Selfie with the cat

it's a pretty well known fact that table cats and sweater puppies don't get along

It's just not fair

(👁 ͜ʖ👁)

Fully expected that cat to shit on her at first, I guess that's why they call this sub unexpected.......

What's that weird noise on the roof? Let's go check it out

Even the watermark don't want none of that

I like how the guy with the gun was the quickest to flee the situation.


We all need to appreciate image stabilisation.

Trick Shot

Trick Shot

The fumble at the end is so comical

This entire time, I thought it was 3 people behind the counter. But it's actually two.

The other guy put both cups in, while the first guy messed up with just one...

Edited for spelling

The aim on his blind throw is still impressive, I would've hit the cups.

Haters will say it's fake

I'd like to see the Manager please

I'd like to see the Manager please

Life would be really fucking cool if that were real.

Korean advert

I'm pretty sure it's a for that Kingsman: The Secret Service movie from a bit back.

Here's another one.


Better fighting than Iron Fist.

The moment I saw the umbrella I knew it was a Kingsman advert.

Feeding some swans

I thought this was gonna be some swan snuff film at first.

Can you imagine if this happened to people, though? You're out chillin at a picnic and suddenly a bunch of bears dressed like people abduct you and remove all your piercings before releasing you back to your family.

100% that swan thought he was going to be tortured until he gave SOME FUCKING ANSWERS

..and lure you into their trap with a bag of cheeseburgers.

I like how the swans put theirs heads together when reunited. It's a little head hug.

Freshman year

Freshman year

This makes me really happy

You can drink and be a stoner too. I've got a bong between my legs and a beer in the cupholder right now.

that was wholesome

you're not being wholesome

ohh shit.

ohh shit.

If I had a snek I'd never lick another stamp in my life.

rare gif of kanye west sharing his lollipop with taylor swift

I bet that kid is hilarious. This has to be one of my favorite gifs of all time.

This fully belongs on /sub/aww so cute

Playing with the kitten

When gravity is merely a suggestion.

Kitten's got more traction on the wall than he does on the floor.

That's a wall model cat not the usual floor model one.

Took me some time to notice that cats don't normally climb straight up walls.

Total transformation

Total transformation

Thought it was gonna be obama

This fucking century.

thought it was gonna be Putin. :/

Goddamn that Photoshop work is insane. Nice job

Cop stops traffic

Why is she in the middle of the street? Don't want to use the crosswalk?

Time to share this on facebook with "Cop stops traffic, and the reason why will warm your heart"

This is awesome. Especially in china, where there is an "every man for himself" attitude.

It is quite possible she has dementia. One of the symptoms of dementia is wandering, which is bad when the person doesn't remember where they are/what they are doing and especially bad when the person has mobility problems. There are actually programs in place in a few areas so when a police officer sees an elderly person wandering, they can check to see who the person is and where they should be.

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