Bowling between your legs.

Ball busting balls

Busted an ankle and his jaw in one move, I'm impressed.

Bowlers are known for their athletic abilities and beer drinking

Looks like he stopped functioning before the fall

Gonna kick this kid for no reason, right in front of his Dad, WCGW?

Yeah the kid that kicked the other kid has Down syndrome. That being said, it would be hard not to punch anyone who just kicked your child.

Father checking in, there would be no time to judge the situation here. I'm not badass or a fighter, but whoever just kicked my kid is getting hurt.

Downs or not, kicking people will get you hurt.

If a person has a disorder that causes them to randomly attack people they should probably be kept away from the public for the protection of both them and others.

Related: When in 5th grade our after-school activity center also housed the daycare for people with mental disabilities, at least two of the people there would randomly try to strangle children who were in their way instead of walking past or asking to be let past. These were in their 20's but had Downs or other disabilities so their mental state was more like a 2 or 3 year old.

The staff had people who were supposed to always keep an eye on these two but there was still several incidents of them hurting 4th and 5th graders. I think the worst of the two was eventually placed in a more secure daycare.

The father did nothing wrong.

Calculations were made, calculations were wrong!

Calculations were made, calculations were wrong!

At least he didn't shoot anyone, unlike the break dancing FBI agent.

Aaaand my faith in police is slowly dwindling.

You had any left?

Yeah quit trying to have a positive presence and shoot someone already!

Let's cut the rope. WCGW

Natural selection

A bird Darwin would’ve been proud of

The bird is stupid if he hit the ground

Fuck all. He's got wings!

WCGW when teasing a FROG 🐸

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 6 times you lose a digit.

You better have fed that little guy. He was trying so hard.

Frog mouths don’t bite too hard. I know this because I love frogs and they don’t like me at all.

My frogs sometimes try to hunt my fingers even when I'm just reaching into their tank to do basic upkeep, because they are used to pouncing on things that size that move around. They're not exactly the brightest creatures, but it is pretty cute when one of them suddenly jumps out of nowhere and starts gnawing on my fingertip.


Pussy whipped.

Probably got a fat lip there..

Typical response at the end... Blame him.


Grabbing a strangers ass, wcgw

Grabbing a strangers ass, wcgw

Just stupidity and entitlement, the same way some women still think it’s okay to trash a guy’s property after a nasty breakup. You’ll always have the idiots regardless of sex.

I like her.

Christ, what an asshole.

Let me try that shit on your sister, mom, or daughter and tell me if you still feel the same.

Groping a servers butt

Groping a servers butt

He ended up being arrested in front of his wife and kids

That is a fun family discussion

This is beautiful vengeance, she fucking slammed him too

It’s impressive how quick her response was. Most people would be too shocked to think let alone respond and then be left feeling angry and guilty afterwards. I’d bet she’s less likely to be left with those symptoms because of that quick response.

Let me overtake. WCGW?

Let me overtake. WCGW?

Could they have tried to pass any slower?

Next time make sure your car has some balls

This is one more reason not to tailgate. Because then you have to accelerate all the way in the wrong lane. If they left a little space ahead, they could have done most of the acceleration in their own lane to minimize the time spent in the oncoming-traffic lane. Meh.

Overtakers are giving work to undertakers

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