How to open a bottle using scientific method

How to open a bottle using scientific method

Classic HowToBasic

Not enough eggs

I believe this method works on all types of bottles and even jammed windows and glass doors!

Ah, yes, science. I am familiar.

Golf cart gets close (x-post r/killthecameraman)

Golf cart gets close (x-post r/killthecameraman)

Surprise mothafucka.

This guy has zero golf cart awareness.

This is what golfing turns into when someone brings a handle of fireball.

Full contact golf

Literally this entire gif

The milk of glass was definitely unexpected

The bowling ball really had me giggling

This made me uncomfortable for some reason.

It's obviously a glass of water.



What did I just watch here?

Why dey bloo?

Someone attempting murder and that someone dying.

Talented skateboarder hits a nollie tre flip


Title should have been "Just a little skateboard trick".

Most impressive part was the pop up at the end.

Edit:fakie tre

Deadly predator catches a mouse

Cock blocked!

The chicken unleashing its inner velociraptor

Chickens are fucking gnarly. At my work we have a farm, and the kids like to collect the eggs. If an egg gets dropped (which happens often because kids) it literally gets swarmed by the other chickens. Nothing like watching chickens fight over the yolk of their unborn.

Fucking kill stealer

Tank transporter

I kind of expected that...

Downward camera angle on a street with snow, which has footprints. Why is this here?

Unexpected for me. I saw it was a model, but expected it to be at least ten times smaller than it actually was.

U couldn’t tell that was an RC tank ?

Never trust a coin

It's a damn Mimic.

Perfect for gold diggers

Personally I feel more betrayed by the fact that one side is U.S. and the other is Mexican.

The ultimate prank, I need it

Don't need electricity to get lit

Sad part was he's the driver...Amish ghost riding the whip

edit: Saw the haunting lady in black. He's going through his midlife crisis.

I feel like this would be a great scene in that Tim Allen movie "For Richer or Poorer".

I never knew horse drawn carts were recyclable.

Be careful!

Honestly, I would have expected that guy to get his running start and then end up tumbling that thing over itself and down the hill. But then he got air, and he was flying. Pleasantly unexpected. Then BIG PEW!!! Double unexpected!

Whoa! That got him!

I thought he was just going to fall out from the bottom mid flight

Honestly did not expect it to go all Star Wars (didn’t see it was a x-post from combined gifs)

Wife's idea. She's waiting on the insurance to kick in.

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