WCGW if I try to steal this man's dog?

Upvoted due to being the longest and best quality I have seen of this to date.

Good on him for saving his dog, but that dude is lucky the roo was stunned and didn't fight back. They will fuck you up.

Don't they have a super sharp knife-like nail on their feet? Or am I thinking of something else?

Just wait until he tells his kangaroo gang about this... That guy is gonna get jumped.

WCGW if I attack bees? (me_irl)

WCGW if I attack bees? (me_irl)

omg, it seem he die.

Those arent bees those are gigantic hornets or wasps my man. gnarly. Took place in China I guess. Isnt there a variety of hornet/wasp (i dunno the difference) in that region of the world that can cause serious bodily damage with just a couple stings or something? If thats the case this guys an idiot

Put on a keeper suit, rattle a hornets nest with a stick and find out for us. And science ofcourse

i guess i am not the only one, who wants to know the whole story to this

Pulling a gun on a store clerk

Yours is pointing at my face. Mine is pointing at the ground.



Thats some good control.

Gotta love the defeat written over his face when he looks at the gun.

Running as fast as I can while being completely hammered, WCGW?

Running as fast as I can while being completely hammered, WCGW?

I see he went with the organic brake pads. Good call.

When the Fast and Furious series really changes it up.

Let’s you really feel the road.

The soft cobblestones are for alcoholics in training, this guy looks like a veteran.

WCGW if I try to bench 585 with one spotter?

WCGW if I try to bench 585 with one spotter?

"Gather 'round children, let me tell you about when dad used to have a lot more ribs."

He can suck his own dick now tho

Usually this happens when you use suicide grips, with the thumbs behind the bar, and it just slips off your palm. He had a normal grip, so must have broken both thumbs to lose it.

Edit - Guy in the video states equipment problem as cause for slip.

https://imgur.com/L0JnuMs.jpg daaaaaamn

Edit: still alive https://www.instagram.com/haydnschneider/?hl=en


Edit: still alive https://www.instagram.com/haydnschneider/?hl=en

Let me just squeeze by, WCGW?

Sorry, it was the first time I've seen it. I thought to myself as I watched it WCGW, any idea in when or where it happened ?

It will be reposted once for each box that fell. This in honor of the poor schmuck fired the moment he was pulled out.

I’d never seen it. So. Thanks from me at least!

God how many times will this be reposted?

Just a little further...

Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but if you look down and to the left of the coconut, you can see the buttocks of an attractive young lady.

Nice lil ass on her

What coconut?


I'll show off my pilot skills by flying down this street, WCGW?

I can’t judge, this is like every third landing I make in GTAV.

I love how that it never even touches that car at the end.

Cause he's a very skilled pilot

I remember seeing this on the news back when it happened. Basically a 100-year old man wanted a ride to celebrate, the helicopter couldn't generate enough lift because of a rusty fuelfilter and it was being piloted by someone without a license to fly in Sweden. The only fatality was the 100-year old, quite unfortunate.

Here's an article in Swedish, you might be able to find more info.

WCGW- If I do a handstand race

To be fair, this was the last thing I expected to go wrong.

Man, sobriety tests are hard in Florida!

I definitely was not expecting her to catapult her face like a rubber band into the concrete.

Full scorpion into a face plant, 10/10

I can easily move around this palette of boxes. WCGW?

I can easily move around this palette of boxes. WCGW?

That’s some shitty shelving. One little bump can take down so much shit.

(Unburies self) “Well, I’m headed home fellas...”

I have never sat slack jawed at a reddit post before... that was a super unexpected level of destruction.

If you're not dead you're rich from the lawsuit from this ridiculously unsafe workplace

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