[News][NA]The Persona Collab arrives!

[News][NA]The Persona Collab arrives!
Ren is a D/R Odindra with an extra 7c and FUA. Yu is a double VDP, for those without Yusuke. He also makes a 4/100/1 light row (lol) team. Makoto is a 1/225/9 + 43.75% shield rainbow/combo lead with good awakenings and a dkali board change. Elizebeth is a full heal and bind clear (but not awoken) with an attribute absorb null, but her awakenings aren't very good. Some of the farmable equip evos are useful.

Warning. This collab REM, just like Yuyu Hakusho / FMA / Ruroni is a huge gamble. 1/10 chances of getting any diamond, you've been highly warned here so don't cry if you feel like spoiling your saved stones for this and not getting a single diamond. Nothing sensational in here. I got everything except Narukami and Amamiya before, and i didn't feel like missing anything at all, and i didn't even use any of the rolls i got which is a huge waste. Nothing meta and spectacular in the REM, and if any of you rolled / traded for Yusuke before then its more than enough to carry you throughout the game without much trouble. I dont plan to write anything for this like i did for Yusuke before coz i dont plan to roll in this. On the other hand, its highly recommended to farm that assist equips.

Who's the best out of the collab?

More like Super GF coming real soon

New PAD data source, reviving PadGuide (eventually)

New PAD data source, reviving PadGuide (eventually)

Hi, I'm the maintainer of Miru Bot on Discord. You may have noticed that recently PadGuide has stopped updating - RIP.

As a JP player who doesn't speak Japanese, this has hit me pretty hard, it turns out I really depended on it. As a bot maintainer, this made me sad, because I was using it as the source of truth for PAD data.

If you are a developer who wants to build something using an up-to-date source of PAD data, rejoice! I'm now hosting PAD data in three formats, automatically updated every few hours:

Raw PAD data files Processed into more usable JSON files Updated copy of the PadGuide database, serialized to JSON

You can find the data hosted on Google Cloud. You may also be interested in portrait/full image data, hosted here. If you plan on building this into an app/website, please rehost this data yourself.

There aren't really any docs on the data. The raw format is the worst. The PadGuide format data is the most normalized, but it might take some effort to wrap your head around. The processed format is probably a good compromise.

The format of this data could change at any time, but most changes will be incremental field addition, so probably non-breaking. If you're interested in the code used to generate this data (which probably is the best docs ATM) you can find it here.

I probably won't post on Reddit about this again, so if you're interested in updates, your best bet is to join the Miru Support Server where I'm keeping a bug/todo list, and also posting updates when new features are added.

I'd like to thank /u/Raijinili, wmedlar, davenger, /u/candyninja001, and /u/CrizpyC for their enormous contributions.

Maybe you're here because of that note about reviving PadGuide. I'm hosting and updating a copy of the PadGuide database (because Miru has like 5K lines of code that depend on it) and it turns out this is a big chunk of the work needed to revive at least part of PadGuide. The other parts are:

Creating an Android build setup to patch PadGuide to point to new API endpoints. Documenting the first-launch and incremental update process PadGuide uses. Creating endpoints that conform to the update process instead of just dumping the entire database.

If you have non-trivial experience with Android, preferably experience decompiling/patching APKs, and would like to contribute to this effort, please contact me. I'm a new parent with a full-time job, and I still have a lot of work to do just finishing the auto update process, so unless someone steps up to help out, it's going to take a while.

Also, one of the features I'm currently missing is the ability to generate full-sized images for animated monsters (currently the PAD Texture Tool just extracts them as a sprite sheet). If you have a working extractor, or think you can fix this (maybe you have experience with Unity file formats) let me know.

Congrats on the new child! You are busy so I hope you are able to find the help. I would love to help, but I don't know the first thing about what you are looking for.

I paid for padguide and I will gladly pay for this

I’m swamped with my big project this summer but perhaps I could start something.

If anyone else starts work i’d love to see updates!

I don't think downvoting this comment is appropriate, these are legitimate concerns.

As a developer, the idea of having someone steal my work would be very upsetting. I approached the PadGuide author several years ago and received permission to use his API to back Miru Bot; I wouldn't have used it there otherwise.

I spoke to a lawyer about this and she said that given the situation:

Author is MIA (not responsive via email, no active development for 8+ months) Existing product no longer functional (guerrilla data broken, no new monsters) Not charging for replacement Willing to immediately cease distribution on request

That this is probably fine. For this to be illegal there needs to be a complainant (which does not appear to exist) and for there to be a judgement there needs to be damages (which are nonexistant).

