"Fnatic joins our TeamSpeak while we were scrimming to troll. We were playing against GAM. Extremely unprofessional."

"Fnatic joins our TeamSpeak while we were scrimming to troll. We were playing against GAM. Extrem...

copypasta of my comment on /sub/leagueoflegends

Regi said it wasn't malicious but it's important to note that GAM is on FNC's group and FNC's players went in while TSM was discussing picks. TSM could've easily been discussing about GAM's picks and FNC could pick up a small bit of that information.

This is very unprofessional and it's not TSM that was hurt by this, it was GAM.

Regi felt the need to publicly say the truth now before it snowballs out of control and they get accused of colluding.

Just imagine how bad it's going to look if GAM players wrote this on their social media. "FNC joined TSM's team-speak while we were scrimming??"

There's a low chance of that happening but it's not a chance that TSM is willing to take considering what happened last year with the security breach.

Got to remember that GAM is in the same group as FNC so TSM might have discussed about the picks GAM is using and FNC could pick up that information.

Although this is a shitty situation and Fnatic are in the wrong, what can really be done here? Throwing the situation to the public will just divide fan bases over drama. But Regi is justifiably angry for sure.

Fnatic response... Seems more like a fuckup by RIOT to have people autojoining a lobby where some teams are scrimming

Svenskeren and Hauntzer liked Pobelter's tweet on the Bo1 format change

Svenskeren and Hauntzer liked Pobelter's tweet on the Bo1 format change - Pobelter's tweet.

It makes you wonder if the TSM players had any say on this new format change because the Bo1 format is detrimental to TSM's plans on practicing new picks/strategies during regular season and using Mr Rallez in their games.

BO3 is worse because the best teams always win

Someones argument on twitter

Of course the top teams hate the change. The BO1 change is meant to increase variance and prevent the top teams from always getting first. It is also designed so that the more popular teams "subsidize" the less popular teams by only using one stream.

I wonder who Riot got for the next season if they are willing to annoy the top teams with this change,

This whole thing is ridiculous. I shouldn't be shocked that Riot is choosing money over helping NA grow as a region, but I'm definitely appalled.

Say goodbye to teams trying things out on stage and to using subs. And scrims doesn't help here, we all know that scrims and stage are different.

If Summer split were BO1, TSM would not know how to play Galio comps now.

Yup, cutting operational costs = more profits for the owner.

TSM: LEGENDS - Season 3 Episode 23 - Boston

TSM: LEGENDS - Season 3 Episode 23 - Boston

Damn the respect Regi commands is very admirable. Glad that he is going to be helping to whip the boys into top form for worlds.

Everyone talking to each other about the game at once

Regi: "Hey"


lol I always look forward to the post game Regi pep talks:)

You know looking at this video reminds me that dang, Immortals is a really good team as well. Really pushed our boys to the limits this finals. Super glad they're all staying humble and ready to improve, too.

Excellent video as always from Max. Here's hoping we get to celebrate with a first place seed from our group!


Chills, man. That game was so hype.

Longzhu Gaming's jungler Cuzz: "I want to play against TSM Svenskeren"

Longzhu Gaming's jungler Cuzz: "I want to play against TSM Svenskeren"
Longzhu Gaming's jungler Cuzz: "I want to play against TSM Svenskeren"

My team has told me TSM’s jungler, ‘Svenskeren’, is really good. Because of this, I really want to play against him. He is the representative best jungler in North America so I am curious how he performs.

for those lazy.

LZ players seem to be really high on tsm praise. First Khan now cuzz and we know gorilla and bjerg are friends. I hope lz gives us some scrims so we can take the level of play to the next one

"A reliable source" doesn't provide the source

Stephen A. Smith is that you?

Chase Your Legend - Doublelift | Worlds 2017

Chase Your Legend - Doublelift | Worlds 2017

Jesus that gave me goosebumps...

Holy wow that was actually so good. I think including his girlfriend in it too was a really cool move. He's motivated as ever.



TSM Reacts to Worlds 2017 Group Draw

TSM Reacts to Worlds 2017 Group Draw

Hauntzer: Dude We fucking sandbagging MSI so well, Good Shit Guys 👏🏼 Svenskeren 👏🏼 Bjergsen Fuck you, DoubleLift 👏🏼 Biofrost


Goddamn the amount of content these past few days have been awesome

"Korea's fucked, Vincent's gonna carry us to victory, he's gonna shit on all these supports, he's so much better... and cockier."

"I'm gonna shit on all the supports and hard carry TSM"

-Biofrost 2k17

Happy Birthday Max!!

Happy Birthday Max!!

Today is Max's Birthday! WOOHOO!!

I believe I can say this on behalf of everyone - we can't thank you enough for all the hard work you have put forth over the years for the entertainment of not only TSM's fanbase but also esports enthusiasts as a whole :) Have a wonderful day, Max!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, friends!

Hope you're enjoying all the content we've been putting out!

Wrapped up the Group Draw Reaction vid, so back to work on Legends Boston! :D

Happy birthday Max!

Happy Birthday Max! Thanks for making such great content for us. Hope you have a good one!

Happy birthday max!!

C9 Fan here: GL In Groups!

C9 Fan here: GL In Groups!

It is worlds time, and it is time for us to be allies > enemies(Even though TSM and C9 aren't really enemies). Glad to see you guys got a nice looking group, same with IMT. Hopefully us at C9 can join you guys in groups by passing the play-in stage. Here is to hoping NA gets all 3 teams get out of groups!

TBH I feel like all 3 NA teams could actually make it to quarters this year. IMT and TSM have some nice looking groups, and than C9's possible groups if they make Worlds Group Stage are a bit difficult with Group A and Group C. I am hoping that C9 can land in Group A bc I think EDG is not that good along with AHQ.

GL, cya at worlds, #NAFighting.

How high do you think are the chances for each NA team to get out?

miles ahead

I do think TSM is the best western team but cmon

This isnt an insult but i think c9 wont make it out of A or C. TSM probably wouldnt make it out of A or C either.

85-90% chance TSM gets out, 75% for IMT, and I believe in C9 but others don't I would say 60% chance for them, others would prolly give them a 40%

Why does /sub/leagueoflegends hate TSM so god damn much

Why does /r/leagueoflegends hate TSM so god damn much

Like shit, I'm not a huge TSM fan but I don't hate them, I want them to do well. What the fuck is up with the sub trashing TSM so hard.

If you're referring to the "List of TSM excuses" thread, the poster is a TSM fan and it's just a shit post lol.

The fact that TSM is in a favorable position threatens their insecurity so they find ways to comfort themselves by fantasizing about TSM's failure

I think it's hysterical imho

Because it's basically free karma

The TBD in our group

The TBD in our group

If only CLG got the 3rd seed so they could lose to the wildcards.

4D chess from Hotshot.

It's fine enough. I'm far more confident about them facing WE/FW than SSG/RNG, especially because we drew 1-1 against each at MSI, ignoring the tiebreak.

If anyone out of the 4 (HKA doesnt seem too unrealistic) crashes though we can get the wildcard so its even better

Rather have WE/FW then RNG/SSG or EDG/SKT lol.

Plus we looked rather competitive at MSI against them and now we have Double.

There is also a good significant chance HKA doesn't make it out of play ins.

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