Rednecks sneak up on a buck

Rednecks sneak up on a buck

OK, that was cute. Catch and release ranch, that's awesome.

That title is the golden standard. Well played, Sir!

I was totally expecting that buck to rain down hell upon him. Deer are scarry as fuck when they feel they need to fight.

You got fooled by a title on /sub/unexpected? WTF!? How have we let this happen?

3 Girls 1 Elevator

3 Girls 1 Elevator

Good thing his bro was sleeping over and looking out for him. That's a keeper my dude

The tetrahedron is the second coolest platonic solid after tucking your bro in.

"The twist is he's gay"

5 seconds later

"Yep, there it is"

Needs more jpeg.

Car protection measure

Secure the wall. The Turks are coming.

You know those moments when you see something that just isn’t quite right and it feels like you spirit detaches from your body for a brief second in a surreal, existential shift?

That just happened to me.

Um what?


My boss will never believe why I'm late for work again.

My boss will never believe why I'm late for work again.

Well... You can't really show your boss this clip cause you weren't really delayed.... now get back to work

Why is there a storm trooper just relaxing while there's a fire? I dunno, y'all... Kinda feels staged to me.

You wouldn’t have gotten out and helped our brothers?

you didn't even pull over to help them out?

Penguin aren’t always so cute

Penguin aren’t always so cute

I so hate when they do that.

I think this is a fake.

You should see them in water. Straight up torpedoes

No way. You can tell because the ignition of the penguin’s rocket propulsion system doesn’t leave burn marks on the ice beneath. Dead giveaway.

How to lose your life in one easy step.

Sometimes you click because of the title and sometimes because of the thumbnail.

I might be wrong, but something tells me that the fiercest fight that night was fought outside the ring......

He dead

Hit or miss I guess she took the kids, huh?

Jealous Tom

There there, I know Thanksgiving is in two days. Yes I'm certain were having ham. Don't worry, it'll be fine.

That dog looked upset and hurt after he got snapped at. Poor little fella.

But that’s not what the dog keeps telling me!

Dog: ‘yep, okay, I’ll be on my way here.’

Damn he is hungry.

Damn he is hungry.

There's always a bigger fish.

No shit

shit, sometimes thats just how it be

They don’t think it is, but it do

to infinity and beyond

Somebody released the quacken.

Can we get an explanation maybe? That is scary as duck.

What's with all these speed up gifs lately

Look at all those chickens

Alright Minnie calm down

Alright Minnie calm down

Minnie just got back from ‘Nam... she’s still adjusting

"Micky I don't care how crazy Minni is, you're going to need a better reason to get a divorce."

"i didnt say she was crazy, I said she was fucking goofy"

Long ago the four nations lived in harmony, but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

(In Minnie's voice) The horror... The horror.

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