Picking fights with random people: WCGW

He would probably be the type of guy to make an excuse for getting knocked out like that.

One hundred percent chance he recalls this story later as getting "sucker punched"

Can we just take a second to appreciate the speed and accuracy of that punch??

Then the yellow shirt guy would offer him a rematch and douchebag wouldn't show up.

Sometimes it is the little things that get me

I really wanted this to have a happy ending of some kind. Now i'm just depressed.

That kit Kat one really got to me

The pen in the mouth!! 😑😑

"You know what really grinds my gears?"

-petter griffin

Paddle boarding. WCGW?

Paddle boarding. WCGW?

I can hear 8 juvenile dolphins cracking up. Later they saved him from a shark. So you know alls well that fins well.

On porpoise


But is that the real porpoise?



I appreciate how they tried to stop it. LOL

He held on longer than l thought he would

Well that circulated quickly.

I agree. Decent kids they actually backed away when they saw their friends starting to go ass over tea kettle.

I'll hold up this Texan convenience store.. WCGW

This is mexico, not texas... Just saw the original elsewhere.

Original was 10x better quality than this junk too.


direct link https://streamable.com/wyaxe

Bad idea to fuck with one of those old ranchers like that. Dont matter if theyre from texas or mexico. Ranch work is tough no matter what side of the fence its on. Then turn your back on him? Hes lucky that old man didnt break his neck. Think about it. Those old fuckers have been flipping calves since they were kids. They may be old, but they are made out of rebar and steel cables.

I thought for sure that he was gonna get shot

Criminal Gang in South Africa Attempt to Rob the Wrong Person

This was such a pleasant and far more satisfying ending. I was 100% expecting a gun fight

I wonder what went wrong inside?

Good, seems like this wasn't the first time. The person getting robbed finally had enough.

He had the right idea ramming him in reverse. You can do that all day long, not sure why he turned around to come back and probably fuck up the radiator in his badass little car. I always get my ass handed to me in car threads but I suppose that could be a rear engine Fortwo which is available in SA, but I think the cooling is still in front. Judging by how he comes back to crush them he was probably pretty satisfied with that spot to make his final stand.

Carelessly playing with my lighter cause I'm so cool, WCGW

She keeps it incredibly cool for the size of those flames. I have long hair and if that was me I'd be screaming like a child. Im also a "grown" 37 year old man.

Uhh...she's hot.I like girls on fire.

"OK, calm down Ma'am, and we'll be there soon. How do we get to your house?"

"Duh, in that big red truck!"


WCGW being a smart ass playing sports

The keeper is at a huge disadvantage in penalties. I think he was just trying anything to psyche out the kicker, not showboating.

Those were the most spiteful cartwheels I've ever seen.

This is correct. He was on an episode of Tosh.0 and he explained he was trying to distract the penalty-kicker.

angrily cartwheels

Rope swing WCGW?

George, George, George of the Jungle, watch out for that tree!

Mental note: Never be the first one to try a rope swing.

Who designed this and thought it would go any diffrent?

Ahhhhh Ahhhhh

WCGW if you use to much Windex?🧐

WCGW if you use to much Windex?🧐

Where does the other half of the bus go?

Bus driver won't risk shutting his doors, man would just run straight through them.

Imagine getting on that bus after everybody on it saw you doing that shit...

Asking the real question

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