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It's a push start. Uses a proximity key system.

The guy on the left has a device that acts as the key once the signal is received.

That was poorly explained. How do they bypass the ignition system?



Should've left them under the windshield wipers

The window is prob more worth than the tickets


Lots of people dont like him/think he's repetitive... But his target audience LOVES him. In miami and Puerto Rico he is hailed as a hero, and he donates a lot of money and his own time to the poorer communities here in Miami and in Puerto Rico. His shows are cheap because he wants his fans to be able to afford tickets.

Another skylight balcony

Another skylight balcony


Ah, sorry;

And here's the source.

All three of these are different

We all came here to say that

little bait fish

Jesus Christ.

Aww... theyโ€™re playing tag.

It's a crocodile get in the alligator*

Saw this on the news, girl got bit by it. Pretty sure she was okay, but kinda messed up her wolf tattoo

Behind the Scenes in The Matrix

Ok Mr. Reeves, we can only do this shot once. It takes 12 hours to set up the charges correctly and we have a limited number of pillars. This one shot will be worth 1.2 million. Are you ready Mr. Reeves?

More of these please. :)

"Clear your mind....ok, now dial it back a bit."

There's more in the video this is from.

This gif is at 2:00

Lemme just shoot the frozen lake I'm standing on

No way.

I mean this is amazing but I would have wanted to see the ice crack and then the man who shot it fell into the water

I thought this was /sub/whatcouldgowrong

Then it wouldn't be Unexpected

Wife mysteriously dies later that night

Hahaha.... fuckin bitch.

That is the most British looking couple I have ever seen.

They are british, so more like Fuckin 'ell.


Got a new vacuum.

This vacuum doesn't suck.

Poop speed ludicrous!

I actually gasped! That was unexpected!

Doesn't even chuck.


Very unexpected. I thought the tv was going to get a wii remote through it.

That's the face you make when you've been carrying your team the whole game

โ€œThis bitch.โ€

โ€œIf only I were human.โ€

Have you heard the word?


A trained bird?

I had a friend who disliked cats, because they were filthy and that filthy litter box and all

Meanwhile, when you came over to his house, you'll be greeted by shit everywhere and the birds sitting on your coffeecup, it was brilliant.

He could make them do ridiculous things.

Birdman. Why didn't I think of this sooner??


The shop man keep so calm. Bird has nest in his office for sure

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