oops, she missed

He can take a good punch... What a chin

Or did she?

I hope they have a beautiful future together.

She's been abiding her time and now was the time for payback....

The snake didn't kill me but the debt will

The snake didn't kill me but the debt will

I remember when this first came out. Guy got bitten by a rattlesnake and had to take four doses of antivenin for it. The antivenin was $20,000+ per dose. Someone did some digging and found the wholesale price of it in the US was (on average) $1000 per dose. To make matters even more fucked up, the retail price in Mexico (where the antivenin was made) is just $120 a dose, and the wholesale price of it was just $20.

Hospital claimed the reason it was so expensive is that it had a 30 day shelf life, and they had to make up for all the other doses that got tossed out over the course of a year. That explanation flew like a lead balloon.

Edit: Should also add that the rest of the bill was related to an in-patient stay that lasted about a day and a half.

Free to die, pay to live.

So they essentially charged him for all the anti venom they had to throw away? What the fuck..

Ain't even free to die, my guy



"Now class, we're going to watch this scrub today so you all can learn how not to be absolute shit."

His public K/D ratio is punishment enough.

That literally happened to my friend who thought he didn't need school so he stayed home that day. Lo and behold someone told his chemistry teacher and they all roasted him while he streamed to his 0 viewers at home.

EDIT: 1 viewer since everyone was watching through the projector. Since y'all wanna get all technical with me.

"when you drop out of class to stream, you lose valuable time you could have spent learning something instead of dying repeatedly while streaming to no one like this poor truant"

A terrible day for shorts

A terrible day for shorts

what are the odds he could perfectly match with the sign like that?

Wearing shirts and shorts while riding is just stupid in general.


There is a reason biker jackets feel like armor. It drives me nuts when I see people dressed like this when they ride

People think gravity not be what it does, but it do.

it really do be like that sometimes

Man... she did a lot of incorrect mental math before she made that piss poor attempt

I can’t—it hurts way too badly to watch!

That guy behind her pointed and was like “ watch that rock.” Then she drove her knee right into it.

Maybe you should hit the gym before you hit the road

This is painful to watch

Really painful for the neighbor that actually owns the bike.

Dude is definitely drunk, and the bike is trying to prevent him from wrecking it and killing them both.

My dad says when he got his license back in the day, the first thing they did was lay the bike down and tell him to pick it up. If you couldn't do it, no license.

Fuck you Todd!

Fuck you Todd!

Already? But what about Halloween?!

The cat is orange, just like a pumpkin

God dammit Todd Howard

"I will bring you down anyway, Devil tree, I will bring you down."

Had to be cut out of my car a few hours ago cause some idiot crossed the centerline and hit a car, sending it flying towards me causing a head on collision.

Had to be cut out of my car a few hours ago cause some idiot crossed the centerline and hit a car, sending it flying towards me causing a head on collision.

And just casually posting on Reddit like a boss. Get well soon!

Just a broken kneecap, a bruised chest and sore back. Thank you so much to all the first responders for everything you do. And that includes strangers that stop to help right after it happens. I had a guy come up and calm me down afterwards until the paramedics got there. I was really confused and scared and he just stayed right outside my window holding my hand.

Edit: thank you to all the well wishers. I've got a long weekend ahead of me and I've got lots of sick time and vacation time saved up for the time off from work. :)

Hope you get better soon, this is terrible

I'm a little weird and it is super boring waiting in an ER with no television. I thought it was funny that I just posted in this subreddit about a bag of frozen fries ripping and then this. It kinda puts things in perspective.

Losing your balance while running down hill.

Losing your balance while running down hill.

Vegan speed eating champion.

She is normally a carpet muncher but today grass will do

Oh look, a penny.

Lots of attempts at 'comedy' in comments.

The GIF speaks for itself here...

The Flash

Barry (f)Allen

When you run all the way around the world, just to trip when you stop

I hate myself for laughing as hard as I did.

Imagine the rug burn the flash would get if he actually fell.

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