Girl uses her body for drawing

Technically, we all use our bodies for drawing.

I've been using a similar process to make turkey drawings for years.

If I used my body for drawing, the picture would look like an odd shaped avocado.

I don't draw. Checkmate.

Her Finger Pulls Ups

When I see my cold hearted ex at the gym.

this is beneficial to mountain climbers, they may have a hand hold that only can have a few fingers on it, that's why that thing she uses to grip on has different sized holes so you can work on doing this with a number of different finger holds. The only way to get used to doing a 1 fingered pullup is to do it

Additionally, the reason that she's using her middle fingers as opposed to her index (or any of the others) is because the middle finger is centered and in line with the forearm. This prevents unnecessary torque being placed on the wrist, which would eventually cause injury.

The coolest way to flip someone off

Shalane Flanagan, Women's Boston Marathon Winner. Fastest final 10K close on the NYC marathon course by a female and the first American woman to win since 1977.

Shalane Flanagan, Women's Boston Marathon Winner. Fastest final 10K close on the NYC marathon course by a female and the first American woman to win since 1977.

Damn, it's like looking at an anatomy book.

*New York Marathon winner. She hasn't decided if she's going to run in the Boston Marathon yet.

That's the most clearly defined sartorius I've ever seen

good god, look that thigh muscle. I'm not even sure i have that one.

Girl does a pretty good handlebar handstand.

She had me on riding the bike backward while sitting on the handlebar.

How do you even figure out you can do that? I mean, I understand the riding a bike and the gymnastics, but why would you combine them?

Try putting them on the handlebars instead.

Bruh I’m still scared to take both hands off the wheel

Girl does impressive trike drift

I’ve ridden those. The back wheels are hard plastic with no traction. Just a slight flick of the hip and you’re drifting. So much fun.

Déjà Vu! I've just been in the this place before!

If it were me, the bike would flip and my skin would get shredded to shit

Where can I get one of these and do I need to sell my Other kidney to buy it?

You got your way, I got mine. --Girl

Messing that up would be painful

Those are some fit people.

I just ate 7 double chocolate chip cookies.

Nah you might not even feel anything ever again.

But you are fit. Fit'n dem cookies in yo mouf.

Pole Dancer With Unique Use of Her Legs

The pole rotates. Watch about an inch from the bottom, you can see a screwhole as it spins.

So, my question has always been, how do they rotate around the pole so easily while still maintaining enough friction to stay on the pole?

Not all poles rotate, to make things even more confusing.

I cannot wait to watch this at the Olympics.

Girl Makes Crazy Volleyball Save

Girl Makes Crazy Volleyball Save

2 girls made 3 crazy saves.

This was played at Krum High School in Krum, Texas this past Friday. The team making the save is Decatur, and they still lost the game despite that play.

EDIT: Holy 🐮

More athleticism in 10 seconds than in my whole life.

I enjoy the dodgeball flip

I enjoy the

Girl Cop In Florida Has No Probs With A 9ft Anaconda!

I never really thought about how funny it is that snakes can be very powerful and intimidating creatures but they are rendered completely harmless once they're inside a bag.

When doing this it is better to tie your hair up in a bun. Anacondas don't want none, unless you've got buns, hon.

So is a human if it’s not a shitty bag.

It thinks its hiding from the lady messing with it. Its like " crap ladys got me gotta get away .. o look a dark spot she'll never find me in there"

Fit girl with a surprise ending.

Stop swinging your feet, you're messing out on a good core work- Oh...

100% respect for her, but that wasn't surprising at all OP.

Second time watching it, those legs look so floppy.

First time watching it, I had no idea.

Yeah, the floppy legs were pretty obvious.

On another note, that was awesome!

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