VeChainThor Wallet and VET Token Swap AMA

VeChainThor Wallet and VET Token Swap AMA

"It is important to remember that though the blockchain market appears to move at lightspeed, enterprises and software development still operate at their normal pace."

Important quote.

As someone who works for a 30 billion dollar Enterprise, let me assure you, that normal pace is slow.

Our promises remain intact, and many intensive VeChainThor Blockchain users/use cases are still unannounced.

Hope that reassures some of the weak hands around here. Have patience, my dudes! We're in a very confuse/hard time right now, with the token swap, people with many questions, not knowing when the Exchanges will finish it, etc Let the shitstorm pass, stop checking your portfolio app everyday, and come back at the end of the year when all this is done and some enterprises and dapps are fully utilizing the blockchain.

Wow would you look at that - all you had to do was be patient and they answered all your questions. Mind boggling how impatient and childish so many people were being.

He just tweeted too that your patience will be rewarded lol

Hey, my green-sprinkled jelly-filled donuts – listen up. Get your battle-drums ready, the war is back. You cannot get rid of a Messiah.

Hey, my green-sprinkled jelly-filled donuts – listen up. Get your battle-drums ready, the war is ...

I'm honestly ashamed at how happy I got when I saw his name pop up on my phone from his tweet hahaha

If you complained about the price in the daily, you're not allowed to be excited about cck return either ;)

edit: don't judge my gatekeeping

edit2: Tinfoil hat time: CCK has always been one of the founding team members in one way or another, as has been posited a lot. When the XNode idea came out, it was a fantastic way to not only gauge the amount of vechain locked up (to be able to kind of look into the future and get rough projections of what the mainnet will eventually look like, transaction costs, etc), but also to lock up a lot of vechain so that it couldn't be dumped. With the migration from an ethereum-token to it's own net, there really wasn't a pretty way to do it, which is why it's kind of a PITA to go through the multiple steps, manual exchanges, sending to exchanges, etc. This forced the team to 'unlock' nodes for a while and pause x-node tracking, enabling individuals to trade their vechain again. As goes crypto, plenty used this opportunity to sell theirs in hopes of buying back lower (which plenty did successfully). The price began to lower, and people started to bitch and complain. The fudders came out in full force (and you can see it in the dailies lately) along with shorters trying to push their agenda and scare people to sell. Plenty of us are concerned about ledger integration hardware-wallet integration (rightfully so), and Vechain does the right thing and extends the "unlocked xnode window," allowing further trading of what was once a locked up, immovable amount of Vechain. The price fell further.

The individual behind CCK, who had been assumed retired, returns from the void to attempt to prevent a further price collapse.

and I love it, because CCK was my favorite part of this all to begin with 😂

“Others .. rekt lol”

LOL. Tell em CCK

This seems to be just hype without anything informative inside it. Just please do not post this crap to /sub/cc x)

Pink is mocking "Others" as smallminded unbelievers that have not seen and shall be rekt lol. Red is praising fully faithful people as pilgrim warriors that march and claim what is theirs. Orange is just flames and heat. Green is something about vechain taking over the highest spot (asgard is highest of the 9 worlds), spoils of war = eating eth's and others market cap (golden rivers)?

Unless that "12th Týr of the past, the Erebus of Madness. This is the moment a boy becomes a man, chosen to swim in the golden rivers of asgard. Take up arms and witness our ascension" Means that DB Schenker dapp is something really huge. Týr is a god and tuesday is named after him, this happened thuesday 12th of june , erebus is a volcano so its obvious born place for phoenix.

The worlds first multi-clause and multi-party transaction

The worlds first multi-clause and multi-party transaction

A transaction that involved 4+ parties with 5 different clauses (statements that decide what happens when or if something can occur) happening natively on chain without the need for a virtual machine (the reason Ethereum cannot scale).

I’m an employer wanting to do payroll on a batch execute.

I’m a casino wanting to handle the payout of a pot.

I’m bmw and want to pay out a % of profit for each sale.

I’m at dinner and want to split the bill with friends on one transaction.

I buy a house and the real estate agent wants to take a fee after sale but also has to pay taxes, home owners insurance, hoa fees, etc.

Test passed, all enterprises board please

I am not lying.

Read that code yourself. That’s a multi sig wallet assigning portions of data to members of the multi sig.

MPP allows parties to sponsor transactions for members that do not even have a wallet,relinquish ownership, and create immutable proof of their authority over that data.

Introducing Totient as a Partner Pioneering New Heights For The VeChainThor Ecosystem

Introducing Totient as a Partner Pioneering New Heights For The VeChainThor Ecosystem

I think this is a different partnership than people are used to but largely a significant one.

VeChain has been releasing partners that are existing businesses. This is a case of several millionaires picking VeChain as their home platform to build their legacy on. Each of their members has an impressive resume and the connections they show on their website are already pretty large.

They have a solid tech background and have demonstrated they can build products that users need.

The most exciting thing is that this is VeChain honoring one of our own as a full fledged partner. That to me is truly inspiring.

This speaks to me loudly that VeChain isn't just something I can sit back and just shill about. This is a project I can claim as my own and build it myself. By introducing Totient, this to me is VeChain saying "we welcome you".

I think this is powerful.

EDIT - It is statements like this that make it worth it:

"have been working with Kevin and Clinton since we met in the New York meetup. really impressed by their profesionalism and efficiency. We would like more partners to join the VeChain community."

