Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet...

I’m not really sure the saying works here but I’m gonna act like it does.

Hahahaha credit to WWL. Nice to see an owner not being interested in relocating them though. Good luck Panthers but still FTP!

The nfl is about “what have you done for me lately” and lately, the panthers have had their shit pushed in by Payton

3-0 sweeeeeeeep

They call him daddy but owner works too

Spoiler Alert: Falcons Lost

Spoiler Alert: Falcons Lost

Definitely the falcons winning??

Too perfect.

Lmao I saw Infinity Wars tonight

That was great

Got curious and looked up older player’s draft profiles - Cam Jordan “Probably will never be an impact pass rusher”

Got curious and looked up older player’s draft profiles - Cam Jordan “Probably will never be an impact pass rusher”
Got curious and looked up older player’s draft profiles - Cam Jordan “Probably will never be an i...

Cam got a bad rap during the 2011 draft process because of how many ridiculous athletic pass rusher that were in that class. We're talking Vonn Miller, Robert Quinn and JJ Watt getting all the attention as pass rushers.

Since Cam didn't have one freakish thing to talk about, analysts just dismissed him as a run of the mill strong-side DEs.

I mean JJ Watt is also limited to being a strong side end and that's never been a negative for him.

Dude was underrated for a few years before getting that well deserved All Pro

For sure. I don’t mean it as a negative. Just not something that he’s proven totally wrong.

My new velour track suit came right in time for the draft!

My new velour track suit came right in time for the draft!

I’ve never wanted a jump suit, until now.

Ima need a source sir. There can’t be just one. We can start a dance group.

I can hear the panties hitting the floor from right here

I got it from !



I know this is a football sub...

I know this is a football sub...

But it's the offseason and the Pelicans just won their second series win in franchise history, and it was a sweep! Go show some love over at /sub/nolapelicans

There's a little overlap, but for the most part most people in this subreddit couldn't give less of a shit about basketball.

So for those that know nothing about basketball (or just really don't care), here's a comparison for you.

Imagine if the Saints lost Alvin Kamara in week 6 of this season to a career threatening injury. You've just spent an entire offseason hearing about how your superstar's career has been wasted, and how everybody can't wait for them to move on to another team where they'll have a better opportunity for a championship.

But the Saints had just started clicking at that point, winning 5 in a row. They were looking really good on both sides of the ball. They're a good team who lost a good player. They lose the next one, but then the team catches fire again.

Mark Ingram steps up and rushes for 150 yards every single game after that, Drew Brees starts throwing 400 yards a game again, and the Saints finish with a spot in the playoffs against the Rams.

Every single analyst, every single NFL fan picks the Rams to beat the Saints. They say "It'll be a close game, but the Rams will pull out in the end probably 28-21."

Then the Saints go out there and blow the Rams out 55-0.

That's what just happened for the Pelicans.

They traded for Demarcus Cousins (a superstar who averages 25 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists per game who played on a perennially shitty team (think Browns) so everybody said he wasn't a winner) last season and everybody trashed them. They said the team would fail and both of the players would end up on different teams where they'd have a better chance to succeed. People have been saying for a couple of years while we've struggled (35 wins is basically the 7-9 of the NBA) that our team was wasting an all time great in Anthony Davis.

The Pelicans came out playing .500 basketball for the first couple of months, before winning 8 of 10 games. Then Demarcus Cousins tore his Achilles (an even worse injury in basketball than it is in football). Everybody wrote off the Pelicans, saying they should trade Anthony Davis and start over. The Pelicans struggled for a few games, and then it all changed.

The Pelicans won 10 games in a row and the rest was history.

We're about to go on to face the Golden State Warriors. They're the 2007 Patriots on Steroids. Literally the greatest team of all time. They're not healthy right now, but the Pelicans are huge underdogs. If they pull this off they'll be the biggest legends in the last 40 years of the sport.

I really recommend to anyone who is interested to go back and watch a couple of these last Pelicans games. They're the epitome of this team. Everything was perfect and this is the highest peak this team has ever hit in my opinion. Great starting point for anyone who is interested but never really could find an entry point.


I'd love to catch more (regular season) games of the Pelicans, but the damn time zones make it so difficult. I've tried to watch a bit of every playoff game though.

Sleeping schedules are overrated anyway.

A+ summary. If the Pelicans pull this off..... it might be one of the greatest upsets in sports history.

Big shout out to our coach at the Pelicans game!

Big shout out to our coach at the Pelicans game!

Coach Payton: "Hmmm, that Jrue kid has very good hands, is tall, and can stay in bounds like a sonuvabitch. I wonder what a Drew to Jrue connection would look like...."

Then you realize Jrue is taller than MT

N.O. made history tonight, Mr. Benson would be so proud.

Is he faster?

[Rapoport] WR Brandon Coleman is signing back with the #Saints, source said. He was an RFA, non-tendered, but signs back in New Orleans.

[Rapoport] WR Brandon Coleman is signing back with the #Saints, source said. He was an RFA, non-t...

Ok good. We probably got him for vet min since he didn’t generate any interest.

I know he’s not flashy, but he’s a good #3/4, knows the system, has a rapport with Brees, won’t be a diva about touches, and is great in the run game.

Good. I like him. He may not do much, but what he does, he does pretty damn alright.

Best blocker on the team aside from the starting line

He caught more of his passes last year and he'll keep our run game one of the best in the league.

Spectator just past the halfway point of the Boston Marathon encouraging runners to not give up

I hope this never ends.

seriously, how the fuck did the Patriots do that.

Never forget! Unlike our last second loss to Vikings this will never be forgotten! Let dirty bird fans have their offseason to give us hell. Once the season is on our loss will be forgotten. 28-3 will live forever! WHO DAT!

He's my new favourite person

Falcons fans during super bowl 51 .

Falcons fans during super bowl 51 .

I will never not upvote this meme.

Like, it's not as great as the saints sb, but it's just about right up there

This is the kind of quality shit posting I’ve subscribed for. You have earned my upvote 😂


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