Mud Diving

Mud Diving

Is there anything the Japanese dont do in schoolgirls outfits?

Attack Pearl Harbor?

This is how you get claustrophobically stuck as you can't pull yourself out, whilst the mud doesn't give enough bearing for you to push yourself upwards.

For those who've skied/snowboarded and fallen downwards in deep snow knows what I'm talking about

This is how you break your neck.

Going down the stairs

That cameraman is kind of a dick. Just sayin'

I am totally not a fan of how wet everything looks.

Gahhh stop overtaking people on a slippery cliff-face

I'm also not a fan of how he is passing people so quickly. They're staring at him like "why would you do that? Just wait your turn." He's potentially putting the others at risk just to make this video.


The first one was just pure gold.

Wrong sub though; this is just comedy.

/sub/wtf = wow that's funny!

Asia is weird

Nah this sub isn't for "yooo what the fuck haha" it's for "oh my God what the fuck holy shit"

Tobacco Sniffing Championship

First one to get brain cancer wins.


*tearfully puts medal on gravestone* sniffs you win dad... you win...

I'm still trying to figure out why sniffing tobacco is a thing- nevermind the competition of it.

Car Flipping Over A Cyclist

Car Flipping Over A Cyclist

i think my eyes are deceiving me

The flipping car didn't hit the oncoming vehicle, either, so I think it was in front of both.

Wow, that dude should buy a lottery ticket.

More like behind the cyclist...

Sun halo

This type of halo is referred to as Sun Dogor goodboye sun

not much, what's sun with you

How is this /sub/wtf? This is more like /sub/natureisfuckinglit 🔥

What's sun dog?

Man who found pig's gallstone discovers it's worth £450,000

Man who found pig's gallstone discovers it's worth £450,000

Apparently they have valuable medical properties and is very rare. So basically you can kill pigs for their loot. Wonder what the drop rate is

Edit: everyone pointing out "believed." I get it! I know how to read. I was trying to be funny you can stop informing me. Christ man....

It is "believed" to have medical properties according to Eastern medicine. It's worth money the same reason the testicles and horns of numerous animals are worth money, because a bunch of old Asian men think it will give then boners or larger dicks or whatever.

At first dubious, Bo and his son Bo Mingxue, 26, eventually travelled to the major port city of Shanghai, where they spent £4,500 (40,000 RMB) getting an appraisal from experts.

Well this guy's ballsy to pay that much money to test a shit ball, i'm happy for him it turned out to be real.

And that's why this story is fake. I live in China (in the "major port city of Shanghai" :D) and 1) things like that cost less than 1% of this price (even 0.1%), 2) pig farmers would never pay that kind of money for something like that and 3) why would a pig farmer travel to Shanghai to get told "yup, that's a ball of pig hair".

A refreshing winter treat!

A refreshing winter treat!

Probably just reusing the container.

What I was thinking, little bit left in the container just filled it with coffee.

I started drinking coffee my freshman year of college. One day I tried coffee mate and found it to be delicious (I have a huge sweet tooth). Poured myself a full cup of it at the dining hall and paid as if I got coffee. Drank the whole thing in one sitting. Had the worst stomach ache imaginable for the rest of the day. Never make my mistake.

And rum



the real wtf is that they're probably in some sort of sideshow being abused

You can't train a bear to do that without abusing her.

Source: Am an animal rights lawyer who recently went to a bear welfare summit.

Bear back-riding.

And can't train a horse to allow a predator on it's back without abuse.

The escape

2 Robbery suspects in short pursuit today in LA. She ran into a liquor store while the driver got caught down the block. Luckily the news chopper panned back to her as she walked out and tried to hide in a construction yard. News crew relayed the info to the cops and caught her moments later.

Adrenaline is a hell of a drug. She's gonna have some major road-rash from that.

One thing I learned (don't ask) is that you need to jump diagonally out and away from the vehicle. Hanging on like that and not making the commitment to jump is bad news. She is lucky her feet didn't go under the vehicle.

That's one Uber driver that won't be getting a tip.

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