I am new to recognizing spirit in my mortal being but i am certainly seeing signs.

I am new to recognizing spirit in my mortal being but i am certainly seeing signs.

This morning I came into the family room and saw 3 coins on the floor. Of course hub dropped them out of his pockets, but I picked them up and put them in a coin jar, thanking my mom for the change.

THEN when I got dressed this morning, my top seemed kind of tight. I debated changing but hey.. it's on and off I go to walk the dog.

Cont... As I walk the dog, I feel a thwoop on my left boob. A Raven crapped on my top. After calling the bird a PR**k, I went home and changed my shirt, thanking whatever spirit that decided my top was too tight today.

What a greatful way to start my day.

How My Gifts First Revealed Themselves

How My Gifts First Revealed Themselves

I'm an eternal seeker, so maybe someday I can piece together why my latest gifts revealed themselves to me in my 45th? year of this life; versus, say, years and years earlier. I'll always remember sitting on my bench, under my favorite tree, meditating. It was 5am-ish, pitch dark out, and I began wondering how my friend's daughter was doing. Suddenly, I could feel the energy in my heart shift, as if I was connected to her, and feeling what she was feeling.

At this point I was a Reiki Master for about 15 years, but I never experienced anything like this, anything "from a distance." I was in northeast USA, and she was way down south. But having given Reiki to hundreds of people already, I knew what my energy felt like, and I knew when I was experiencing someone else's energy. This seemed just too trippy to be real. I wasn't even trying for or seeking this.

Next day, I told my friend what I felt, what I experienced, and she told me that her daughter had woken up, in the early morning, at 5:30am, suddenly and out-of-character for her, and "having odd feelings."

I might have brushed it off as coincidence, had my intentional, follow-up attempts not worked. But all my future attempts did work, and I put everything into developing my new gifts, while doing my best to keep the rest of my life as balanced and "normal" as possible. Now, in what seems like a flash, my latest gifts have developed into being able to exorcise entities from a distance. And as an eternal seeker, I'm always wondering, "Wow! What could be next?!"

( this more Psychic or Paranormal?)

How My Gifts First Revealed Themselves


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