A rare JC public appearance outside the Brooklyn show

A rare JC public appearance outside the Brooklyn show

like Ray Romano

Julian’s looking good these days

ray romanos looking like jules these days

He looks so happy.

2$ Bill High Res

2$ Bill High Res

i just dont get it how there are no good quality vids of the concert

I need this but in video form.

I know! There's a couple of medium res clips with really good sound like,


I guess this was pre good internet and MTV hasn't played it again in the HD age for people to rip it...i bet there is a super high quality version somewhere at MTV HQ (where-ever that is).

Tyranny Era Julian

Tyranny Era Julian

Good job, Business Dog


SAME, tbh

SAME, tbh

Alex on next album: I just wanted to be one of The Voidz


Rip karma

Julians response: I just wanted to be one of The Last Shadow Puppets

I know it’s not Vinyl but I completed my collection today!

I know it’s not Vinyl but I completed my collection today!

Why the downvotes , Albert makes decent music

Nah fam now you need all of Albert's albums

Dude the rarest gems in my collection are CDs. Vinyl doesn’t always mean the greatest when it comes to collecting!

Believe me I’ve been looking



Did you not listen to Virtue? I love Virtue and This is America they're both super political personally I like it.

How can Gambino be criticised for trying too hard to be "woke" but this sub turns around and sucks JCs dick when he sings "We're in Germany now 1939"

I mean shit Julian has an obvious reference to police violence as the chorus in a single "Murder in the name of officer security"


I mean shit Part 2.

It's the overdone "America is a capitalist shit-hole

Julian has literally said we're in an invisible war between those who realize we're not in a democracy and those with money who are trying to take away democracy. He also ironically wears bomber jackets covered with corporate logos.

wake up guys

"What are you blind?"

Yeah let's criticise Gambino for trying too hard

Edit 2

I mean shit Part 3

Ladies and gentlemen

Welcome to the 187th Warmonger of the Year award

And the winner

For 2018 Warmonger of the Year is...


Edit 3

I mean shit - come the fuck on edition

Dont you ever listen to the white man's lies

The Pyramid of bones video is an allusion to the allegory of the cave which is about people needing to wake up

Im not saying any of this is bad or crying just pointing out the hypocrisy on this sub with that criticism.

I’m a diehard bino stan so I’ve gotta try and defend him lol.. He’s using that satirically, the over the top moves and facial expressions are the way black people were portrayed only a handful of decades ago. Then there’s the viral dance moves through the whole thing, which is just a dumb way that rappers gained traction but now its becoming another way everyone perceives black culture, despite it not having any substance. Then the background, which progressively becomes more and more violent. So, at face level (I’ve only watched it a couple times) I’ve gathered the video’s a kind of commentary on the fact that a new stupid dance move will go viral by just some yt vid, even impact kids all over the world, and yet police brutality and other issues don’t receive any traction despite any videos or evidence on em. Besides, this is Donald Glover, not lil pump lol he’s got no reason to be trying too hard and never did, even when he was nobody he just rapped for fun and none of his mixtapes were anything like the rap industry at the time. He’s never intentionally pandered for fans lol he’s only ever just done him

Shit lol

Agreed, too on the nose. It's the Tyranny v Virtue discussion all over again.

These things are always more thought-provoking, always more elegant, when kept vague enough that the message is just at the edge of your perception, enticing you to probe deeper.

I'm not saying Mr. Glover's video is completely barren of this more subdued messaging, but the abrupt executions followed by "This is America" are absolutely cringe-worthy.



Te amoooo~ 😻❤️💕


Is that a new Voidz shirt he's wearing?

I hope so, that shirt is cool as hell

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