You can slowly see my Photoshop quality decline as my laptop battery gets closer to running out lol.

Turns out the AP buff was just swapping the APDS and AP damage models instead of doing anything useful.

Is that WoT tank portrait?!

Chad T-54 laughs in APCBC

the impenetrable tiger

the impenetrable tiger

this makes my skin crawl

That port absorbs shells and sends them to the void.

Tell me about it. Shot a 122mm BR-471B shell right on it during a quick shot at 50 meters with no angle. "No penetration".


"But if the war hadn't ended in 1945, der fuhrer would have made this"

He's a superior predator

He's a superior predator

Once I was playing low tier Americans with some buddies. I killed a guy in a Russian tank named Soviet Grizzly. My WT name is the same as my reddit.



The weak should fear the strong

A slightly better AEC and a glorified Sturmpanzer aren't worth a month of misery.

A slightly better AEC and a glorified Sturmpanzer aren't worth a month of misery.

Agreed. Fuck this Chronic pain, I'm doing the Parts part.

good meme, but I can't wait for a month later when "glorified sturmpanzers" pubstomp the everloving crap out of everyone and there's cries for how it should be "6.7 because it's a postwar tank"

God, you made my heart jump.

But nope, I double-checked:

Granted to players who have completed 7 Special Objectives for 1 vehicle class

As I understand it, the blueprints of the vehicles will be given out to all players with 7 completed Special Objectives (the ones completeable in Random Battles, not Chronicle Tasks), once the 400k goal is reached.

Don't you get blueprints from doing 7 Chronicle tasks and the community doing the goal to get the blueprints?

Regia Aeronautica in a nutshell

Regia Aeronautica in a nutshell

the grey paint

I lol'ed, have my updoot

The grey paint has been proven in tests to increase WEP output by 4%. Or was that the red paint

what's the difference between them that justifies the br increase? i haven't used any of these planes yet

Cancer 906 in a Nutshell - FIXED

Cancer 906 in a Nutshell - FIXED

Looks about right blyat.

Anybody who says this thing is not ridiculously op is either a VERY bad player, never faced them or from other dimension. You soak up damage, rarely hullbreak works, upf bounces a lot, nuke shells, excellent mobility, 4! seconds reload. This is the best tank up till 8.7.

I played it for 2 days against Leos and Maus/m47s - 96% wr, 6 kills average. And a lot of games were 5 v 5 or 7 v 7.

This tank is not fine, give its old reload.

90% win rate and 5.1 KD :) This thing is amazingly biased good.

"It is fine" they said... "don't worry about it" they said...

Found a use for the chainsaw

Found a use for the chainsaw

Must be made out of Stalinium since that's the only metal capable to cut Stalinwood.

No, the chainsaw did not cut through the wood.

The Stalinwood cut out a semicircular hole in the chainsaw.

Awesome, best use of a accessory yet.

In case a tank gets stuck in the mud, they drop the log under the tracks to give it something to get traction on. Some tanks would carry it at the rear so they could just drop it but I believe the IS-4M has smoke barrels on the rear.




Ho229 prototype preparing for takeoff, 1945 (colorized)

So it was the germans who made the Mass production Evangelions?

I bet it this thing would also be outperformed by hitlerbolts...

Changes to vehicle Battle Ratings (April 2018)

Changes to vehicle Battle Ratings (April 2018)

Can we take a moment to appreciate that the premium P-47D are no longer pay-to-win?

The P-47D-25 and P-47D-28 (USA ones) are not affected by the BR change. However the German one and the P-47D-27 (USSR) go up ... catching up with their US equivalents.


Il-2 (1941) 2.7->2.3 Breda 88 2.3->2.0 / 2.3->2.0 / 2.3->2.0

oh my goodness yes Ba.88 at 2.0 HAHA YES


Sea Venom down to 8.0 in all modes

fucking finally

Meteor F Mk.8 G.41K down to 8.0 in all modes



And another Italian fighter goes up to 4.7 while the almost universally better Spitfire F IX stays put at 4.3; oh shit Gaijin what are you doing?

  StuH 42 to 3.0 is nice. That might be a new clubber, it's going to be like a baby Jagdtiger in a BR 2-3 match.

All RB changes in a table

Ground vehicles Old BR New BR Aircraft Old BR New BR SU-122 3,3 3 BB-1 1,7 1,3 M4 748 (a) (Germany) 4,3 4 IL-2 (1941) 2,7 2,3 Pz.IV G 3,7 4 Yak-23 7,3 7,7 Sturer Emil 5,7 5,3 A-35B 3,3 3 Sturmpanzer II 2,3 2 A7M2 4,7 5 Ferdinand 6,3 6,7 Beaufighter Mk.21 5 4 M1 Abrams 9,3 9,7 Beaufighter Mk.X 4 3,7 M4A2 4,3 4 Breda 88 2,3 2 M4A3 (105) 3 2,7 Do 217J-1 3,3 3 M3A1 (USMC) 1,3 1,7 Do 217J-2 3,3 3 M3A1 Stuart 1,3 1,7 Do 217N-1 3,7 3,3 StuH 42 G 3,7 3 F-84B-26 7 7,3 75mm M3 GMC 2 1,7 F4F-3 2,3 2,7 Object 906 7 7,3 Firebrand 4,7 4,3 Challenger 5,7 5,3 G.55 serie 1 4,3 4,7 Chieftain Mk.5 8,7 8,3 H-75A-1 1,3 1,7 S.35 2 1,7 H-75A-4 1,7 2 AMX-30 DCA 7,3 8 Hurricane Mk.I/L 2 2,3 SAu 40 2,7 2 Ki-102 3,7 3,3 AMX M4 6 6,3 MB.5 5,7 5,3 AMX-50 6,7 7 Me 410 A-1/U4 4 3,7 AMX-50 Surbaissé 7,7 8 Me 410 B-2/U4 4,7 4,3 B1 bis 2,3 2 Me 262A-1a 7 7,3 AMC.35 (ACG.1) 2 1,7 Meteor F Mk.8 G.41K 9 8 Lorraine 40t 6,3 6,7 Mosquito FB.Mk.VI 4,3 3,7 Chi-He 2,3 2,7 Mosquito FB.Mk.XVIII 4,3 3,7 - - - N1K1-ja 5,7 5,3 - - - P-38J-15 4 4,3 - - - P-47D (Germany) 4 4,3 - - - P-47D-27 4 4,3 - - - P-47M 5,3 5,7 - - - P-47N-15 4,7 5 - - - Sea Venom FAW.20 9 8 - - - Whirlwind Mk.1 5 4,3 - - - [added] F3D-1 8.0 7.0

Brit heavy fighter love. Interesting.

They say if you clench your buttcheeks hard enough you can not die.

They say if you clench your buttcheeks hard enough you can not die.

You should thank your plane's flat bottom.

Yeesh, you could've picked up an ant from that altitude.

I mean I can't be assed to thank everything

Also looks like you have a sphincter controlled air brake...

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