My Scarif tabletop

My Scarif tabletop

Bought a piece of vinyl for 10 bucks it was a light brown, I just hit it with a couple of cans of spray paint and a gloss varnish spray on water

Including cutting it to 6x3 it only took like 20 minutes to do the whole thing, I laid a piece of damp paper towel kind of wadded up rolled and sprayed against it to make waves

Thanks! Sometimes I just get lucky...

Dude, did you just spraypaint a table cloth? That looks awesome!

I hope they release more specialized storm troopers, like the snow troopers

that's hot

"I'm tellin' ya, 'e clonked that bucket'ead on the noggin', nicked 'is britches and 'is bike and then scarpered!"

"I'm tellin' ya, 'e clonked that bucket'ead on the noggin', nicked 'is britches and 'is bike and then scarpered!"

Yep. Agrellan Earth and also Agrellan Badland - I blob both onto the larger bases to mix it up a bit. Then a watered down flesh wash (to give a red/pink tint) then drybrushed with Ushabti Bone.

Its a Games Workshop textured paint called agrellan earth, just trowel it on and when it drys it cracks.

Thanks! Converted from the Luke model and a speeder/scout from the core set. Simple head swap and weapon swap. Rebels seem to love infiltrating the Empire. Had to be done!

"We must make good our escape, Ginger! I'll drive."

Battle Damaged Darth Vader

Battle Damaged Darth Vader

thats pretty good mate

SUPER cool! Great idea and great execution.

Beautiful mod!

That's pretty cool. Where did you get the head from?

Shadow Squad is ready for battle!

Shadow Squad is ready for battle!

I made them with Greenstuff.

Woah, these are crazy cool. Did you make the capes or take them from some kit?

Very cool. Great dramatic poses!


Prepare for Ground Assualt

Prepare for Ground Assualt
Prepare for Ground Assualt

Happy there's finally Organized Play stuff coming out. I don't really care about the rewards, just want more incentive to play.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I don’t play at a game store. I play with 3 other friends at our houses. Is there a way that we could sign up for this?

You wouldn't be able to get the prize support, that would have to be ordered through a distributor, but you can get the scenarios. They are available on the product page here https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-legion/

Find the "Support" section near the bottom and look under "Operations".

Probably only need 1 of those, but dodge would need several as a rebel player, and suppression... well yeah.

Amateur painter, but I'm happy with the results. Hope you all approve

Amateur painter, but I'm happy with the results. Hope you all approve

Power rangers!

Looking good, but in my opinion, painting minis white is one of the hardest things to do, to look realistic.

Good job.

Nice work. I really dig the way you painted each squad with a different accent color; I'm going to be doing something similar, although a bit more subtle to mark all my squads. I will say, I think you should paint the base rings all the same color. IMO it helps with immersion into the game. I would also suggest doing a very fine recess shade/wash of Nuln Oil (shade paint by Games Workshop) or something comparable. Will help define edges and bring a TON more detail out of the minis. Aside from that, I think your paintjob is overall really well executed. Really nicely done :)

Alpha, the droids have escaped. Recruit a team of Troopers with attitude.

"Maybe it's another drill..."

"Maybe it's another drill..."

Those look amazing!

Thank you!

Judicious application of Vallejo wolf gray and Reaper ghost white, only using a wee little bit of pure white for highlights.

No, but they are the same diameter as the widest point on the standard base so footprint is always identical. (They're also a little shorter, so the tool fits pretty snug)

Given the freedom of movement infantry have, ~1mm of bevel doesn't worry me much.

Cut from black gloss acrylic.

Rebel Lightworks has them available on etsy.

First game of Legion.

First game of Legion.

Good use of the boxes

Correct, but also keep in mind troops get to use the commander's courage value for the purposes of panic (but not suppression) if they're in their command radius.

We stopped for sonic ice cream. So far I have taken out storm troopers squad with a z-6 trooper, and lost a squad to AtAt/speeder, and another squad to panic from ATST Mortar and my guy ran off the map :(.

We think we did the suppression/panic correctly from Mortar. 1 suppression from Mortar attack and another from the card effect. Is that right?

To give some more detail on that first turn I moved a squad right up to the token on the bottom of the picture and behind the cover. He activated a Z6 trooper squad and rolled like 12 dice and obliterated the whole squad through cover.

Endor Trooper squad complete! Will be basing at the end

Endor Trooper squad complete! Will be basing at the end

They look dope man! Lookin forward to seeing the whole set finished up!

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Just have fun with it. They were somewhat of a grind but really enjoyable once I got past the base colors.

I have almost finished my first unit. They're very time consuming, but once you have your colours all picked out they're pretty fun.

I still have to paint my Rebels. I'm a little scared.

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