She's always been so hot, but I think 1989 era was out-of-this stratosphere hot

I was hoping she would undress a little more

Yea so would i

The dude on the right about to go into prayer



Thankfully, she is getting a lot of use out of that outfit. I wonder how long the fishnets last.

Legs and bum combo. The best kind.

This Subreddit is slowly becoming /sub/taylorswiftbum

(Not that that's really a bad thing)

Oh. .my



So sexy

That is the cutest fucking outfit!

Another pic from this awesome set

Another pic from this awesome set

Yeah, this is an amazing set of pics. The outfit, shoes, legs, her expression...

Love her legs and shoes

Creepy bald man in the background snapping pics of this goddess πŸ˜’

yeah,amazing click

Holy Swift! Those toned BARE LEGS!!

Holy Swift! Those toned BARE LEGS!!

Amazing. With all the tights she's been wearing on the tour, I've missed seeing her bare legs.

Taylor at the Billboard Music Awards 05/20/18

Wish I could see paradise by the dashboard light.

Definitely! It's been far too long since we've seen Taylor's bare legs when she's wearing heels like this.

Best Legs Ever

I like the thinner Taylor better.


It's OK to like what you like.

1989 Taylor was up there right along side with the Victoria Secret models in physical fitness. She is still an amazing person but at least she is way happier now than ever before.

Were the best legs ever πŸ™„



Reminds everyone not to skip leg day!

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