Fairy lights

Fairy lights

Dead bodies seems to be more of a YouTube thing than Instagram.

Have yourself a merry liveleak Christmas

Christmas lights. Just wait until they start talking about fairy cakes. Apparently every garden over there is full of fairies leaving their stuff everywhere.

Wtf is a fairy light?



"Yer dug's got tits!"

I misread it as "walking the drugs"

you can do that anywhere ass clowm

Fuck off nosey

What freedom is aw aboot.

What freedom is aw aboot.

The state of this comment section proves there hasn't been nearly enough abortions lately.

We've a bunch of them prolife nut job cunts after arriving in Ireland from America, pushing with the other fucktards for a No vote in the referendum today. Bunch of wankers.

Even more hypocritical:

"Abortions need to be illegal because every life is sacred, and it's the moral duty of our government to protect those poor innocent unborn babies." But suggest that we should provide free medical care to pregnant women or babies who can't afford it? "Hell no. Fuck those people. That's not my problem."

The yeehaw bit gets me

True romance

True romance

Aye, tis

Why don't you shut the fuck up ya roaster.

Tell me more about this machine

That’s my big sister, aww fuck sake.

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