Back in a day I made love simulation

Back in a day I made love simulation

That resembles how I make love, sadly.

Alone in an empty room spraying love all over the wall?

Me giving love to the people I care for in my life.


Ground Wave

Ground Wave

That's groundbreaking.

It's so rigid and unsatisfying, I love it

Looks like a crumbling brownie. I'm hungry now.

This is very good. Sadly it's not a pile of cubes so it won't get the recognition it deserves



Kneas weak, palms are sweaty

Arms are heavy, they are spaghetti.

“Mr. Stark I don’t feel so good”

thanks i hate it

Multi-colored plastic interlocking toy brick explosion

Multi-colored plastic interlocking toy brick explosion

It's okay to say LEGO I don't think they'll sue you here friend

This comment right here officer

I enjoyed watching this on my metal and glass handheld transmitting device

Straight out of The Multicolored Plastic Interlocking Toy Bricks Movie!


This CGI Octopus looks so real

Octodad in his childhood

What's up with the gifs that auto play with sound on mobile? Is there a way to block these?

Am I the only that thinks this doesn't look realistic at all? Motion is way too fast in a lot of it, flesh looks too smooth and rubbery compared to a real one.

Just guessing, but it looks like the octopus is a softbody simulation where each tentacle has one (maybe more) control points which are manually animated.

If you look closely, the octopus looks like it is made of jelly being jerked around on strings like a puppet.

It's a great effect, but when you watch it long enough it shows its limitations. Like there's no evidence of muscles actual contracting, the extension of the tentacles appears to propel the whole mass forward even when the tentacles haven't grasped anything, and a lot of times a tentacle won't even have its suction cups facing the surface.

This sub - Breathtaking quality simulations vs off the shelf default settings with cubes.

This sub - Breathtaking quality simulations vs off the shelf default settings with cubes.

I mean, I probably won’t ever submit a post since I’m not the best at this sort of thing. To me, all of them are enjoyable to watch and look at, yes some are better, but overall it’s just a fun community. However, I feel this post is just deterring people who wanna submit their first simulation because they are nervous all of you will hate it. Creating a post judging the community, and the people who’s in it by saying they all do crappy jobs isn’t really what this community is about. At least, how it hasn’t been the past year, please don’t make this community like literally every other one on Reddit where all you do is deter people from wanting to submit. That, and if you’re gonna complain about the quality of people’s post, this a lazy excuse to get karma without putting much work in.

2/10 didnt make balls fall and arrange themselves into this image

Fucking cubes.

That would have been gold-worthy

Jelly Tetris In Water (C4D4U)

Jelly Tetris In Water (C4D4U)

Jelly tetris needs to be a playable game (if it's not already)

That's a GPU killer right over there

My life feels curiously more complete now. Thank you.

Also I can’t stop watching.

Tryptich, sorta. Not exactly Tetris mechanics but definitely falling jelly blocks.

First time trying smoke

First time trying smoke

That looks very cool! I think of it like a dangerous storm taking over and corrupting the world in a pixelated digital way.


i feel like this is one step away from /sub/surrealmemes

like faces are going to start melting out of the cloud

Bro don’t you know smoking kills

Doughnut water balloons

Doughnut water balloons

They remind me of giant gummy lifesavers and I want to beam them right into my chompers

The building looks so real, I thought this was going to be something like /sub/unexpected. But good gob :) I love seeing anything simulated like this

yep! you can tell from the little plate under the house number :D

anyway, the background model is entirely obtained through photogrammetry (3df zephyr). I've only added the plate, lighting, camera movement.. and of course the simulated doughnuts. A couple of planes and cylinders were used instead of the 3d scanned mesh as obstacles, to reduce complexity in the simulation

I, too, am 3 years old.

Jelly Tetris

This is actually from the YouTube channel C4D4U. The video’s called SOFTBODY TETRIS V8. Nice try.

Wow, you actually put some effort into cropping the video and getting rid of the watermark before reposting.

Oh my god this is like crack

Try one of these subthreads