

I'm pretty sure this is my face when my wife scratches my back.

road chill

I've never seen such a small jaw on a dog. It's barely even there.

Preparing for bath time.

lol, the paddling speeds up when toes hit water....

Needs theme music!

Real question. Is that man naked in the tub? I bath my dog in our shower with the shower head every once in a while, but I always keep at least underwear on because it feels weird being naked around my dog.

Ive never felt that being naked around my dog was a problem. They’ve seen me change clothes before and it’s not like they’re wearing clothes all the time or complaining about my nudity so whatever.

he shy

Dear God those eyes... the little blinks increase the awww factor

He’s creeping me out. I feel like he’s gonna go all scrappy doo and fuck me up.

He beautiful


Dandelion Zoomies!

Dandelion Zoomies!

The eighties are back with bold neon colors!



Dont ask me how I heard of that subreddit (I honestly can't remember) but i feel it's never been more relevant than it is right now.

Edit: Aaand I currently have the top post of all time on what is possibly one of the most oddly specific (yet, arguably, least "weird") fetish subreddits out there, and it's a picture of a dog...god, I love reddit.

What a strange place.

Antilock Brake Failure

I love how he looks straight into the camera as if he’s saying “shit, do something!”

Lol me too

fetch the big stick

fetch the big stick

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"The ultimate stick" that's your dog's shtick

Doggo must really enjoy sticks

I would saw through about half of the branch so when he tries it again, he gets the stick. Could probably set a dangerous precedent though.

That face says “You...you don’t like it?”

That face says “You...you don’t like it?”

That's a good boy, give him a treat!

this is breaking my heart

That's not just dirt there, that's grass and roots and probably flowers. Your good boye brought you flowers!

🤗 thank you, ya big baby 💖🐶🌱 I'll put this on the fridge

Pupper got the spin zoomies.

You need to take that pupper for a walk

When there's only one Wheat Thin left in the bottom of the box and you get it before your wife does.

Halfway around the world.

The elusive mudderfly.

Some say he’s still sliding his face along the earth to this day


This is dognamedstella on Instagram. Except it's her butterfly alter-ego, Judith :)

Internet says to cool themselves off and hide their scent from prey

Why do they do that?

Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring

Furry venus flytraps that have escaped their pots?

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