Not every partnership needs to be an explosive billion dollar partnership. This partnership is giving us real result... like the ledger wallet and the block explorer. And this company could be the start of Vechain building up a reputation in the US.

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of the first of many products from Totient, the VeForge Blockchain Explorer

VeForge Blockchain Explorer:

They are definitely not holding more than 1 Authority Node

Vechain almost won the LVMH Innovation Award - Great work!

Vechain almost won the LVMH Innovation Award - Great work!

2nd is solid in my book.

I told my wife and she said that she wishes that I came second...

It isn't just solid, it is fantastic!

Sharing a space with such massive companies can only grow the brand positively. Second place is brilliant! I bet LVMH will still use the tech anyway, it’s clearly in their interests and Sunny used to be CIO of Louis Vuitton. Networking is everything in business!

Defining the VeChainThor Blockchain Consensus — Proof of Authority

Defining the VeChainThor Blockchain Consensus — Proof of Authority

“It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” — Warren Buffett

I'd like to know how Warren Buffett feels about being quoted by a blockchain project :P

But yes, if DNV GL, PWC, Michigan State University, Oxford, and others along that caliber turn out to be out Authority Master Nodes, any chance of a 51% attack is nearly zero.

Also, along these lines, it makes you wonder what companies under NDA will be forced to come out once they're a known Authority Node. It would be pretty ridiculous if (insert Company X) turned out to be an authority node, and were not using the system.

Yup. I know some of these words.

TL;DR Proof of Authority is MUCH faster compared to POS, DPOS, and POW since you are not relying on constantly syncing the entire network between slow and fast nodes and you have a level of reliability between the delegated servers. It is also MUCH safer since you know the nodes are involved and people's VET in their wallets stake and get VeThor (income) and voting rights in network decisions. POA is less decenterlized buy hey, 101 Authority nodes is MUCH better compared to 21 EOS has! At the end of the day POA is the BEST of all worlds and it will give VeChain performance, scalability and reliability that Eth simply can't mach, the flippenning will occur. POA + VeChain partnerships and high returns for VET holders will push VeChain to top 5 blockchains in 2018 IMHO!

Wow. I don't see how anyone can think vechain won't be a top 3 coin.



Counterfeit milk labels are a huge problem in China:

edit: As the article says, both powered milk and liquid are affected by counterfeit labels. This ties into CCK's mention of "liquid and non liquid". The CFDA began requiring approved labels on them this past January. Could the CFDA be forcing all infant formula sellers in China to use Vechain in order to verify they aren't counterfeit?

Let's try to avoid bashing other projects please ;)

So, I saw an article yesterday that Alibaba plans to roll out a pilot with Australia. The article mentions fish oil and dairy products. See the cows? If successful the pilot rolls out globally.

This could be a hint at Alibaba using VeChain's network. The article also mentions QR codes and PwC. How many supplychain / product traceability blockchain start ups are affiliated with PwC? Article also mentions China's goal to combat counterfit food products. And we know VEN has ties with Australia based on their past visits.

Can folks weigh in on whether Wabi, Modum, Waltonchain, Ambrosus, etc have PwC affiliation? Would love to hear your perspective.

Edit: Is anyone able to uncover that article where Vechain visited Australia, it was recent.

Article here:

niunai = milk

An open letter from Sunny Lu (CEO) on VeChainThor Platform

An open letter from Sunny Lu (CEO) on VeChainThor Platform

A few of my favourite lines from the letter:

'I wanted to firmly express that in three years, the public will be using VeChain every day and never even know it. I long to say to my daughter, “Everything you do everyday — I was a part of that.”'

'The VeChainThor Platform is a public blockchain that is designed for mass adoption through enterprise adoption.'

'Despite being a significant technological milestone, Ethereum has not been made suitable for hosting large-scale commercial dApps that could engage our day-to-day activities.'

Sunny, you're a smooth savage. We could not ask for a better CEO; your vision is laser focused. Keep up the good work.

This guy fucks

They have taken such a practical, yet innovative approach to mass adoption.

Congrats to everyone here because it is going to be one heck of a ride!

It is now time to unveil precisely what the VeChainThor Platform is.

I got chills reading this.

I bought into a supply chain token in early December because I remember specifically thinking "finally, a token that's using blockchain for a real world solution." Then I watched as my investment turned into not only a supply chain token like I originally thought, but into a fully fledged platform behemoth. We all are so very lucky and I never thought I'd get so excited about something like this.

Thank you @BMWStartups for the clarification! The future is very bright between @vechainofficial and BMW! We are thrilled we get to show it off soon! #GoVeChain

Thank you @BMWStartups for the clarification! The future is very bright between @vechainofficial ...

Alright, where are all those dumb fucks who were busy trying to poke holes in this collaboration? Great to see some light on this development. VeChain isn’t like the others.

Vechain love.

BMW & vechain sorry u have to reply to Twitter thickos

Who cares. I rather them not know.

Was about to go sleep exactly before this tweet showed up. Now I can sleep like a baby.

New Coca Cola Kid post

New Coca Cola Kid post

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If by decode, you mean wait for someone more focused and intelligent than us to post answers, I'm in!

Coconuts on blockchain confirmed

Nice tribute to Stephen Hawkin down the bottom

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