Pretending to be on the phone to take a picture of an upskirt WCGW

Pretending to be on the phone to take a picture of an upskirt WCGW

Next day he was dancing to Goodbye Horses in his basement.

It looks like nothing went wrong

This is so funny but so wrong at the same time

How else to see vagina? Dark in the legs...

Walk Under The Gate Bar...WCGW?

When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile and politely say... ‘you hit like a bitch’.

This is the perfect 50/50 blend of stupidity and bad luck.

I hereby knight thee sir thot

I can imagine the bar doing its work and was like "Whoops, sorry!" after accidentally hitting the lady, and making way for the lady to pass.

WCGW If I overdo a motorcycle Burnout

WCGW If I overdo a motorcycle Burnout

Yea blow on it

I don't what is more stupid, Setting his own bike on fire or trying to put it out with tiny cups of water and breath.

Well it did burn. Also this clip could’ve been 1 min shorter.

whooooooo dangit it didn’t work

He understimated who he was bullying

He understimated who he was bullying

That was EXCELLENT! He's very well disciplined also. Stopped once he saw this other kid was unconscious. Good for him.

Soooooo satisfying

What a cheap shot to take a layer of shorts off

He only stopped because the bench got in the way. Good lad. The twat will think twice next time.


Is this a deleted scene from Rubber?

That's some drunk shit right there.

If you translate the writing it clearly points to the "Runaway Tire Lane"

He looked too tired to take a leak....

That's some final destination stuff right there.

If I parkour on this jungle gym

Shoe came off, he dead.

It's amazing how uncool one can look with such minimal effort!

Park Whore

If he was more concerned with the execution of his parkour and less concerned with looking like such a goddamn douche he would probably have pulled it off.

Let me play injured WCGW

This is absolutely beautiful. :)

I don't think this can get much better.

Fake a injury, get arrested, friend tries to grab his bike for him, gets grabbed aswell..

I assume they just fucked up some steak out operation the police had sense he was wearing a sweater and jeans.. where I live cops who drive stealth cars are still in uniform, and it's pretty obvious when it is a stealth car.. that's my reasoning. Someone come down vote me and tell me I'm wrong now. ;)

Mmm, steak out.


Wcgw if I try to break my skateboard

“You’re going down with me “ said the skateboard.

The flying tooth is everything

Odd that he grabbed his arm first then the nose.

If you look at the shadow to his left closely you’ll see a tooth catch the light as it passes it. He was trying to catch his tooth but fumbled it.

WCGW when you don't put clamps on the end of your weights.

WCGW when you don't put clamps on the end of your weights.

The gym paid off with that kind of weight loss

945 lbs is my guess. Like bruh... chill. You could have died.

Even with clamps this guy wasn’t lifting this. It probably saved him some pain by falling off like that

The bar pad. No knee wraps. Looks like the new guy but holy hell thats a lot of weight to pick from the rack.

What could go wrong if i wave a rattle snake around my head (xpost r/wtf)

What could go wrong if i wave a rattle snake around my head (xpost r/wtf)

Poor thing, it must've been terrifying for it.

He lived. Apparently this happened after his father was killed doing the same thing, so I'm not optimistic about the learning curve here. https://www.thestate.com/living/religion/article216995475.html

I read that the snakes are dehydrated, underfed (or not fed at all), and likely sick. They are often kept crowed in cages with many other snakes. Being dehydrated and starved not only keeps the snakes sluggish, it makes their venom less potent. Normally snakes live 10-20 years in captivity but ones owned by snake handling preachers live a few months.

And so, for all their boasting about how their faith keeps the the snakes from striking, these preachers make sure to stack the deck in their favor.


So yeah, poor snakes.

I know, I always feel so bad for the lil danger noodles in these places, it looks like he fucked that dumbass up though lmfao, good snek

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