Morally, I consider this product abandonware, and therefore different ethics apply to it than when it was active.

[Fan Art] I don't plan on winning, but I had a fun time making art for the contest!

[Fan Art] I don't plan on winning, but I had a fun time making art for the contest!

It looks like it has a weenie.

I'm sorry.

Rules are rules man It's best to stay safe

It's so beautiful.

uh oh... that's okay c:

Here it is, thanks for the ideas (btw im not the most crafty person :) but i tried)

Here it is, thanks for the ideas (btw im not the most crafty person :) but i tried)

Shoulda run with double ganesha, though does that multitply the negative coins? ;)

College for cyber security / alt arena

It puts you back more coins, Ganesha is the bank loan

Congratulations! What's next for you?

[Shitpost] This one seems to be making its way around Reddit.

[Shitpost] This one seems to be making its way around Reddit.

Pure gold.


Make sure he ain't a gold keeper tho.Danm hoarders.

Rainbow keeper for our LGBT players would be appropriate

With laughter, of course!

[Shitpost][Guide][PSA][Tip][Brag] guys look im original too

[Shitpost][Guide][PSA][Tip][Brag] guys look im original too

I think your phone’s display is a little wonky...

hi pls add the 1% battery ty

So that's what happens when you leave colorblind mode on for too long...

microsoft called and wants MS paint back

[Shitpost] Small loan of a million MP

[Shitpost] Small loan of a million MP

there aren't any better uses for MP for a lot of us who already have a bunch of the MP cards

Shitposting aside, is it really worth it to buy her for 1 mill?

If you don’t have Odin or rag drag, maybe not.

If you do, then yes.

I read 'thank you Kanye' just like how the girl in 'New Workout Plan' said it.

[Misc] JP Aggregate Leader List 04/25/18

[Misc] JP Aggregate Leader List 04/25/18

Kaede is not "tanky", imo. Gronia hits 80k+ HP and a 43% shield. Kaede would hit 40k HP and a 43% shield. One of them survives AA Goemon, one of them doesn't.

Kaede reminds me of Yog. Only tanky when 6+ orbs are present, which is pretty uncommon. Yog is not a tanky lead.

As far as why, Gronia can compensate for damage with killers, 7cs, latent killers, and spikes. Kaede can compensate for HP with...shields. Except while both need to use skills at some point, only one can stall for those skills. Gronia tends to be easier to play as well.

What trick is that? D.Ideal is a damage scaling lead starting at 2 combos all the way to 10 that's unbindable, 1.3k weighted stats, that can guardbreak and provides the team with 10% HP and 20% RCV (double if leading with both). With SAs, she can take another healing awaken bring her up to 15% team HP by herself in solo (30% for both leads). The bonus move time in her LS and combo agnostic LS means you can fill her subs with ANYTHING you want. Active is a delay + Dkali board, typing means she can take God or Machine (healers too but meh) killers.

She has a lot going for her that makes her an attractive leader, I'm curious as to what this one trick is.

Anubis is a lot easier now with 7x6 boards and more time to move.

She is a flat combo lead with no restrictions that hit max at 15x

That alone is deserving of the tier she's at. 15x is not a small amount at all in the era of 2-3 7c awakenings, which she can field because you can take almost any subs without having to worry about damage control, time extends, typing. Attributes are arguable if you want guard break or not etc.

1k weighted is the low end of stats

She's at 1.3k which is some of the highest in the game, I'm not aware of what's considered the highest (I think nees which is about 1.4k), to say ideal is at the low end of stats...What do you conisder high and which monsters reach it?

but there is no way I'd put her in the same tier as BGronia/Rikuu/Kushi

Both Sonias and Kushi are very restrictive in their sub pool. Sonias require dragons, and Kushi requires healers.

[RNG] I <3 you too, Lakshmi!

[RNG] I <3 you too, Lakshmi!

As symmetrical as it gets

Truly blessed image

Who doesn't? <3

Eh, doable.

[News][JP] Reincarnated Yamato, Andromeda, Perseus and Wukong

[News][JP] Reincarnated Yamato, Andromeda, Perseus and Wukong
[News][JP] Reincarnated Yamato, Andromeda, Perseus and Wukong

Ponytail Andro.




Oh wow we can finally see Perseus's face.

Also, Yamato Takeru totally looks like Tsubaki's husband.

Since when do they announce new evos in video?

Also, Wukong is looking smashing in his new art. That outfit.

The Wukong Super FUA with regular FUA super awakening is really weird.

Try one of these subthreads