Girl Makes Crazy Volleyball Save

Girl Makes Crazy Volleyball Save

2 girls made 3 crazy saves.

This was played at Krum High School in Krum, Texas this past Friday. The team making the save is Decatur, and they still lost the game despite that play.

EDIT: Holy 🐮

More athleticism in 10 seconds than in my whole life.

I enjoy the dodgeball flip

I enjoy the

Girl Cop In Florida Has No Probs With A 9ft Anaconda!

I never really thought about how funny it is that snakes can be very powerful and intimidating creatures but they are rendered completely harmless once they're inside a bag.

When doing this it is better to tie your hair up in a bun. Anacondas don't want none, unless you've got buns, hon.

So is a human if it’s not a shitty bag.

It thinks its hiding from the lady messing with it. Its like " crap ladys got me gotta get away .. o look a dark spot she'll never find me in there"

Fit girl with a surprise ending.

Stop swinging your feet, you're messing out on a good core work- Oh...

100% respect for her, but that wasn't surprising at all OP.

Second time watching it, those legs look so floppy.

First time watching it, I had no idea.

Yeah, the floppy legs were pretty obvious.

On another note, that was awesome!

That's not a makeover...that's a makeunder.

That's not a makeover...that's a makeunder.

It’s kinda crazy how much bigger she looked before. I thought she was really overweight but after the makeunder, she appeared so much smaller.

Dressing for your body shape is important. Some cuts are more flattering than others depending on body type

For anyone wondering, this is from a uk show called “snog, marry, avoid”. They basically take people who go a bit mental with their looks with too much make up or crazy hair or the like and then strip them back and make them look more conventionally good looking.

No, no, no! Anyone but her! Guys.... she's got GLASSES and a PONYTAIL!

Disassembling and reassembling an AK-47 in 18.66 seconds


Jesus H. Christ. This is a new company record. If it wouldn't be such a waste of damn fine enlisted man, I'd recommended you for O.C.S.. You are gonna be a General some day, Gump! Now, disassemble your weapon and continue!

Also? She mishandled the clip.

grabs popcorn

I read that in a magazine once.

Ball control, in heels.

Suddenly Jurassic World seems more plausible.

She’s better than I’ll ever be, and in heels no less.

I remember when heel lady dribbled a ball so well she hypnotized the T-Rex and got away

Looks like the same girl from this post

Didn't spill a drop

She has got her priorities straight

Same chick, same day

Same chick, same day

First priority should be a life jacket

reminds me of when ricky, julian and bubbles crash the car running from the cops and julian emerges from the wrecked, flipped car with his drink intact and full. fuckin love /sub/trailerparkboys

The Chinese Disabled Arts Troupe Does A Thingie

I think I remember that they're deaf, but they still go exactly in time with the music. My middle School Chinese teacher showed our class.

How are they disabled?

That's correct. They are performing at a charity event. The 21 girls here are all hearing impaired. In Buddhism, 42 hands represent a thousand hands. So they stand as one person with a thousand hands.

I can't help but think how the majority of people in the crowd won't have a straight-on view of her

Maisie Williams - 5'1" – and Gwendoline Christie – 6'3" – rehearsing

I didn't notice it before, but that little flip from her right hand to her left that Maisie does with the dagger is pretty sweet.

Arya, in the books, is left-handed. Maisie Williams is right-handed. She's learned all her fight choreography left-handed to stay truer to the book character. Apparently, she's even had to remind her trainers on occasion.

A lot more 6'3" blond male stunt doubles lying around hollywood than 6'3" women

something something Wrigley's Doublemint Gum

Ok I know what subreddit this is but I'm having very VERY dirty thoughts right now.

I was trying to figure out how they did that.

Their solution was WAAAAY simpler than mine. I feel stupid...

After you watch The Prestige you always assume there is a twin.

A for Honesty

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