Shame on all you so called "thunder fans" posting to trade Russell

Shame on all you so called "thunder fans" posting to trade Russell

Russ is the embodiment of our team #TTFU

I mean seriously. Posts supporting Westbrook were downvoted to the ground and ones calling for his trade and calling him 'Westbrick' were upvoted. It was a depressing watch earlier, but he's our franchise player and we should love him to the end. It also paid off!


Lmaoooo people really wanted to trade him? There is no OKC without Westbrook.

Yup I posted earlier while we were down 25 saying that this is Russ's team and I went into the negatives. I don't care though I'm going to live or die by the Russ

Agreed man. Shit bummed me out. He’s our guy, he decided to stick with us. We gotta have his back.

ENES IS BACK IN least for tonight

ENES IS BACK IN least for tonight

I wonder if anyone will notice if we put him in a Melo jersey?

Denver Melo, Olympic Melo, Hoodie Melo and Finally; Enes Melo.

This dude loves Oklahoma that is for sure

I MISS HIM. I LOVE KANTER!!!!! THUNDER FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Get behind the boys and ride them to the W. Thunder up


OKC wins 111-102

Russell Westbrook shoots 11/17 from the field, 1/2 from 3-PT.

Paul George shoots 8/18 from the field, 4/9 from 3-PT.

Carmelo Anthony starts off making four consecutive shots, finishing shooting 7/15 from the field, 3/8 from the 3-PT.

Steven Adams shoots 6/9 from the field, with five fouls.

Corey Brewer shoots 4/7 from the field, 2-3 from the 3-PT.

Anyone else want to predict with the bench? All in good fun. There's no circlejerk or inside jokes here.

Gotta sleep first them gonna Thunder the fuck up tomorrow!

Thundering Up from the Philippines!

I dont care if Westbrook gets his shot sent back by Gobert 9/10 times in the 1st quarter, I hope he careens into Gobert 's chest all game. This series rests upon somehow removing Gobert from an impactful position.

Jerami Grant 3/4 from the field, 5/7 from the line.

Felton 3/8 from the field, 1/3 from 3-PT, 4 assists.

Patterson 2/4 from the field and 3-PT.

Abrines 3/3 from the field and 3-PT.

Art helps me cope

Art helps me cope

This is spot on

At least the memes are good.

Dude there was some defensive plays where I saw 5 Thunder players standing while somebody from the Jazz went to the rim...

It’s not hard to be disappointed when you have no expectations tho?

Rest In Peace Mrs. Popovich.

Rest In Peace Mrs. Popovich.

Spurs head coach Popovich’s wife passed away earlier today, such a shame, send good vibes to pop and the spurs everybody. Let’s see them take down the warriors!

Oh, that's terrible...I can't even imagine. God bless him.

God bless him.

This is an unfortunate day for the spurs. I hate the fact that these reporters are asking Lebron and even KD about Pop's late wife, like, you're really hungry for some headlines, huh?

Very saddened. I’ve always looked up to Pop. He’s in my thoughts.

Props to your fan base and mods

Props to your fan base and mods

Jazz fan here.

There was a few, and I want to emphasize on a few, OKC fans that trolled our game threads and posts and your mods handled them with ease and they were friendly. I apologize if some of our few "fans" do the same.

By all means, talk shit and meme it up. We do it in our sub. I'm just impressed by the level of courtesy your mods had to make sure we know that shit isn't tolerated.

Our mods are all over this shit. 👍👍

Also our fans are 👍👍

Also TTFU it's game day bitches ⏰is counting down until tipoff

I personally feel like our moderators are unprofessional and kinda lame

Only one of them


I love meming with you guys, gg

To celebrate the playoffs and my birthday my wife made a cookie.

To celebrate the playoffs and my birthday my wife made a cookie.

cookies confirmed better than cupcakes

She’s a keeper

wifegoals 😂😂😂

Dang. How much for a dozen?! :)



I love PG but I think Indiana is just as happy with Vic doing what he is doing. They are a great matchup for Cleveland because no one can really guard him.

That being said, I’m happy with who we have as well!

Don't throw shade at Vic.

It's a win win trade. We love you PG, and we hope that Victor Oladipo can make himself a superstar in Indiana.

When the trade happened, I thought it was a steal. But Victor has proven himself there. I just wish we could have seen more of that in OKC.

As If We Didn't Need More Memes

As If We Didn't Need More Memes

I like my memes like I like my chicken, spicy and deep F R I E D

I am going to need that money.

This image is so deep it hurts.



Abrines Rising

Abrines Rising

Engrish prease

My humble response.

i definitely love what he is bringing to the table and as i said when we first got him... this guy is going to develop into a pure shooter. I think he will be around the same value/style/par as JJ Redick.

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